SVA Publications and Institutional Records

The SVA Archives contain an extensive and growing collection of publications and records documenting the history of the College. Holdings include SVA's renown subway posters, catalogs, registration books, student and faculty handbooks, faculty directories, newsletters, and departmental publications, as well as photographs and audio and video recordings. Please contact the Archivist regarding specific holdings. See below for the records of SVA exhibitions.

Underground Images: SVA Subway Posters 1950 - Present

SVA has produced more than 160 posters for the New York City subway platforms, in the process creating one of the most enduring public art projects in the City. This is a complete overview of the subway poster campaign, from the earliest posters when SVA was known as Cartoonists and Illustrators School to the most current posters now displayed in subway stations.

SVA Exhibitions Archives

SVA has a rich history of exhibitions, both by professional and student artists. SVA’s early exhibition history is populated by an incredible roster of professional artists, many of whom were faculty at the College, including Eva Hesse, Sol LeWitt, Lucy Lippard, and Brice Marden. Beginning in the 1970s, student exhibitions were held at SVA-operated galleries in Tribeca and then SoHo; these shows stand today as some of the earliest instances of a college presenting student work within a thriving gallery scene. Professional exhibition highlights include the conceptual-art milestone “Working drawings and other visible things on paper not necessarily meant to be viewed as art” (1966); “Line” (1976), in which neon sculpture by Stephen Antonakos shared space with a Cy Twombly drawing and a Gordon Matta-Clark photographic collage; “Performance Spaces” (1972), in which Bill Beckley was seen singing while doing push-ups and, in a separate video, Dennis Oppenheim munched on a gingerbread man; and “Sculptural Density” (1981), featuring work by Carl Andre, Nicholas Hondrogen, Martin Puryear, Joel Shapiro, Mia Westerlund, Tim Whiten and Jackie Winsor. Please contact the Archivist with questions regarding specific exhibitions.

Here Is New York

"here is new york” was a seminal series of traveling exhibitions, which featured both amateur and professional photography relating to the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001. Organized by Michael Shulan, Charles Traub, Gilles Peress, and Alice Rose George, the photographs were first collected and displayed in an informal exhibition in a SoHo storefront in the days immediately following the attacks. The "here is new york" collection includes a complete set of photographs from an exhibition, as well as the business documents, some correspondence, and background materials held by the corporation.

Jeanne Siegel Papers

Jeanne Siegel was the influential chair of SVA’s BFA Fine Arts Department from 1976-2005. A writer, essayist, art critic, curator, and educator, she left a profound mark on a generation of artists who studied at SVA. She organized and moderated countless panel discussions on contemporary art issues, curated exhibitions, edited and contributed to numerous art journals, and was the author of Artwords: Discourse on the 60s and 70s, Artwords 2: Discourse on the Early 80s, and Painting After Pollock: Structures of Influence. Siegel passed away in 2013. The Jeanne Siegel Collection consists of materials documenting the activities of the SVA Fine Arts department, as well as books, journal articles, and exhibition publications related to Siegel’s work as an essayist and art critic.