Series 1. Letterhead

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B 1A F 1

Adage. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 1A F 2

Aiken Industries (Ecuadorian Purchasing Company). (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 3

Albright-Knox Art Gallery. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 1A F 4

Alliance for Downtown New York Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 5

Alliance for the Arts, Inc. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 1A F 6

Altschuler, Jane & Company. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 7

Alvin Ailey. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 8

American Chemical Society: Taking Things Apart and Putting Things Together. (Letterhead (1) , envelopes (2))n.d.

B 1A F 9

American Film Institute. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (2), memo (1))n.d.

B 1A F 10

American International Bank. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (1))n.d.

B 1A F 11

American Productivity Centers. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 12

American Republic Insurance Company. (Letterhead )n.d.

B 1A F 13

American Revolution Bicentennial. (Letterhead, envelopes (4))n.d.

B 1A F 14

American Revolution Bicentennial - America: the third century. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 15

Anchor Engraving Company. (SG letterhead, SG envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 16

Aquariums International Corporation (AIC). (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 17

Art Planning Consultants (APC). (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 18

Artear Argentina. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 19

Arthur Dubow Foundation. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 20

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) (SG). (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 21

James Baker & Peter Blake, Architects. (Envelope (1), note paper (1))n.d.

B 1A F 22

Banco de Italia (SG). (Letterhead, envelopes, memos, card)n.d.

B 1A F 23

The Barclay. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (4))n.d.

B 1A F 24

Edward Larrabee Barnes Associates P.C. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 25

Barneys New York. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 26

Barrow Street Real Estate Fund L.P. (Letterhead, envelope (1))n.d.

B 1A F 27

Beaunit Fabric. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 1A F 28

The Biltmore. (Letterhead (6), envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 29

Blake, Peter and Julian Neski, Architects. (Envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 30

The Bond Market Association. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1))n.d.

B 1A F 31

Boorstin, David Associates. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (2), card (1))n.d.

B 1A F 32

Brentano's. (Cards (1), tag (1))n.d.

B 1A F 33

Breuer, Marcel Associates (MBA). (Letterhead (6))n.d.

B 1A F 34

Brownjohn, Robert, Chermayeff & Geismar. (Business cards (2) , letterhead (4), envelopes (1))n.d.

B 1A F 35

Buckner Fanning Evangelistic Foundation. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 36

The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 37

Burlington Industries. (Letterhead (1), memorandum (2))n.d.

B 1A F 38

Cable Health Network. (Letterhead (2), card (1))n.d.

B 1A F 39

Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. (Letterhead (6), envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 40

Capital City Press. (Envelope (1))n.d.

B 1A F 41

Caron Creme Fraiche. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 42

Cell Ceiling, Inc. (Letterhead )n.d.

B 1A F 43

Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA). (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 44

Chapman, Robert H. and John M. Garber Architects. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 45

Charter New York Bank / Hancock National. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1A F 46

Chase, Beth Real Estate. (Letterhead, envelope (1))n.d.

B 1A F 47

Chase Manhattan Bank. (Letterhead, note paper (2), envelopes (4))n.d.

B 1A F 48

Chermayeff & Geismar Associates. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1A F 49

Chermayeff & Geismar Associates Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes (1))n.d.

B 1A F 50

Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. (Letterhead (5), envelopes)n.d.

B 1B F 1

Chermayeff, Jane Clark. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1B F 2

Chermayeff, Jane Clark - No Time to Lose. (Envelopes (2), card (1))n.d.

B 1B F 3

Chermayeff, Jane Clark Associates. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1B F 4

Chermayeff, Sara and Ivan. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 1B F 5

Chermayeff, Serge. (Envelopes (2), letterhead (4))n.d.

B 1B F 6

Chermayeff, Serge & Barbara. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 1B F 7

Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission. (Letterhead (6), envelope (1))n.d.

B 1B F 8

CIBA. (Feed additive memo)n.d.

B 1B F 9

Citizens for Arch Gillies. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1B F 10

Clark Design Group. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1B F 11

Clarke + Rapuano Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), copy sheets)n.d.

B 1B F 12

Clark and Eisenberg Wedding. (Invitation (1), envelope (1), R.S.V.P (1))n.d.

B 1B F 13

Clevepak. (Letterhead (7), envelopes (4))n.d.

B 1B F 14

Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (4))n.d.

B 1B F 15

Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc. - The Arrow Company. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1))n.d.

B 1B F 16

Cohen, Ira. (Cards (2), envelopes (5))1950s

B 1B F 17

Colorcraft Lithographers Incorporated. (Letterhead, cards (2), statement (2), invoice (1))1950s

B 1B F 18

Columbus Community Children's Museum: Kids Commons. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 1B F 19

The Committee in the Public Interest. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 1B F 20

The Commodore. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (6))n.d.

B 1B F 21

Communications Workers of America. (Letterhead, envelopes, newsletter paper (1))n.d.

B 1B F 22

The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (5))n.d.

B 1B F 23

Continental Bournique Ltd. (Letterhead, envelopes (4), cards, label (1))n.d.

B 1B F 24

The Council of The New York Public Library. (Letterhead, envelope (1))n.d.

B 1B F 25

Conrad Hotel. (Letterhead (5), interoffice correspondence (1), news release (2), envelopes, compliments card (1))n.d.

B 1B F 26

Cowles. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (5))n.d.

B 1B F 27

Craft Horizons. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1))n.d.

B 1B F 28

Crafton Graphic Company, Inc. (Invoice (2), quotation, letterhead (1), envelopes (4))n.d.

B 1B F 29

Crane Business Papers. (Envelopes (2))n.d.

B 1B F 30

The Custom House Institute. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1B F 31

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 1B F 32

Davis, Brody & Associates. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (2), filofax card (1), relocation cards (2))n.d.

B 1B F 33

Davis Brody Bond. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), announcement (1))n.d.

B 1B F 34

Davis, Brody, Chermayef, Geismar, deHarak Associates. (Envelopes for United States Pavilion Japan World Exposition Osaka, 1970) (2)1970

B 1B F 35

Desert Ranch. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 1B F 36

Design Interface. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1B F 37

Dictaphone Corporation (see also Hillier). (Letterhead (6), memo (1))n.d.

B 1B F 38

Dictaphone - American Loose Leaf. (Envelope (1))n.d.

B 1B F 39

Dictaphone - Grayarc. (Letterhead (4))n.d.

B 1B F 40

Dictaphone - Kinelogic. (Envelope (2), memo (1), letterhead (2))n.d.

B 1B F 41

Dictaphone - Kintron. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 1B F 42

Dictaphone - Milford Memo. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 1B F 43

Dictaphone (Scully Recording Instruments Company). (Letterhead (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 1B F 44

Dillon, Read & Co., Inc. (Letterhead (11))n.d.

B 1B F 45

Dorfman, Fred Gallery. (Letterhead, envelopes, card (1))n.d.

B 2A F 1

Edgewood Furniture Company. (Letterhead (2), envelopes, memos (2), invitation (1), transmittal form (2), new address announcement (1))n.d.

B 2A F 2

The Electric Circus Company. (Letterhead (2), envelopes)c. 1967

B 2A F 3

Embassy. (Embassy Communications envelopes, Embassy Communications letterhead (3), Embassy Home Entertainment letterhead (2), Embassy Latino letterhead (4), Embassy Pictures letterhead (5), Embassy Telecommunications letterhead (1) , Embassy Television letterhead (5))n.d.

B 2A F 4

ERA Real Estate. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (2), note paper (1))n.d.

B 2A F 5

Ethical Culture Fieldston Schools. (Letterhead, envelopes (4))n.d.

B 2A F 6

Every Four Years / WHYY, Inc. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2A F 6A

Factset. (Letterhead (24), cards (2))n.d.

B 2A F 7

Festival of India 1985-1986. (Letterhead (8), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2A F 8

Fine Creations Inc. (Envelope (1))1950s

B 2A F 9

National Endowment on the Arts, First Federal Design Assembly letterhead Spring 1973

B 2A F 10

Fisher, Howard. (Envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2A F 11

Fold - Braid Products. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 2A F 12

Fox Theatres. (Letterhead (4), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2A F 13

Fox & Fowle Architects. (Notepaper (1))n.d.

B 2A F 14

Fox & Fowle Interiors. (Notepaper (1))n.d.

B 2A F 15

Foxboro Stadium. (Letterhead black (11), envelopes (11))n.d.

B 2A F 16

Friend, Lawrence Turner Public Relations Advertising. (Letterhead (4), envelopes)n.d.

B 2A F 17

Geismar, Joan H. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (2), note paper (5))n.d.

B 2A F 18

Geismar, Kathryn. (Letterhead (2), envelopes)n.d.

B 2A F 19

Geismar, Peter. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (1))n.d.

B 2A F 20

Geismar, Thomas. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (1))n.d.

B 2A F 21

Geismar's. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 2A F 22

Gemini Consulting. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), note paper (6))n.d.

B 2A F 23

GenRad. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1))n.d.

B 2A F 24

Georges, Alexandre. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2A F 25

Gifford Animation. (Letterhead (4), envelopes (1), cards (2))n.d.

B 2A F 26

Gittleman, Len Photographer. (Envelope (1))1950s

B 2A F 27

Gordon Advisors. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2A F 28

Gordon, Edward S. Company Incorporated (ESG). (Letterhead (6))n.d.

B 2A F 29

Gramavision. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2A F 30

Grand Canyon Trust. (Letterhead (2), envelopes)n.d.

B 2A F 31

Greenhill & Co., LLC. (Letterhead (4), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2A F 32

The Greenhouse. (Envelopes, card (1))n.d.

B 2A F 33

Greenwich Research Associates. (Letterhead (6), envelopes)n.d.

B 2A F 34

Grey Advertising Inc. (Letterhead (2), Interoffice Correspondence (1), envelope (1), notepaper (1), Grey Direct letterhead (2), envelopes (1), Grey International letterhead, envelopes (1))n.d.

B 2A F 35

Groffsky, Maxine Literary Agent. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), mailing label (1), card (1))n.d.

B 2A F 36

Growald, Martin Chandler and Monika. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1), note paper (1))n.d.

B 2A F 37

Guaber. (Envelope (1))n.d.

B 2A F 38

Guggenheim Partners. (Envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2A F 39

Habitat - The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements. (Letterhead, envelopes (1), memo (1), note paper (2))n.d.

B 2A F 40

Halaby International Company. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2A F 41

Hampshire Press, Inc. (Envelopes (2), mailing label (1), statement (1), invoice (1))1950s

B 2A F 42

Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), mailing labels (2))n.d.

B 2A F 43

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. (Letterhead (9))n.d.

B 2A F 44

Harper Collins Publishers: Latin America. (Letterhead (6))n.d.

B 2A F 45

Harry's. (Letterhead, envelopes, cards)n.d.

B 2A F 46

Hartog Rahal Foods, Inc. (Letterhead (4))n.d.

B 2A F 47

Hechinger. (Letterhead, envelopes (4))n.d.

B 2A F 48

Hechinger, John W. (Envelopes)n.d.

B 2A F 49

Herald Productions Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2A F 50

Herbert Beckhard Frank Richlan & Associates. (Letterhead , envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2A F 51

Heyman Properties. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 2A F 52

The Hillier Group. (see also Design Interface). (Letterhead (6))n.d.

B 2A F 53

Hotel Mia (Miami International Airport). (Letterhead (6), envelopes (2))

B 2A F 54

The Hudson River Museum. (Letterhead, envelopes (1), postcard (1))n.d.

B 2A F 55

i2i photography. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2B F 1

Infineer Inc. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2B F 2

Innerplan. (Letterhead (7), envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 3

Insignia/ESG, Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2B F 4

Insignia Financial Group. (Letterhead (4), envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 5

Integrated Living Communities Inc. (Envelope (1), letterhead (1), card (1))n.d.

B 2B F 6

Interactive Data Services. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), card (1))n.d.

B 2B F 7

International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). (Letterhead , envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 8

International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA). (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 2B F 9

Jack Morton Productions, Inc. (JMP). (Letterhead (5), press release (2), note paper (1), envelopes, invoice (2))n.d.

B 2B F 10

Jacobs, Raymond Photographer. (Letterhead (1), letter printed with photograph (4), envelopes, note paper (4))n.d.

B 2B F 11

Jacob's Pillow. (Letterhead (7), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2B F 12

James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness, The. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2B F 13

The JDR 3rd Fund. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (1), note paper (1), memos (2), file copy (1))n.d.

B 2B F 20

John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, The Kennedy Center Honors. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 21

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library Corporation. (Letterhead, News letterhead , News note paper)n.d.

B 2B F 14

The Johnson Company, Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 15

Judson Art Warehouse. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2B F 16

Junior Achievement Inc. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 2B F 17

The Katonah Gallery. (Letterhead, envelopes, card (1))n.d.

B 2B F 18

Katonah Museum of Art. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2B F 19

Kay, Ken Photographer. (Letterhead, envelope (1), cards)n.d.

B 2B F 23

The Knoll Group. (Letterhead (23))n.d.

B 2B F 24

Kooper, Martin. (Envelopes, letterhead)1950s

B 2B F 26

Krystal. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 27

Kulicke Frames, Inc. (Letterhead (1), note paper, announcement (1))n.d.

B 2B F 28

The Lafayette Hotel. (Envelopes )n.d.

B 2B F 29

Lafayette Place. (Letterhead (8), envelopes (1), card (1))n.d.

B 2B F 30

Lane Display Corporation. (Letterhead)1950s

B 2B F 31

Lanzetta Berm dez Arango y Cia. Ltda. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2B F 32

Lanzetta Pinz n, Pablo. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 33

Lanzetta Pinz n y Cia. Ltda. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 34

Lazarnick, George. (Letterhead (1), invoice, envelopes (2), note paper)n.d.

B 2B F 35

Learntech. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2B F 36

Lefebre Gallery. (Letterhead (5), envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 37

Lehigh Furniture Corporation. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2B F 38

Leviathan Communications. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), note paper, memos (2))n.d.

B 2B F 39

Leviathan Management. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 40

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (717 Fifth Avenue). (Letterhead (5), envelopes (2), memo (1))n.d.

B 2B F 41

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (140 West 65 Street). (Letterhead (1), memo (2), envelope (1))n.d.

B 2B F 42

Liz & Co. / Liz Claiborne Inc.. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2B F 43

LongHouse Reserve Ltd. (Letterhead (18))n.d.

B 2B F 44

Louis Block + Associates, Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2B F 45

Luckman, Charles Associates. (Letterhead (2), memo (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 2B F 46

Macksoud, Alfred C. Architect. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 2B F 47

Maguire Thomas Partners. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 2B F 48

Maio & Co. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 2B F 49

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 2B F 50

Marlborough-Gerson Gallery, Inc. (Letterhead (5))n.d.

B 2B F 22

Robert F. Kennedy Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament. (Envelope (1))n.d.

B 3A F 1

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 3A F 2

Mathews, Edward James Architect. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 3A F 3

May Department Stores letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 4

Mead Library of Ideas, 23rd International Annual Report Competition letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 5

Mendes and Company Incorporated letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 6

Metro Typographers Inc. (Note paper for Moe Leinoff (2))n.d.

B 3A F 7

Minneapolis Institute of Art letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 8

Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 9

Morgan Stanley and Company letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 10

Morgan Stanley and Company, Brooks Harvey letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 11

William S. Morris and Company letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 12

Multi Canal letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 13

Murray Hill Citizens. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 3A F 14

Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles letterhead n.d.

B 3A F 15

Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, The Temporary Contemporary letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 16

Museum of Jewish Heritage, A Living Memorial to the Holocaust letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 17

The Museum of Modern Art letterhead n.d.

B 3A F 18

The Museum of Modern Art, 50th Anniversary letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 19

The Museum of Modern Art, The Institute of Modern Art letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 20

The Museum of Modern Art - The International Council of The Museum of Modern Art. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 3A F 21

The Museum of Modern Art, The Junior Council of The Museum of Modern Art letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 22

The Museum of Modern Art, The Party in the Garden letterhead n.d.

B 3A F 23

Mutual Benefit Financial Service Company letterhead n.d.

B 3A F 24

National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (NBC) letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 25

National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (NBC), WMAQ-TV Chicago letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 26

National Campaign for Hearing Health letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 27

National Credit Bank letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 28

National Endowment for the Arts, Architecture and Environmental Arts Program, Neighborhood Conservation Conference (1975) letterheadcirca 1975

B 3A F 29

National Endowment for the Arts, Jazz Masters letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 30

National Endowment for the Arts / National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities - First Federal Design Assembly, Spring 1973. (Letterhead, The Design Necessity , envelopes (2))n.d.

B 3A F 31

National Gallery of Art letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 32

The National Sports Awards letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 33

National Symphony Orchestra letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 34

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 35

New 42nd Street Inc. letterheadn.d.

B 3A F 36

New England Aquarium Architect and Engineers (Cambridge Seven). (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 3A F 37

New School for Social Research. (Letterhead (12), envelopes (7), note paper (3))n.d.

B 3A F 38

New Victory Theatre. (Letterhead (on cardboard) (1))n.d.

B 3A F 39

New York City Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution: The Two Hundredth Anniversary of George Washington's Inauguration. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 3A F 40

New York Hall of Science. (Letterhead (4))n.d.

B 3A F 41

New York International Festival of the Arts. (Letterhead for The First New York International Festival of the Arts, 1988 (4), envelope, 1988 (1), letterhead, 1991 (9))n.d.

B 3A F 42

New York Landmarks Conservancy. (Letterhead (9), envelopes , note paper (2))n.d.

B 3A F 43

New York Public Library - Celebrating Its Second Century. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 3A F 44

New York University - The Book Centers. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 3A F 45

New York University Campaign, The. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 3A F 46

Nivola, Costantino. (Letterhead, envelopes (4))n.d.

B 3A F 47

Norlin. (Letterhead (3) for Norlin Industries, Inc., 3 for Norlin Communications), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 3A F 48

Ocean Liner Museum, c/o Christie's. (Letterhead for Ocean Liner Museum, letterhead for Liner Museum Committee of New York, envelopes)n.d.

B 3A F 49

Ocean rio de Lisboa / The Oceans Pavilion/Expo '98. (Letterhead (7), envelopes, postcard (1))n.d.

B 3B F 42

The Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellowship. (Letterhead, envelope (1), card (1))n.d.

B 3B F 1

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company. (Letterhead (7), envelopes (5))n.d.

B 3B F 2

Organizational Communications, Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), note paper)n.d.

B 3B F 3

Osaka Aquarium Ring of Fire. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 3B F 4

Outline Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 3B F 5

Overture. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 3B F 6

Owen & Mandolfo, Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 3B F 7

Owen & Mandolfo / Rothe - Johnson. (Letterhead (6, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 3B F 8

Owen, Springer & Mandolfo, Inc. (Letterhead, envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 9

Owens-Illinois. (Letterhead (8), note paper)n.d.

B 3B F 10

Owens-Illinois - Libbey. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 3B F 11

Owens-Illinois - Lily-Tulip. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 3B F 12

PaineWebber. (Letterhead (6), envelopes, note paper (1))n.d.

B 3B F 13

Palm, Charles & Co., Inc. (Letterhead (1), copy sheet (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 14

Pan American World Airways System. (Letterhead (1), small folder (1))n.d.

B 3B F 15

Peace Corps - 25th Anniversary Foundation, Inc. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 3B F 16

Pepsi-Cola Company. (Letterhead (4), envelopes (2), fact sheets (2), note paper (4))n.d.

B 3B F 17

Perelson Weiner. (Letterhead (8), envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 18

Petersfield Development Corporation. (Envelopes )n.d.

B 3B F 19

Phyllis Handwrought Jewelry. (Cards )n.d.

B 3B F 20

Platt Associates (see also Charles A. Platt Partners). (Letterhead (4), memos, envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 21

Platt, Charles A. Partners (see also Platt Associates). (Letterhead (5), envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 22

Poets House. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 3B F 23

Pomerance & Breines Architects P.C. (Letterhead , project memo, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 3B F 24

Precision, Inc. (Envelopes (2), letterhead (1))n.d.

B 3B F 25

Pride of Place: Building the American Dream. (Note paper (4))n.d.

B 3B F 26

The Prospect Group, Inc. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (5))n.d.

B 3B F 27

Prospect Park Alliance. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 3B F 28

Protetch, David, M.D. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), prescription (1), card (1))n.d.

B 3B F 29

Public Broadcasting System (PBS). (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 3B F 30

Radel Leather Manufacturing Co. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))1950s

B 3B F 31

Ravenel, Charles 'Pug' for Governor. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 32

Reiss Media Enterprises, Inc. (Letterhead (4), envelopes, note paper (1))n.d.

B 3B F 33

Renfield Importers, Ltd. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 34

Request Television. (Letterhead, envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 35

Restaurant Associates. (Letterhead (1 mounted on cardboard))n.d.

B 3B F 36

Restaurant Associates - American Festival Cafe. (Envelope (1), cards (2))n.d.

B 3B F 37

Restaurant Associates - Savories. (Envelope (1), cards)n.d.

B 3B F 38

Restaurant Associates - The Sea Grill. (Letterhead, envelopes )n.d.

B 3B F 39

River Bridge. (Letterhead (1), envelopes )n.d.

B 3B F 40

Rockefeller Center. (Letterhead (10), envelopes (8), note paper (6), memo, news release letterhead (2))n.d.

B 3B F 41

The Roosevelt. (Envelopes, letterhead (4))n.d.

B 3B F 43

Rose, Jonathan & Companies LLC. (Letterhead, envelope (1))n.d.

B 3B F 44

Rose, Jonathan & Companies LLC, Affordable Housing Development Corporation. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 3B F 45

Royall National Bank. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (4), matchbooks (2))n.d.

B 4A F 1

Rudofsky, Bernard. (Letterhead (2), envelopes )n.d.

B 4A F 2

Russell Estates. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 4A F 3

San Antonio Museum Association (SAMA). (Letterhead (3), public relations letterhead (3), trustees letterhead (2), envelopes (3))n.d.

B 4A F 4

San Juan Drama Festival. (Card (1), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 5

Sark Hayat Sigorta A.S. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 4A F 6

Schick, Joseph. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 4A F 7

Screen Gems, Inc. (Letterhead (16), envelopes (1), memo (1))n.d.

B 4A F 8

Scripps Howard. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (5))n.d.

B 4A F 9

Scripps Howard Broadcasting. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 10

Scripps Howard - United Media. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 4A F 11

Scripps, Edward W. Company. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1))n.d.

B 4A F 12

Scripps Howard 9WCPO. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 13

Seatrain Lines, Inc. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 4A F 14

Sercander, Gene Graphic Design. (Envelope (2), card (1))n.d.

B 4A F 15

SFX Entertainment. (Memo (3), fax sheet (1))n.d.

B 4A F 16

Shachnow, Norman K., M.D. (Letterhead, statement for professional services, envelope, prescription)n.d.

B 4A F 17

Shelter Films. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 4A F 18

Shikiar. (Letterhead, envelope (1))n.d.

B 4A F 18A

Showtime. Letterhead.n.d.

B 4A F 19

Simon & Goodman Picture Company. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 4A F 20

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (Allen). (Letterhead (19), envelopes (16))n.d.

B 4A F 21

Smith, Jill Photographer Rep. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 4A F 22

Smith, Stuart Photographer. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 4A F 23

Smotrich, Platt & Buttrick. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 4A F 24

Snider, Norman Associates Incorporated. (Letterhead (1) [rubber cement stained on back])n.d.

B 4A F 25

Smith Ottaiano. (Letterhead (6))n.d.

B 4A F 26

Solomon, Alan / United States Pavilion / Canadian World Exhibition, Montreal 1967. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 27

Somerset Inn. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 4A F 28

Song in Music. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 29

The Spitznagel Partners Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (5), note paper)n.d.

B 4A F 30

St. Louis Zoological Park. (Letterhead (9), envelopes )n.d.

B 4A F 31

State University of New York at Buffalo. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 4A F 32

Steel Service Center Institute. (Letterhead )n.d.

B 4A F 33

Stendig Inc. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (4))1950s

B 4A F 34

Stillman, Joan P. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 4A F 35

Stillman, Leslie. (Letterhead (4))n.d.

B 4A F 36

Stillman, Rufus. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 4A F 37

Stuart, Martha Communications, Inc. (Letterhead (6), envelopes)n.d.

B 4A F 38

The Summer Camp. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 39

Surmain Associates, Inc., Andre (Letterhead)1950s

B 4A F 40

Surmain, Nancy, Travel Consultant. (Letterhead, envelopes, tags (2))n.d.

B 4A F 41

SynCom International, Inc. (Letterhead (10), memo (2))n.d.

B 4A F 42

Taback & Hyams. (Letterhead (16), envelopes (5))n.d.

B 4A F 43

Takarazuka (Radio City Music Hall / Mitsubishi Special Event). (Letterhead)n.d.

B 4A F 44

TechCommons. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 4A F 45

Technology Communication, Inc. / The Innovation Group. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 46

Technology Communication, Inc., The Innovation Group. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 47

Teiger Architects. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 4A F 48

Teiger, David. (Letterhead (12), envelopes (6), cards (8))n.d.

B 4A F 49

Teiger, Douglas Architects. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4A F 50

Telemundo Station Group. (Letterhead (6))n.d.

B 4B F 1

Televisi n Satelital Codificada S.A. (Letterhead (1), fax cover sheet (2))n.d.

B 4B F 2

Tennessee Aquarium. (Letterhead (1 mounted on cardboard))n.d.

B 4B F 3

Teze Development Corporation. (Letterhead, envelope (1))n.d.

B 4B F 4

Thaibok Fabrics Ltd. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 4B F 5

Tighe Hidalgo Foundation Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 4B F 6

Time Life Medical. (Letterhead (10))n.d.

B 4B F 7

Time Warner Inc. (Letterhead (7))n.d.

B 4B F 8

Toledo Museum of Art. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 4B F 9

Torin Corporation. (Letterhead (10), memo (1), envelopes (7))n.d.

B 4B F 10

Torrington S.A. (Letterhead (5), envelopes)n.d.

B 4B F 11

Train / Gittleman Motion Pictures. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 4B F 12

Transwestern Associates. (Letterhead (16), envelopes (4))n.d.

B 4B F 13

Tulip Films, Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 4B F 14

Tultex Corporation. (Letterhead (1 Discus Athletic, 1 Dominion Surplus, 1 Kings Yarns, 1 Martinex Fabrics, 1 Roanoke Fashions, 1 Roxboro Yarns, 1 Sale Knitting, 1 Tulstar Factors), envelopes (1 Kings Yarns, 1 Roxboro Yarns, 1 Tulstar Factors, 1 Dominion Surplus, 1 Discus Athletic, 1 Tultex, 1 Sale Knitting, 1 Martinex Fabrics))n.d.

B 4B F 15

Uarco Incorporated. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4B F 16

Umbra Editions, Inc. (Letterhead, mailing label (1), note paper (2), envelope (1))n.d.

B 4B F 17

Umbrella Film Company. (Card (1), envelope (1))n.d.

B 4B F 18

Union Pacific Corporation. (Letterhead (3 with logo, 3 Champlin Petroleum, 3 Rocky Mountain Energy, 3 Union Pacific System, 1 Upland Industries), news release letterhead (1), memo (1))n.d.

B 4B F 19

Union Pacific Fund for Effective Government. (Letterhead (2), envelope (2))n.d.

B 4B F 20

United Banks. (Letterhead (4), envelope (1))n.d.

B 4B F 21

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (Letterhead (5))n.d.

B 4B F 22

United Research Company, Inc. (Letterhead, letterhead for news release)n.d.

B 4B F 23

The University Club. (Letterhead (11))n.d.

B 4B F 23A

Univision. Letterheadn.d.

B 4B F 24

Veeder-Root, Inc. (Letterhead (2), memo (1))n.d.

B 4B F 25

Viacom Inernational, Inc. (Letterhead (2), letterhead)n.d.

B 4B F 26

Vinoly, Rafael Architects PC. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 4B F 27

Wax, Abraham L. (Letterhead, envelope (1), card (1))n.d.

B 4B F 28

Weidlinger, Paul. (Letterhead (5), envelopes, invoice (6))n.d.

B 4B F 29

Weil, Warren Public Relations. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))1950s

B 4B F 30

West Orange High School Class of 1949 50th Reunion. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 4B F 31

WGBH Educational Foundation. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.

B 4B F 32

White House Conference on Children. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 4B F 33

White House Conference on Youth. (Letterhead, envelopes (5))n.d.

B 4B F 34

White, Vera. (Letterhead (6), envelopes, holiday card (1))n.d.

B 4B F 35

Wise, Howard Gallery. (Letterhead, note paper, envelopes)n.d.

B 4B F 36

Witthoefft, Arthur Architect. (Letterhead, envelopes, announcement (2))n.d.

B 4B F 37

WNEV-TV / New England Television Corporation / A CBS Affiliate. (Letterhead (11))n.d.

B 4B F 38

Wood, Susan Photography. (Letterhead (5), envelopes)n.d.

B 4B F 39

Wood River Capital Corporation. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (5))n.d.

B 4B F 40

Workspeed. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 4B F 41

World Policy Institute. (Letterhead, envelope)n.d.

B 4B F 42

Wrangler. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 4B F 43

Xerox Corporation. (Letterhead (5))n.d.

B 4B F 44

Yale Roe Films, Ltd. (Letterhead)n.d.

B 6 F 1

Mobil - Aviation Technical Advice. (Letterhead (1), Mobil corporate stationery, invoice (2), Mobil Oil Company, letterhead , Mobil Chemical Company, letterhead (2), Mobil Producing Nigeria, letterhead (1))n.d.

B 6 F 2

Mobil - Aboard N26. (Letterhead (1))n.d.

B 6 F 3

Mobil - Colonial Village. (Letterhead, envelopes (2))n.d.

B 6 F 4

Mobil - Forest Glade. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), International Center of Photography: From Sea to Shining Sea. Photographs by Hiroji Kubota, letterhead (1))n.d.

B 6 F 5

Mobil Masterpiece Radio Theatre. (Letterhead )n.d.

B 6 F 6

Mobil Masterpiece Theatre. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (10))n.d.

B 6 F 7

Mobil Masterpiece Theatre: 10th Anniversary Edition Festival of Favorites. (Letterhead )n.d.

B 6 F 8

Mobil Masterpiece Theatre: 20th Anniversary Favorites. (Letterhead (6))n.d.

B 6 F 9

Mobil Masterpiece Theatre: The Edwardians; Lillie; My Son, My Son; Poldark; Shoulder to Shoulder; A Town Like Alicen.d.

B 6 F 10

Mobil Grand Prix. (Letterhead (4), envelope (1))n.d.

B 6 F 11

Mobil - Museum of Modern Art Summergarden. (Letterhead (2), invitation (1))n.d.

B 6 F 12

Mobil - National Town Meeting. (Letterhead (2))n.d.

B 6 F 13

Mobil - Public Broadcasting System, WGBH, Boston: The Ascent of Man; The Humanities in Drama; Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth; Piccadilly Circus; The Search for Alexander the Great; Upstairs Downstairs letterheadn.d.

B 6 F 14

Mobil - Public Broadcasting System, WQED, Pittsburgh: Flambards; Lord Mountbatten (A Man for the Century)n.d.

B 6 F 15

Mobil Pierpont Morgan Library: Holbein and the Court of Henry VIII. (Letterhead )n.d.

B 6 F 16

Mobil Showcase Network. (Letterhead (6))n.d.

B 6 F 17

Mobil Showcase Network: Between the Wars; James Clavell's The Children's Story; Churchill and the Generals; Ceremonies in Dark Old Men; Doug Henning's World of Magic; The Entertainer; Edward the King; Edward and Mrs. Simpson; Minstrel Man; Eugene O'Neill's Moon for the Misbegotten; Out to Lunch; Summershow; Ten who Daredn.d.

B 6 F 18

Mobil - Southstreet Seaport Museum: Summerpier. (Letterhead )n.d.

B 6 F 19

Mobil - Young Audiences. (Letterhead (6) , envelopes)n.d.