Tony Palladino Collection


1948 - 2007 (Date ranges)


180 in (Overall dimensions)


Tony Palladino (1930-2014) was the inventive and idiosyncratic designer of many posters, advertisements, book jackets, and magazines. He brought a modern aesthetic to his work, but his work was particularly distinguished by his consistent use of everyday objects. His most famous project was the typographic title for Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho; Alfred Hitchcock bought the rights to the lettering for his 1960 film adaption. Palladino began teaching advertising design at SVA in 1958 and was the creator of many of SVA’s renowned subway posters, including one in which he refashioned smashed hub cabs as fancy women’s hats, illustrating the transformative capacity of art. The Tony Palladino Collection is composed of original art, posters, and other print materials that display the witty, graphically austere, and conceptual style that characterized Palladino’s work throughout his distinguished career as a designer and artist.

General Physical Description

Twenty boxes and one flat file drawer

Scope and Contents

Tony Palladino Chwast Collection comprises 79 posters, 60 original works of art, 33 periodicals, numerous tearsheets, and several hundred color positive slides.


The Tony Palladino collection is arranged according to Palladino's original donation, though the names of the series were determined in accordance with the similar materials in the Archives.


This collection is open for research.


Tony Palladino Collection, [series. item]. Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives, Visual Arts Foundation, New York.

Acquisition Information

The Tony Palladino Collection was acquired as a gift from Tony Palladino.

Container List

Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 1: Original art > Subseries A: Works on paper

B 1 F 1

Anxiety: A Way Of Seeing1989

B 1 F 2

Athena Hotel1997

B 1 F 3

Catania. ("Hollywood".)2004

B 1 F 4


B 1 F 5

Dear Friends. ("The Heart Is Wherever You Are".)2005

B 1 F 6


B 1 F 7

Elisa Carrio L'ilita2002

B 1 F 8

Extra Eye1975

B 1 F 9

Forget Me Not1983

B 1 F 10

Go The Other Way

B 1 F 11

Greek Coin1974

B 1 F 12

Guys Led Around By Their Wives1982

B 1 F 13

I Am In Favor Of Censorship1972

B 1 F 14

I'm On The Other Side Of The Rainbow1993

B 1 F 15

James Cagney1974

B 1 F 16


B 1 F 17


B 1 F 18

Magic of R.M. House1977

B 1 F 19

Monument To The American Indian

B 1 F 20

My Hand31-Jul-89

B 1 F 21

Nude With Attachable Dress1986

B 1 F 22

Painting. ("A Tradition Of Excellence".)1981

B 1 F 23

Peter Grimaldi

B 1 F 24

Politics And Poker

B 1 F 25

Puerto-Rican American1979

B 1 F 26

Queensborough Bridge1993

B 1 F 27

Red Scare1999

B 1 F 28

Rug # 11982

B 1 F 29

Sabrina's/South Hampton1991

B 1 F 30

Sempre Avanti2003

B 1 F 31

Separate Parts

B 1 F 32

Stories By Police Chiefs Of The World

B 1 F 33

There Are A Lot Of People On Earth1995

B 1 F 34

To Paolo With Love2001

B 1 F 35

Trays Series1998

B 1 F 36

Who's Kidding Who

B 1 F 37


B 2 F 1

Untitled. ("SLAIN".)

B 2 F 2

Untitled. (Horse.)

B 2 F 3

Untitled. (Woman's face.)1984

B 2 F 4

Untitled. (Man and plants.)1984

B 2 F 5

Untitled. (Orange and yellow bell peppers.)

B 2 F 6

Untitled. (Man with glasses.)

B 2 F 7

Untitled. ("Happy anniversary"", with portrait".)

B 2 F 8

Untitled. (Roses on black.)

B 2 F 9

Untitled. (Dinner party line drawing.)

B 2 F 10

Untitled. (Man wrestling bull.)

B 2 F 11

Untitled. ("Incurable indigestion of Aunt Gegia".)

B 2 F 12

Untitled. (Woman with camera.)

B 2 F 13

Untitled. (Conquistadores.)

B 2 F 14

Untitled. (Man in hat.)

B 2 F 15

Untitled. (Flower in vase.)

B 2 F 16

Untitled. ("Suggested Halloween cover".)2005

B 2 F 17

Untitled. (Horse .)

B 2 F 18

Untitled. (Street scene with cutout.)

B 2 F 19

Untitled. (Profile of man in peaked cap.)

B 2 F 20

Untitled. ("Interior and exterior painting Tal Ludivico".)

B 2 F 21

Untitled. (Man in tie and fedora.)

B 2 F 22

Untitled. ("Drawing straight lines to reveal the emotion".)

B 2 F 23

Untitled. ("NYC".)1978

B 2 F 24

Untitled. (Red flower.)1988/1992

B 2 F 25

Untitled. (Potted plant.)

B 2 F 26

Untitled. ("Ship marked ""Sabrina".)1960

B 2 F 27

Untitled. (Corkscrew.)

B 2 F 28

Untitled. (Family scene.)

B 2 F 29

Untitled. (Portrait of woman in glasses.)

B 2 F 30

Untitled. ("Experiment", composition with birds in beige and grey)

B 2 F 31

Untitled. (Dance scene.)

B 2 F 32

Untitled. (Bouncing globe.)1971

B 2 F 33

Untitled. (Decorated envelopes.)

B 2 F 34

Untitled. ("Experimental".)1960

B 2 F 35

Untitled. (Landscape.)

B 2 F 36

Untitled. (San Marzano tomatoes.)

B 2 F 37

Untitled. (View of street from rooftop.)

B 2 F 38

Untitled. (Cupid and arrows.)1990

B 2 F 39

Untitled. (Police and man.)

B 2 F 40

Untitled. ("Champagne vintage 1952".)

B 2 F 41

Untitled. (New York pool.)1990

B 2 F 42

Untitled. (Face on clock.)2000

B 2 F 43

Untitled. (Still life with watch.)1993

B 2 F 44

Untitled. (Legs.)

B 2 F 45

Untitled. (Buildings.)

B 2 F 46

Untitled. (Gold foil.)1985

B 2 F 47

Untitled. (Composition on a cover of the New Yorker.)2001

B 2 F 48


B 2 F 49

Untitled. ("Tuscany lasers"" reproductions of paintings".)ca 1986

B 3 F 1

Airmail. (envelopes in ink and acrylic.)1981

B 3 F 2

Black and Blue1990

B 3 F 2

Study for Black and Blue1990

B 3 F 3

Changes. (Taxi.)1984

B 3 F 4


B 3 F 5

David Enock. (Portrait.)1982

B 3 F 6

The Family #41984

B 3 F 6

Study for The Family #4

B 3 F 7

Enock St Martin. (Portrait.)1985

B 3 F 8

Fashion. ("Fashion is like a pilot fish".)

B 3 F 9

Fat America1968

B 3 F 10

Florida. ("Florida - Florida / Tuscany".)

B 3 F 11

Flowers Fly1981

B 3 F 12

Gangsters + Soldiers30-Jan-80

B 3 F 13

I Have A Yen To Buy. ("Experimental 4 Japanese businessmen"" ".)

B 3 F 14

Ischia. (Seascape.)1991

B 3 F 15


B 3 F 16

Leopard and the Rainbow. ("Story and Pictures by Tony Palladino and Nicky Nichtern".)

B 3 F 17

Madrid 19581958

B 3 F 18

Rivers of Vincenza1968

B 3 F 19

St Maarten (landscape)1985

B 3 F 20

Thugs And Generals. ("Series 1".)

B 3 F 21

Wefreegive. (Utopian schema.)

B 3 F 22

Untitled. ("1971 The American Revolution Is Over".)1971

B 3 F 23

Untitled. ("Experimental".)1996

B 3 F 24

Untitled. ("I killed four wasps Tuesday""".)

B 3 F 25

Untitled. ("szoot nyc""?".)1968

B 3 F 26


B 4 F 1

Untitled. (Airplane?.)1985

B 4 F 2

Untitled. (Uncle Sam and wars.)

B 4 F 3

Untitled. ("Peace"": soliders' uniforms, diptych in four panels".)1980

B 4 F 4

Untitled. (Addressed to Tony and Margaret Fodole.)1981

B 4 F 5

Untitled. ("Buy 1 get 1 free".)

B 4 F 6

Untitled. (Kitchen utensils.)

B 4 F 7

Untitled. (Bugs in the city.)1972

B 4 F 7

Untitled. (Bug and shoe.)1972?

B 4 F 8

Untitled. (horses.)

B 4 F 9

Untitled. (Headlamp?.)1970

B 4 F 10

Untitled. (pirate.)

B 4 F 11

Untitled. (soldier on rocking horse.)

B 4 F 12

Untitled. (table and seascape.)2000

B 4 F 13

Untitled. (boy with jug.)

B 4 F 14

Untitled. (cowboy.)

B 4 F 14

Untitled. (cowboy.)

B 4 F 15

Untitled. (figure .)

B 4 F 16

Untitled. (flowers.)1984

B 4 F 17

Untitled. (flowers.)

B 4 F 18


B 4 F 19

Untitled. (landscape.)1988

B 4 F 20

Untitled. (landscape.)1989

B 4 F 21

Untitled. (matador.)1995

B 4 F 22

Untitled. (portrait.)1948

B 4 F 23

Untitled. (portrait.)

B 4 F 24

Untitled. (red bag .)

B 4 F 25

Untitled. (self-portrait.)1992

B 4 F 25

Untitled. (self-portrait.)1992

B 4 F 26

Untitled. (two heads over plane.)

B 4 F 27

Untitled. (uniformed man.)

B 4 F 28

Untitled. (Two uniformed men and a woman.)

B 4 F 29

Untitled. ("The meeting of Garibaldi and Victor Emanuel [sic]".)1981
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 1: Original art > Subseries B: Sculpture

B 5 F 1

Blues In The Night. (Photograph of painted plate.)1987

B 5 F 2

Floatilla. (Photograph of engraved metal.)1986

B 5 F 3

Imagine A Park Here. (Photograph of public sign.)1970

B 5 F 4

Jovan. Untitled.1974

B 5 F 5

Untitled. (Photograph of geometrical shapes in sand.)

B 5 F 6

Untitled. (Photograph of cherubim with wreath.)

B 5 F 7

Untitled. (Plastic mesh and tape on paper.)2002

B 5 F 8

Untitled. ("For ""Reader's Digest Book / Home Repair How-To""; ""Four Pieces Of Sculpture For Executive".)

B 5 F 9

Untitled. (Photograph of crucifix in foil.)1991

B 5 F 10

Untitled. (Photograph of metal shapes.)

B 5 F 11

Untitled. (Photograph of a metal figurine on a dias.)
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 1: Original art > Subseries C: Commercial art

B 5 F 12

Corinthian Broadcasting. ("The American Indian He Can't Even Go Back Where He Came From").1984

B 5 F 13

Gemelli restaurant.

B 5 F 14

The Nation. Illustrations. (Charlie Chaplin.)1951

B 5 F 15

New York Times. Editorial cartoon. ("HELP".)2000

B 5 F 16

New York Times. Editorial cartoon. (ball and seal.)

B 5 F 17

New York Times. Editorial cartoon. (Santa Claus.)

B 5 F 18

Once there was a general. (Drawing for children's book)1968

B 5 F 19

School of Visual Arts. The Master's Series - Ed McCabe: Strong Words.

B 5 F 20

Second Coming. (Hinged flag.)1952

B 5 F 21

Centro Culturale R Livatino, Catania, Sicily. Promo for an exhibit in Sicily.2004

B 5 F 22

Unknown. "Cigar". (Original study and reproduction of final poster.)1995

B 5 F 23

Versace. Drawing for perfume bottle.1983

B 5 F 23b

When to Stand Up and When to Sit Down. Drawingsc. 1993

B 7 F 1

Art Directors Club of New York. Sketch for announcement poster. (Art Directors Hall of Fame.)1988

B 7 F 2

Ellen. Study for advertisement. ("What famous person uses Ellen for her hair?".)

B 7 F 3

Gilette. Study for advertisement. ("Super Blue Blade".)1966

B 7 F 4

Mobil. Graphic for promotion. (Crowd of faces for Cotton Bowl promotion.)n.d.1990s

B 7 F 5

Mobil. Promotion for track event.

B 7 F 6

New York Production Guide. Experiments for advertisement. ("...Because Time Is Money"": corrected proof".)

B 7 F 7

New York Times . (DESC: "TP: ""Drawing for ad, NY Times Architecture")

B 7 F 8

Positano. Photograph for advertisement. (Chessboard with salt and pepper shakers.)

B 7 F 9

Frommer. New York On $5 A Day .1963

B 7 F 10

School of Visual Arts. Light At The End Of The Tunnel.1983

B 7 F 11

School of Visual Arts. Drawing for Talent Is Not Worth Much.

B 7 F 12

Strathmore [?]. Promotional booklet. ("There was once dynamite the termite".)
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 1: Original art > Subseries D: Children's books

B 8 F 1

Anthony: The Crocodile With A Glass Stomach, by Tony Palladino (Cover page)

B 8 F 2-17

Drawings and studies for Anthony: The Crocodile With A Glass Stomach
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries A: Posters

D 28 F 1

Fashion Group. "Fashion Group Inc. Presents European Couture Fall 1987".1987

D 28 F 2

International Design Conference in Aspen. Promotional system. ("The Rest Of Our Lives".)1969

D 28 F 3

Lenny. "Long poster (""!&*$@?"")". ("TP: ""Promo: Lenny (the play on Bway.)")1978

D 28 F 4

New York Production Guide. Yellow cab poster.2000

D 28 F 5

School of Visual Arts. "Masters Series: Tony Palladino".1999

D 28 F 6

Thessaloniki Design Museum. "Two-Man Poster Show: Tony Palladino and Milton Glaser".

D 28 F 7

United Nations. "Fiftieth Anniversary: Non-Governmental Organizations".1997

D 28 F 8

Wedding Party. "The Wedding Party," a film by Wilford Leach / Cynthia Monroe / and Brian de Palma.1975

D 28 F 9

World Trade Center. "The Back Yard at the World Trade Center".

B 9 F 1

American Bicentennial. "KIN.. From The American Bicentennial To The People Of The World.".1976

B 9 F 2

Art Directors Club. "The 57th Annual Art Directors Club Exhibition Open To The Public".1978

B 9 F 3

Brothers Fodale. "Peace".1972

B 9 F 4

Color Wheel Inc. "Color In The Palladino Drawing Contest".1988

B 9 F 5

FDR Memorial. FDR Memorial. ("FDR words in lobby throughout base-Abe Geller architect, For FDR Memorial 1st prize, Not built, Washington, 1976".)1976

B 9 F 6

Gross, Gary. Promotional poster. (Photo of mouth.)1981

B 9 F 7

Local Iniatives Support Corporation. "Neighborhoods Reborn / Promises Kept".1998

B 9 F 8

Mead Library of Ideas. POSTER USA 1960-1970. ("Magnificent".)1971

B 9 F 9

Palladino, Tony. If you want it come and get it - It's going fast. Drawings at the Litchfield Library

B 9 F 10

School of Visual Arts. "Chermayeff - Palladino Announcing A Course In Advertising Design to be conducted simultaneously by Ivan Chermayeff and Tony Palladino".1963

B 9 F 11

School of Visual Arts. "Even a great idea is only an idea until you make it real". (Hubcap as hat.)

B 9 F 12

School of Visual Arts. "Having A Talent Isn't Worth Much Unless You Know What To Do With It".

B 9 F 13

School of Visual Arts. "It's Not The Light At The End Of The Tunnel It's The Light Within".1983

B 9 F 14

School of Visual Arts. Summer Session Day and Evening 19621962

B 9 F 15

School of Visual Arts. "Surface. Texture. Form. Line. Color. Only Words Until An Artist Uses Them.1965

B 9 F 16

School of Visual Arts. "TEN 10 Tuition-Free Full-time Scholarships"" ".1961

B 9 F 17

School of Visual Arts. (DESC: Flowers over color-by-numbers)1959

B 9 F 18

Thessaloniki Design Museum. "Communication Design The client's message is fine... Interpreting it is the problem".2001

B 9 F 19

Women's Strike For Peace. "Did you hear the one about the 3rd World War?".

B 9 F 20

No client. "Heaven is blessed with perfect rest but the blessing of earth is toil".

B 9 F 21

No client. Rush rush rush ... Slow down and live in '57"1957

B 9 F 22

No client. "Stay Nice".1989
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries B: Advertisements and promotions

B 10 F 1

Acme Communications. (Acme May Have Already Worked For You...)

B 10 F 2

American Institute of Graphic Arts. AIGA Call . (brochure.)1960

B 10 F 3

Barbados Tourist Board. Magazine advertisement. (brochure.)

B 10 F 4

Bergino. Promotional mailers. (Baseball silkscreen company owned by Goldberg and TP: postcards.)2007

B 10 F 5

Chalmers, Irena. Brochure. ("Irena Chalmers Is 'The Culinary Oracle'".)

B 10 F 6

Children's Museum Of Art. Magical Moments. (booklet.)2004

B 10 F 7

Cloud Forest School Foundation. A School With A View . (brochure.)2000

B 10 F 8

Fifth Avenue Public Library. Promotion. (glossy sheet.)

B 10 F 9

Globe Runner Productions: brochure

B 10 F 10

Institute Of Life Insurance. Promotion. (brochure.)1962

B 10 F 11

Irving Trust. Brochure.

B 10 F 12

KISS. Concert program.1979

B 10 F 13

Lebenthal. CMO. (booklet.)1992

B 10 F 14

Lincoln Square Business Improvement District. Map and annual report.2001

B 10 F 15

Movenpick restaurant. Promotional system. (menu and promotional materials.)1980

B 10 F 17

One Club For Art And Copy. "Call for entries"" board and envelopes".1993

B 10 F 18

Palladino, Lindsay. Promotional card. ("Powell / CARMEL NY / THE WINE CELLER [sic]".)1971

B 10 F 19

Palladino, Tony. "One picture is worth a thousand words".

B 10 F 20

Palladino, Tony. "Bookjackets".1952

B 10 F 21

Palladino, Tony. "Give me work or I'll blow up your building".1971

B 10 F 22

Panebianco. Bread Love + Wine Panebianco Selections.2000

B 10 F 23

Phoenix House. Promotional postcard.

B 10 F 24

PVI / Clean Air Technologies. The PVI Platinum Vapor Injector. (folders.)1990

B 10 F 25

SANE. "Our approach to the danger in unequal to the danger". (brochure.)

B 10 F 26

School of Visual Arts. Art Directors Inside An Agency. (Brochure.)

B 10 F 27

Siegel & Gale. Loan contract. (Booklet for Citibank.)1974

B 10 F 28

St. Jean Baptiste High School. Advertisement. (Booklet.)2005

B 10 F 29

Stephen Gaynor School. Illustrations. (yearbook & art for an auction.)1998

B 10 F 30

Strathmore. Grandee by Strathmore (ad)1976

B 10 F 31

Strathmore. Grandee by Strathmore (flat for ad)1976

B 10 F 32

Westinghouse. The Soiled World. (magazine advertisement.)

B 11 F 1

Air India. Advertisement.

B 11 F 2

Artenauta. Advertisement. ("TP: ""Originally designed for Second Coming magazine 1952 'Crisis in America'".)20-Mar-00

B 11 F 3

Association Of Independent Commercial Producers. Advertisement.1992

B 11 F 4

Benson & Hedges. Advertisements.1986

B 11 F 5

Bergdorf Goodman. Advertisements.1975

B 11 F 6

Boeing. Advertisement. ("America Needs The Space Station".)3-Mar-87

B 11 F 7

Corinthian Broadcasting. Advertisement.

B 11 F 8

Evan-Picone. Advertisement.

B 11 F 9

Globus Gateway. Advertisement.

B 11 F 10

Granada TV Network England. Advertisement.1965

B 11 F 11

Groiler Educational Corp. Advertisement.

B 11 F 12

Halston. Advertisement. ("Perfume / Cologne"" magazine ad".)1963

B 11 F 13

Irving Werbin. Promotional piece. (Paper bag and boards.)1957

B 11 F 14

Japan Trade Center. Advertisement.

B 11 F 15

Kosta Boda. Advertisement.

B 11 F 16

Lafeyette Park. Advertisement. ("Wouldn't You Rather Wake Up To A Bird".)

B 11 F 17

Licor 43. Advertisement.1983

B 11 F 18

McGregor, Koenig, Lois, Ltd.. Advertisement.

B 11 F 19

New York Daily News. Advertisement.

B 11 F 20

Papert. Advertisement.

B 11 F 21

Perfectos. Advertisement.1965

B 11 F 22

Philip Morris. Advertisement.

B 11 F 23

Positano. Advertisement. (chessboard.)1988

B 11 F 24

Purina. Advertisement.1979

B 11 F 25

School of Visual Arts. Advertisement. ("All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare".)

B 11 F 26

Simplicity. Advertisement. ("Did you ever see one little hanger hold...".)1963

B 11 F 27

Singer & Friedlander. Advertisement.

B 11 F 28

Wall Street Journal. Advertisement.1977

B 11 F 29

WMCA Radio 57. Advertisement. ("TP: ""My mom, for a poster WMCA 'Turns people on'".)n.d.f

B 11 F 30

unknown client. "An Important Source".
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries C: Book jackets

B 5 F 24

Doubleday. Achilles Heel by Manes Sperber.1960

B 5 F 25

Doubleday. All Good Men by Thomas J. Fleming1961

B 5 F 26

Simon and Schuster. All The Way Down: The Violent Underworld of Street Gangs by Vincent Riccio and Bill Slocum1962

B 5 F 27

Little Brown. The Art of the Faker: 3000 Years of Deception by Frank Arnau1959

B 5 F 28

Simon and Schuster. Blind Man's Mark by Bruce Palmer1959

B 5 F 29

Doubleday. Blood Of My Blood by Richard Gambino1974

B 5 F 30

Simon and Schuster. Breaking Up by W.H. Manville1969

B 5 F 31

Little Brown. Il Duce: The Life Of Benito Mussolini by Christopher Hibbert1962

B 5 F 32

Doubleday. Duel by Donald Seaman1979

B 5 F 33

Inner Sanctum. 87th Precinct by Ed McBain1959

B 5 F 34

Simon and Schuster. The End Of The Night by John D. MacDonald1959

B 5 F 36

Frommer / Pasmanter. Far From The City Of Class by Bruce Jay Friedman1963

B 5 F 37

Inner Sanctum. The Fire Trap by Owen Cameron1958

B 5 F 38

Simon And Schuster. Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman.1960

B 5 F 39

Harcourt, Brace & Company. Free Fall by William Golding1959

B 5 F 40

Inner Sanctum. How Hard To Kill by Thomas Dewey1963

B 5 F 41

Eyre and Spottiswoode. How Much by Burt Blechman1963

B 5 F 42

Harcourt, Brace and Company. The Hussar by Gregor Von Rezzori1959

B 5 F 43

Alfred A. Knopf. The Identity of Dr. Frazier by George Sklar1961

B 5 F 44

Crime Club. Inspector Maigret and the Burglar's Wife by Simenon1957

B 5 F 45

Simon and Schuster. Its Ugly Head by Derek Monsey1959

B 5 F 46

Inner Sanctum. King's Ransom by Ed McBain1959

B 5 F 47

William Morrow & Company. Knave Of Hearts by Dell Shannon1962

B 5 F 48

Inner Sanctum. Lunatic Time by John Roeburt1956

B 5 F 49

KLM/Frommer. New York On $5 A Day by Joan Feldman and Norma Ketay (interior illustrations)1964

B 5 F 50

Inner Sanctum. Night Of The Kill by Breni James1961

B 5 F 51

Harper. Our Last Family Countess by Antonio Barolini1961

B 5 F 52

Little, Brown and Co. The Pacifiers: The Six Symbols We Live By by Mack Hanan1960

B 5 F 53

Crime Club. Pack Of Lies by Gordon Ashe1958

B 5 F 55

Dell. Step Beyond Innocence by Nora Johnson1962

B 5 F 56

Dell. Step Beyond Innocence by Nora Johnson1962

B 5 F 57

Inner Sanctum. A Thief In The Night by Thomas Walsh1962

B 5 F 58

Doubleday / Dolphin. The UFO Handbook by Allan Hendry1979

B 5 F 59

Inner Sanctum. Vein Of Violence by William Campbell Gault1961

B 5 F 60

Doubleday. Weapons: The International Game Of Arms Money And Diplomacy by Russell Warren Howe1980

B 5 F 61

Simon And Schuster. Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell

B 5 F ƒ

Inner Sanctum. Psycho by Robert Bloch1959

B 13 F 1

Furst Survey Research Center Inc. New Dimensions In Research.

B 13 F 2

Doubleday. Fighters: Photographs by George Bennett, Text by Pete Hamill1978
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries D: Record sleeves

B 13 F 3

Unknown client. Wizard of Oz and Other Harold Arlen Songs.

B 13 F 4

Westminder Records. "Haydn: String Quartet in G major, Op. 76 No. 1 String Quartet in D Minor, Op. 76 No. 2 Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet".1954
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries E: Periodicals

B 5 F 62

Acro. Number 3.May-97

B 5 F 64

Delta D. Number 18.2001

B 5 F 63

Audience. West of California: A Visit with the Marlboro Man by Frank Bergon.n.d.

B 5 F 65

Harper's Bazaar. Illustrations.15 Mar 1962

B 10 F 33

Nation, The. Illustrations: Charlie Chaplin. (Illustrations of Charlie Chaplin.)

B 10 F 34

Nation, The. Illustrations.18-Apr-59

B 10 F 35

New York Times. "Clinton's Medicare Mistake".8-Dec-97

B 10 F 36

New York Times. "Russia's Deadly Expertise".27-Mar-98

B 10 F 41

TV Guide. "The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor"" advertisement".1959

B 10 F 40

Trade With Italy. Espresso 1988.March/April 1989.

B 10 F 37

Second Coming Magazine. Crisis Of Freedom.

B 10 F 38

Second Coming Magazine. The Eichmann Trial And The Rule Of The Law.March 1962.

B 10 F 39

Second Coming Magazine. The Eichmann Trial And The Rule Of The Law. (board.)March 1962.

B 15 F 1

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Drawing of cubes].November 1960.

B 15 F 2

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Drawing of cement truck].March 1961.

B 15 F 3

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Wallpapers].September 1961.

B 15 F 4

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Exit sign].September 1961.

B 15 F 5

Architectural & Engineering News. School Costs.February 1962.

B 15 F 6

Architectural & Engineering News. AIA In Miami.May 1963

B 15 F 7

Architectural & Engineering News. Plastics In Architecture.June 1963.

B 15 F ƒ

Architectural & Engineering News. Masonry.July 1963

B 15 F 9

Architectural & Engineering News. Prefabricated Building Components Issue.August 1963.

B 15 F 10

Architectural & Engineering News. Building Exteriors.November 1963.

B 15 F 11

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Christmas tesselation].December 1963.

B 15 F 12

Architectural & Engineering News. Technology And The House.February 1964.

B 15 F 13

Architectural & Engineering News. Interiors.October 1966.

B 15 F 14

Architectural & Engineering News. Building Costs.August 1967

B 15 F 15

Architectural & Engineering News. Engineering Aspects of Building Modernization.April 1961.

B 15 F 16

Brooklyn Rail. New Skool Journalism.March-April 2002

B 15 F 17

New York Sports. Vol. 2 No. 1. .Fall 1983

B 15 F 18

New York Times. Caramoor Music Festival.12-May-95

B 15 F 19

New York Times. Iowa's Quiet Voters.22-Oct-88

B 15 F 20

New York Times. The Next President's Duty To Intervene.13-Feb-00

B 15 F 21

New York Times Magazine. The 38 Who Weigh Nixon's Fate.28-Apr-74

B 15 F 22

School of Visual Arts Bulletin. Art is... .1999
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries F: Identities

B 13 F 5

Conrail. Identity.

B 13 F 6

Fan: A Baseball Magazine. Identity. (Logo.)

B 13 F 7

Laminall. Identity. (Logo.)1968

B 13 F ƒ

Psycho. Identity. (Logotype.)1959

B 13 F 9

Trattoria. Identity. (Identity.)

B 13 F 10

Vino. Identity. (Logotype.)

B 16 F 1

Acme Communications. Identity. (Business cards, envelopes, letterhead.)

B 16 F 2

American Security Systems. Identity. (Badge, sticker, board.)

B 16 F 3

Apollo Theater. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 4

Bellevue Hospital Center. Identity. (Envelopes, letterhead, logo.)

B 16 F 5

Bill Hudson & Associates. Identity. (Letterhead, enveleopes, memos, business cards.)

B 16 F 6

Brothers Fodale. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 7

Focus Management. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 8

George Korn And Sons. Identity. (Business cards, letterhead.)

B 16 F 9

Geraldine Newman Communications. Identity. (Envelopes, letterhead.)

B 16 F 10

Gigli, Ormand. Identity. (Bifold card.)

B 16 F 11

Globe Runner Productions. Identity. (Envelope, letterhead.)

B 16 F 12

Ferro, Mogubgub, and Schwartz. Identity. (Card.)

B 16 F 13

Learning Center, The. Identity. (Card, envelope, letterhead.)

B 16 F 14

Robert N. Levine. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 15

Lincoln Square Business Improvement District. Identity. (Envelopes, letterhead.)

B 16 F 16

Lightbulb Press. Identity. (Envelopes, letterhead, logo.)

B 16 F 17

Melsky Zander Films. Identity. (Envelopes, cards, letterhead.)

B 16 F 18

Green Vale School. Identity. (Annual report.)1998

B 16 F 19

New York Production Guide. Identity. (Letterhead, envelope.)

B 16 F 20

Angela Palladino. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 21

Tony Palladino. Identity. ("Letterhead, envelope, business card".)

B 16 F 22

Panebianco. Identity. ("Envelopes, memo cards, letterhead".)

B 16 F 23

Panebianco. Identity. ("Fax sheets, envelopes".)

B 16 F 24

Paolo Riani Architects. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 25

Pendulum. Identity. (Logo.)

B 16 F 26

Logo for Production Company. Identity. (Mounted sheet.)

B 16 F 27

Ringling Brothers Circus World. Identity. ("Envelopes, letterheads, logo board".)

B 16 F 28

Ulick Mayo Productions. Identity. ("Business cards, memos, statonary".)

B 16 F 29

Vino Palladino. Identity. (Card.)
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries G: Exhibitions

B 13 F 11

School of Visual Arts / Visual Arts Gallery. An exhibition of paintings, constructions and other articles usually not attributed to Ivan Chermayeff and Tony Palladino poster, 22 in W x 15 in H

B 17 F 1

Art Directors' Club. 57th Annual Awards Invitation card.1978

B 17 F 1

Art DIrectors' Club. Hall of Fame Ceremony invitation card.1991

B 17 F 2

Association of Independent Commercial Producers. "Art and Technique of the American Television Commercial catalog, at Museum of Modern Art".1992

B 17 F 2

Association of Independent Commercial Producers. "Art and Technique of the American Television Commercial card, at Museum of Modern Art".1992

B 17 F 2

Association of Independent Commercial Producers. "Art and Technique of the American Television Commercial invitation, at Museum of Modern Art".1992

B 17 F 3

Fashion Group. Fall 1987 European Couture Collections From Paris And Rome invitation and card.1987

B 17 F 4

Mead Library of Ideas. "Simone Rodia's Watts Towers, invitation".

B 17 F 5

Palladino, Tony. "Two Man Poster Show" [with Milton Glaser]; Thessaloniki Design Museum". (Catalog.)1997

B 17 F 6

Palladino, Tony. "Artworks by Tony Palladino and Rinaldo Frattolillo, invitation; Elizabeth Weiner Gallery".1979

B 17 F 7

Palladino, Tony. "Retrospective, catalog and bifold invitation; School of Visual Arts".1989

B 17 F 8

Palladino, Tony. Love-Erotica, invitation; Gillian Gallery1976

B 17 F 9

Palladino, Tony. "Content Matters: The Masters Series, catalog and invitation; School of Visual Arts".1999

B 17 F 10

Palladino, Tony. "Tuscany Landscapes Palladino, invitation; School of Visual Arts"1990

B 17 F 11

Palladino, Tony. "Palladino Nudes". (Exhibition catalog.)1987

B 17 F 12

Palladino, Tony. "Hub Hats". (Postcard.)1989

B 17 F 13

Palladino, Tony. "Bob Gill, Milton Glaser and George Lois Will Discuss The Graphics of Tony Palladino. Ivan Chermayeff Will Chair"" invitation envelope; School of Visual Arts". (Envelope.)1986

B 17 F 14

Palladino, Tony. "Espresso 88"" gallery announcement".1988
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries H: Invitations, announcements

B 13 F 12

Wine Lounge at Art et Maison. Event invitation.2005

B 18 F 1

Churchill School and Center. 30th Birthday Celebration. (30th Birthday Celebration booklet.)2003

B 18 F 1

Churchill School and Center. Keystone For Learning Campaign. (Keystone for Learning Campaign Celebration Dinner invitation and envelope.)2001

B 18 F 2

Ettinger, Eleanor. Tour of Atelier Ettinger. (A Tour of Atelier Ettinger accordion invitation.)2003

B 18 F 3

Judith Selkowitz Fine Arts Inc. Christmas card. ("Happy Holidays and a Marvelous 1979"", Empire State Building with pine tree Christmas card".)1978

B 18 F 4

Mascheroni, John. Christmas card. ("Heavy mylar card with large numeral ""6"" / ""9".)

B 18 F 5

Mobil. Invitation. (55th Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic bifold invitation.)1991

B 18 F 5

Mobil. Invitation. (58th Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic invitation tickets.)1994

B 18 F 5

Mobil. Invitation. (Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic.)1996

B 18 F 5

Mobil. Invitation. (Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic.)1997

B 18 F 6

Palladino, Kate. Announcement. (Wedding announcement with envelope.)1998

B 18 F 7

Palladino, Tony. Event announcement. ("Appuntamento Nel Giardino Del Castello"" [Invitation to extemporaneous painting: Angela Palladino, Tony Palladino, Don Perlis. Made In Sicily Presents]".)2004

B 18 F 8

Palladino, Tony. Change of address announcement. ("Change is one of nature's laws. If there was no change, there would be no motion: and without motion there is no life.".)

B 18 F 9

Palladino, Tony. Wedding announcement. (Mr. and Mrs. Palladino Sail for Italy).

B 18 F 10

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All"", accordian card".)

B 18 F 11

Palladino, Tony. New Years card. ("Break-off-here and throw this far away")1969 - 1970

B 18 F 12

Palladino, Tony. Fourth of July card. ("You are cordially invited to ... the home of Mr and Mrs Tony Palladino"", red and blue ink on white card".)

B 18 F 13

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("The perfect gift peace"", quadfold card".)

B 18 F 14

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("TP / Trust Peace"", heavy stock".)

B 18 F 15

Palladino, Tony. New Years card. ("The whole 9 yds."", glossy stock".)1991

B 18 F 16

Palladino, Tony. New Years card. ("Crossed fingers, bifold card".)

B 18 F 17

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Santa Claus seated in front of a fireplace, bifold card".)1992

B 18 F 18

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Jingle Bells"", blank white bifold card".)1978

B 18 F 19

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("December Twentyfifthmas"", shiny quadfold card".)1989

B 18 F 20

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("LOVE / TP"" bifold card with envelope".)

B 18 F 21

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Have one / Merry Christmas"" glossy sheet with tearaways".)1979

B 18 F 22

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("'Tis The Reason To Be Jolly / Tra La La ..."" card and envelope".)

B 18 F 23

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Merry Christmas to All"" candle cutout card".)

B 18 F 24

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("A Christmas Story / 1984"" twelve-page booklet".)1984

B 18 F 25

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. (Photograph: candle with neon lights.)1967

B 18 F 26

School of Visual Arts. Announcement. ("...Announces a new course in Humorous Art to be given by R.O. Blechman"" invitation card".)

B 18 F 27

Siegel & Gale. Invitation. ("On April 1 Tony Palladino joined Siegel & Gale... Join us for cocktails and champagne on June 30 to celebrate,"" invitation.".)

B 18 F 28

St Jean Baptiste School. Invitation. ("75 on 75: 75 Years on 75th Street"", invitation, donation card and envelope".)2005

B 18 F 29

Stephen Gaynor School. Invitation. ("Hearts Numbers and Sneakers,"" invitation, souvenir book, donation card and envelope".)1995

B 18 F 30

Ulick family. Announcement. ("On May 23rd ... Edward Ackerman Ulick entered the world,"" bifold announcement and envelope.".)1988
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries I: Books

B 19b

Dennis Dobson. The ABC Bedtime Story.1965

B 19b

Collier. Color is for anything you want and butterflies too.

B 19b

Dennis Dobson. Once There Was A General.1958

B 19b

Start: A flip-page picture story1954
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 3: Miscellaneous > Subseries A: Articles about TP

B 20

Greek periodicals; SVA 'Masters' catalog; American Illustrator article
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 3: Miscellaneous > Subseries B: Photographs of TP

B 20

"Photograph of TP with Robert Brownjohn; album of photographs at a Greek design event (with Milton Glaser), etc."
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 3: Miscellaneous > Subseries C: Found objects, etc

B 20

"Foreign packaging, graphics, miscellaneous objects of unknown provenance"
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 3: Miscellaneous > Subseries D: Awards

B 20

"AIGA certificates, Art Directors Club awards, etc."
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 4: Additional materials

D 61 F 1

Popeye (9/11/2001)2001
Large nude2003
Fat nude2009
Nude orange2003
How did you get in? (Bush and Obama)2008
[Woman in profile over purple]2009
Chandelier [red]2009
Chandelier [blue]2009
Coca-Cola abstract
Dick Tracey The Black Cop
Chandelier [multicolor]2006

Italian Cultural Foundation of America. [Paolo] Riani in Argentina.2008
Concetia [woman with grapes]
Guitar with shoe and boat
Window with cruise boat
3 Women2009

Cover for Artrage, by Everett Aison2005

Amato Opera. Sabrina Boheme.2009
Napoleon Bonaparte, 24 x 202007

School of Visual Arts. Summer Classes, 12 x 17.52009

Thessaloniki Design Museum. 10 Years., 27 x 192006
Design From The Heart, 24 x 182006
The Politician, 24 x 18n.d.
Nail Descending a Staircase, 29 x 242009
Fat Girl, 24 x 252008
Only Gold, 31 x 20n.d.
Puro Sague, 26 x 192007
Kutzner, Dom und Wolken, 24 x 162007
Big Nude, 24 x 182005

Panebianco, 27.5 x 17n. d.
Centolire Cafe & Panini, 18 x 25.5n.d.
Borsalino, 19 x 242008

Italian Cultural Foundation of America. Sei Mostre: Laboratorio di Architettura, 21 x 362000

United Nations DPI/NGO, 24 x 361997
Garden Flowers of America, 25 x 242004
School of Art and I, 30 x 452003
Cigar, 13 x 242004

St. Jean Baptiste High School "Celebrating 75 Years", 23 x 302005
School of Visual Arts #printed_material, 30 x 45n.d.
Couple, 20 x 141965
Landscape with Coca-Cola logo, 24 x 282008
Embossed American flag overlaid with Italian flag colors, 26 x 24n.d.
Lady with Fish 1, 22 x 301998
Lady with Fish 2, 22 x 301998
Boat with American Flags, 20.5 x 252009

D 61 F 4

School of Visual Arts. Flowers over color-by-numbers, 30 in W x 46 in H1959

B 17

1968 Calendar Compliments of Mead Papers1968