Subseries B: Sculpture

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D 28 F 17

Tube Floor Lamp design schematics

B 1 F 49

Blues In The Night. (Photograph of painted sculpture)1987

B 1 F 50

Floatilla. (Photograph of engraved metal)1986

B 1 F 51

Imagine A Park Here. (Photograph of public sign)1970

B 1 F 52

Jovan. Untitled1974

B 1 F 53

Untitled. (Photograph of geometrical shapes in sand)

B 1 F 54

Untitled. (Photograph of Christmas tree ornament, cherubim with wreath)

B 1 F 55

Untitled. (Plastic mesh and tape on paper)2002

B 1 F 56

Untitled. (For "Reader's Digest Book / Home Repair How-To;" "Four Pieces Of Sculpture For Executive")

B 1 F 57

Untitled. (Photograph of crucifix in foil)1991

B 1 F 58

Untitled. (Photograph of metal shapes)

B 1 F 59

Untitled. (Photograph of a metal figurine on a bracket shelf)

B 8 F 2

Paladino, Tony. Tube Floor Lamp mechanicaln.d.

B 8 F 1

Decorated LP Record ("Tony, Sabrina, Kate, Angela")n.d.

B 8 F 3

Untitled. (Photograph of Statue of Liberty with melted LP record)n.d.