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B 2 F 1

Acme Communications. "Acme May Have Already Worked For You..."

B 2 F 2

American Institute of Graphic Arts. AIGA Call brochure1960

B 2 F 4

Barbados Tourist Board. Magazine advertisement brochure

B 2 F 5

Bergino. (Baseball silkscreen company owned by Goldberg and TP) postcards2007

B 2 F 12

"Irena Chalmers Is 'The Culinary Oracle'" brochure

B 2 F 6

Children's Museum Of Art. Magical Moments booklet2004

B 2 F 7

Cloud Forest School Foundation. A School With A View brochure2000

B 2 F 8

Fifth Avenue Public Library glossy sheet

B 2 F 9

Globe Runner Productions brochure

B 2 F 11

Institute Of Life Insurance brochure1962

B 2 F 13

Irving Trust brochure

B 2 F 14

KISS concert program1979

B 2 F 15

Lebenthal. CMO booklet1992

B 2 F 17

Lincoln Square Business Improvement District map and annual report2001

B 2 F 18

Movenpick restaurant. Promotional System menu and promotional materials1980

B 2 F 19

One Club For Art And Copy. "Call for entries" board and envelopes1993

B 2 F 20

Palladino, Lindsay. "Powell / CARMEL NY / THE WINE CELLER [sic]" promotional card1971

B 2 F 23

Palladino, Tony. "One picture is worth a thousand words"

B 2 F 21

Palladino, Tony. "Bookjackets"1952

B 2 F 22

Palladino, Tony. "Give me work or I'll blow up your building"1971

B 2 F 24

Panebianco. Bread Love + Wine Panebianco Selections2000

B 2 F 25

Phoenix House promotional postcard

B 2 F 26

PVI / Clean Air Technologies. The PVI Platinum Vapor Injector folders1990

B 2 F 27

SANE. "Our approach to the danger in unequal to the danger" brochure

B 2 F 28A

School of Visual Arts. Art Direction inside an Agency brochure

B 2 F 29


B 2 F 30

Stephen Gaynor School. (Yearbook & art for an auction) illustrations1998

B 2 F 31

Strathmore. Grandee by Strathmore advertisement1976

B 2 F 32

Strathmore. Grandee by Strathmore (laminated) advertisement1976

B 2 F 34

Westinghouse. "The Soiled World" magazine advertisement

B 2 F 10

Globus Gateway advertisement

B 2 F 16

Licor 431983

B 2 F 28B

School of Visual Arts. ("All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare") advertisement

B 2 F 3

American Express Worldwide post card kitc. 1994

B 2 F 33

School of Visual Arts. "It's Not The Light At The End Of The Tunnel It's The Light Within" cards1983

B 2 F 33

School of Visual Arts. "Having A Talent Isn't Worth Much Unless You Know What To Do With It" mailer and reproduction

B 2 F 33

School of Visual Arts. "Even a great idea is only an idea until you make it real" (hubcap as hat) mailer and reproduction

B 2 F 33

School of Visual Arts. (Flowers over color-by-numbers) reproduction1959

B 2 F 33

School of Visual Arts. "Surface. Texture. Form. Line. Color. Only Words Until an Artist Uses Them" (frame) cards and reproduction1965

B 8 F 9

Artenauta. "TP: Originally designed for Second Coming magazine 1952 'Crisis in America'" advertisementMarch 20

B 8 F 10

Evan-Picone advertisement

B 8 F 12

Halston. "Perfume / Cologne" advertisement1963

B 8 F 13

Irving Werbin. "Packaging/Irving Werbin" (paper bag and boards) promotional piece1957

B 8 F 8

unknown client. "An Important Source"

B 8 F 11

Furst Survey Research Center Inc. New Dimensions In Research

B 8 F 12

Grolier Educational Corporation encyclopediasn.d.

B 9 F 5

Siegel & Gale. Booklet for Citibank loan contract1974

B 9 F 1

Kosta Boda advertisement

B 9 F 2

Papert, Koenig, Lois advertisement

B 9 F 3

Philip Morris advertisement

B 9 F 4

Purina, Country Blend Cat Chow advertisement1979

B 9 F 6

Simplicity magazine. ("Did you ever see one little hanger hold...") advertisement1963

B 14 F 21

Air India advertisement

B 14 F 22

Association Of Independent Commercial Producers advertisement1992

B 14 F 23

Benson & Hedges advertisements1986

B 14 F 24

Bergdorf Goodman advertisements1975

B 14 F 25

Boeing. "America Needs The Space Station" advertisementMarch 3 1987

B 14 F 26

Corinthian Broadcasting advertisement

B 14 F 27

Granada TV Network England advertisement1965

B 14 F 28

Perfectos advertisement1965

B 15 F 1

Japan Trade Center advertisement

B 15 F 2

Lafeyette Park. ("Wouldn't You Rather Wake Up To A Bird") advertisement

B 15 F 3

McGregor, Koenig, Lois, Ltd. advertisement

B 15 F 4

New York Daily News advertisement

B 15 F 5

Positano (chessboard) advertisement1988

B 15 F 6

Singer & Friedlander advertisement

B 15 F 7

Wall Street Journal advertisement1977

B 15 F 8

WMCA Radio 57. ("TP: ""My mom, for a poster WMCA 'Turns people on'") advertisementn.d.f

B 17

1968 Calendar Compliments of Mead Papers1968