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B 5 F 7

Ettinger, Eleanor. Tour of Atelier Ettinger accordion invitation2003

B 5 F 8

Judith Selkowitz Fine Arts Inc. "Happy Holidays and a Marvelous 1979," (Empire State Building with pine tree) Christmas card1978

B 5 F 10

Mascheroni, John. (Heavy mylar card with large numeral '6' / '9') Christmas card

B 5 F 11

Mobil. 55th Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic (bifold and trifold invitations) promotional materials1991

B 5 F 11

Mobil. 58th Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic (American Airlines discount card, gift cards, RSVP cad, bifold invitation, trifold invitation, pre- and post-game event invitations) promotional materials1994

B 5 F 11

Mobil. 1996 Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic (invitations) promotional material1996

B 5 F 11

Mobil. 1997 Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic (invitations) promotional material1997

B 5 F 12

Palladino, Kate. Wedding announcement with envelope1998

B 5 F 13

Palladino, Tony. "Change is one of nature's laws. If there was no change, there would be no motion: and without motion there is no life" change of address announcement

B 5 F 21

Palladino, Tony. "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All" accordian Christmas card

B 5 F 22

Palladino, Tony. "The perfect gift peace" quadfold Christmas card

B 5 F 23

Palladino, Tony. "Merry Christmas 1992," (Santa Claus seated in front of a fireplace) Christmas card1992

B 5 F 17

Palladino, Tony. "Jingle Bells" blank white bifold Christmas card1978

B 5 F 15

Palladino, Tony. "December Twentyfifthmas" shiny quadfold Christmas card1989

B 5 F 18

Palladino, Tony. "LOVE / TP" bifold Christmas card with envelope

B 5 F 16

Palladino, Tony. "Have one / Merry Christmas" Christmas card, glossy sheet with tearaways1979

B 5 F 20

Palladino, Tony. "Merry Christmas to All" candle cutout Christmas card

B 5 F 14

Palladino, Tony. "A Christmas Story / 1984" Christmas card, twelve-page booklet1984

B 5 F 19

Palladino, Tony. "Merry Christmas is forever" Christmas card1967

B 5 F 9

"La Boheme" cast list (Sabrina Palladino, Mimi)1994

B 5 F 6

Churchill School and Center. 30th Birthday Celebration booklet2003

B 5 F 6

Churchill School and Center. Keystone For Learning Campaign Celebration Dinner invitation and envelope2001

B 6 F 4

Palladino, Tony. "Appuntamento Nel Giardino Del Castello," (invitation to extemporaneous painting: Angela Palladino, Tony Palladino, Don Perlis. Made In Sicily Presents) event announcement.2004

B 6 F 5

Palladino, Tony. "Break-off-here and throw this far away" New Years card1969 - 1970

B 6 F 3

Palladino, Tony. "You are cordially invited to ... the home of Mr and Mrs Tony Palladino" red and blue ink on white Fourth of July card

B 6 F 2

Palladino, Tony. "TP / Trust Peace" heavy stock Christmas card

B 6 F 13

Palladino, Tony. "The whole 9 yds" New Years card1991

B 6 F 6

Palladino, Tony. "Happy New Year," (Crossed fingers) bifold New Years card

B 6 F 1

Palladino, Tony. "'Tis The Reason To Be Jolly / Tra La La ..." Christmas card and envelope

B 6 F 7

School of Visual Arts. ("...Announces a new course in Humorous Art to be given by R.O. Blechman") invitation card

B 6 F 8

Siegel & Gale. ("On April 1 Tony Palladino joined Siegel & Gale... Join us for cocktails and champagne on June 30 to celebrate") invitation

B 6 F 9

St. Jean Baptiste School. ("75 on 75: 75 Years on 75th Street") invitation, donation card, and envelope2005

B 6 F 10

Stephen Gaynor School. ("Hearts Numbers and Sneakers") invitation, souvenir book, donation card, and envelope1995

B 6 F 12

Ulick family. ("On May 23rd...Edward Ackerman Ulick entered the world") bifold announcement and envelope1988

B 6 F 11

Thessaloniki Design Museum. "Communication Design The client's message is fine... Interpreting it is the problem" invitation cards2001

B 10 F 4

Palladino, Tony. "Mr. and Mrs. Palladino Sail for Italy" wedding announcement

B 15 F 12

Wine Lounge at Art et Maison. Event invitation.2005