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Photography Portfolio 19831983

Photography Portfolio (hay bales on cover)1990

Photography Portfolio Class of 20022002

Photography Portfolio Class of 20032003

Photography Portfolio Class of 20042004

Photography Portfolio Class of 20052005

Photography Portfolio Class of 20062006

Photography Portfolio Class of 20072007

In September at the School of Visual Arts, a notice read: “All students who are dissatisfied with the 6th floor gallery display cases, please come to Room 406 on Thursday, September 14 to discuss another way of presenting your work.” (booklet of photographs)1975

Dear Dave, no. 2Fall 2007

Heat (photographs from SVA’s Summer of Experience ‘73 Program)1973

Dear Dave no. 12007 Spring

Dear Dave no. 32008 Spring

On Seeing, Vol. 1, Spring 19881987

Photography Portfolio Class of 20082008

Dear Dave no. 42008 Fall

Dear Dave no. 52009 Spring

Dear Dave no. 62009 Fall

Dear Dave no. 72010 Spring

Dear Dave no. 82010 Fall

Photography Portfolio Class of 20102010

Photography Portfolio Class of 20092009

Photography Portfolio Class of 20112011
Focus: SVA Photography Department Newsletter2000 Spring;1999 Spring

Photography Portfolio Class of 20122012

Dear Dave no. 142013 fall

Dear Dave no. 132013 spring

Photography Portfolio Class of 20132013

In Focus 6: Weegee poster, 17 ½ in W x 11 in H1968

Dear Dave no. 102012

Dear Dave no. 112012 spring

Dear Dave no. 122012 fall

Dear Dave no. 152014 Winter

Dear Dave no. 162014 winter

Working in the Vicinity of Narrative: Todd Hido and Darius Himes announcement2013

Big Moccasin announcement2015

W. Eugene Smith Grant Ceremony announcement2014

Photography Portfolio Class of 20142014

Dear Dave no. 192015

Foto: SVA Photography Newsletter Spring 1998Spring 1998

Foto: SVA Photography Newsletter Autumn 1997Autumn 1997

In Focus 2: Michael Korda: The Photographer - High Priest of Pop press releaseFebruary 16, 1960s

In Focus 4: Len Steckler poster, 18 in W x 12 in H1970s

BFA Photography and Video Student Handbook (2015)2015

Dear Dave no. 17Summer/Fall 2014

Dear Dave no. 18Winter 2014-2015

Dear Dave no. 20Summer/Fall 2015

On Seeing, Vol. 21988

Dear Dave no. 22Spring 2016

Dear Dave no. 21Winter 2016

Photography Portfolio Class of 20152015

Photography Portfolio 19751975

Photography Portfolio 19901989

Lost Bohemia: A Film By Josef “Birdman” Astor annoucement2012

Historic lecture by Diane Arbus [1970] and screening of Who is Marvin Israel? [2005] announcement2011

Dear Dave no. 23Fall 2016

BFA Photography and Video Student Handbook (2016)2016

THEM: Rosalind Soloman in conversation with Charlotte Cotton announcement2014

The Digitization of the Art World: Are New Media Artists Transforming Art Practice and How We Think About Art Itself? announcement2013

SVA Distinguished Lecture Series: Duane Michals announcement1992

Multimedia Storytelling announcement2013

Larry Sultan announcement2001

Dear Dave no. 25Fall 2017

Dear Dave no. 24Spring 2017

BFA Photography and Video Student Handbook (2017)2017

Photography Portfolio Class of 20162016

Dear Dave no. 26March 2018

In Focus 6: Weegee press release1968

In Focus: David B. Eisendrath, Jr. poster, 18 in W x 11 in H1969

In Focus 5: Pete Turner poster1967

In Focus: Herb Goro - The New Photojournalism poster, 18 in W x 12 in H1970