14.21 MA Design Research, Writing and Criticism

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D-Crit Chapbook no. 2: The Dress Issue2011

D-Crit Chapbook no. 1: At Water’s Edge2011

Craig Buckley: Re-envisioning Assembly: Montage and Architecture in the Long 1960s 2015

Ian Frazier, "The End of Writing, and What to Do After"

Sloane Crosley in Conversation with Adam Harrison Levy announcement2016

Working Lunch with Allan Chochinov: Rethinking Materials of Design announcement2016

Alex Gallafent, "Design Research through Three Lenses:Journalism, Prototyping, and Improv" announcement2016

Working Lunch with Nick Rappolt and Matt Basford of Beyond: Data and Creativity—Friends or Foes? announcement2016

Anne Guiney: The City as Research Project announcement2016

SVA Design Research and Writing Summer Intensive Platform Project2014

Vital Signs: 2016 Thesis Ideas Festival, SVA MA Design Research, Writing and Criticism program2016

Nicholas de Monchaux: "Fashioning Apollo" announcement2013

MFA Design Criticism Lecture Series Fall 2012 announcement2012

Alice Twemlow is a Design Writer, A Curator, and She is Really Pretty... poster2009

Caroline Sinders: Between Algorithm and Human Intervention announcement2015

Benjamin Prosky: Designing Culture announcement2016

Blind Handshake poster2009

Brooke Hodge: The Curator's Eye: From Idea to Exhibition announcement2015

Cas Holman: Designing for Play announcement2015

Russell Flinchum, Women and Cars: New Perspectives announcement2016

Michael Kubo, "Working Across Platforms" announcement2015

Michael Golec, "Champ Fleury in the Machine Age" announcement2015

Michael Garofalo, "The Cut and Paste Narrative: A Disappearing Act" announcement2015

Mark Wasiuta announcement2016

Marco Ferrari, "Beyond Borders: the Potential of Visual Research" announcement2015

Roger Bennett Visits Steve Heller's D-Crit Classundated

Jamer Hunt: "Becoming Transdisciplinary: Critical Unbecoming" video recordingSeptember 29 2009

Kazys Varnelis: "Network Culture: A Changing Context for Design" video recordingOctober 13 2009

Donald Albrecht: "The Power of Display" video recordingOctober 20 2009

Jason Fulford: "Land" video recordingNovember 3 2009

Jake Barton: "Collaborative Storytelling and the Dissolution of Technology" video recordingNovember 17 2009

Julie V. Iovine: "Reporting and Criticism in the Architectural Press" video recordingMay 5 2009

Deborah Marton: "Design Trust: Building Partnerships to Improve Public Space" video recordingMarch 16 2010

Katie Salen: "Everyone Knows Something: Design of Participation" video recordingDecember 1 2009

Brian Collins and John Fulbrook: "Defining the Story" video recordingApril 6 2010

David Barringer: "Design as Literature: the Changing Shape of the Novel" video recordingApril 20 2010

Michael Rock: "Superficiality: Dematerialization and Branded Surfaces" video recordingApril 7 2009

Christopher Hawthorne: "The Plume: Architecture Under a Cloud" video recordingOctober 26 2010

Lawrence Weschler: "Towards a Typology of Convergences" video recordingNovember 20 2010

Andrew Rumbach: "Only by the Grace of God: The Political Ecology of Urban Disasters" video recordingMarch 31 2009

David Reinfurt: "The First Rule is Always Production, Never Documentation. The Second Rule is There Are No Rules" video recordingFeburary 23, 2009

Cathleen McGuigan: "The Role Of Design Criticism In The National Press" video recordingDecember 16, 2008

Chee Pearlman: "Designing the Live Content Experience" video recordingDecember 9, 2008

Eugenia Bell: "Design, Observed: Writing Design and Architecture" lectureNovember 18, 2008

James Sanders: "Begin with the Screen: Using Film to Explore Issues of Architecture and Design" video recordingNovember 11, 2008

Elyssa Dimant: "'In Rogue': Crafting Fashion Criticism" video recordingNovember 4, 2008

Jenni Sorkin: "The Pottery Seminar at Black Mountain College" video recordingOctober 7 2008

Bruce Nussbaum: "Breaking the Frames" video recordingc. 2010

Gay Talese: Q&ANovember 29 2010

Arthur Danto: "Embodied Meanings as Aesthetic Ideas" video recordingJanuary 17 2006

Russell Flinchum: "The Other Half of Henry Dreyfuss" video recordingOctober 25 2011

Mark Dery: "The Politics of Style" video recordingDecember 13 2011

Aaron Betsky: "Architecture Beyond Building" video recordingJanuary 31 2012

Lunchtime Q&A with Michael Kimmelman discussionFebruary 14 2012

Jonathan Olivares: "Working with Jonathan Olivares" video recordingFebruary 7 2012

Jimenez Lai: "Cartoonish Architecture" video recordingFebruary 28 2012

Noah Rosenberg: "Slow Down" video recordingJanuary 29 2013

Nicholas de Monchaux: "Fashioning Apollo" video recordingJanuary 9 2013

Emilie Baltz: "Why Foreplay Makes the Food (aka, There's More to a Steak than Beef)" video recordingNovember 20 2012

Milton Glaser: D-Crit Open House video recordingOctober 20 2012

Kati London: "New Forms of Engagement and Play in a Sensor- and Real-Time-Data-Dominated World" video recordingFebruary 26 2013

Design Criticism Lecture Series: Project Projects: "As of 10.15.12" video recordingOctober 16 2012

Andrew Blauvelt: “Graphic Design: Discipline, Medium, Practice, Tool, or Other?” video recordingMay 11 2013

Mark Foster Gage: “Architecture after Concepts” video recordingMay 11 2013

Michael Sorkin: “New York City (Steady) State” video recordingMay 11 2013

John Warner: "It's Funny because It's True. It's True, because It's Funny" video recordingOctober 15 2013

Glen Cummings: "Negotiating Urban Nature" video recordingOctober 8 2013

Jane Nisselson: "Cinematics of Systems, Processes, and Beautiful Things" video recordingOctober 1 2013

Pedro Gadanho: "Is Curating the New Criticism" video recordingOctober 2 2012

Cintra Wilson: "Fear and Clothing" video recordingApril 2 2012

Damon Rich: "Working the System" video recordingApril 17 2012

Peter Bil'ak, "Works that Work, Making Magazines Today" video recordingApril 1 2014

Present Tense: The 2011 D-Crit Conference program2011

In the Field: Reports of Working Life from Graduates of the SVA MFA in Design Criticism2012

The D-Crit FlorilegiumSummer 2011

Eventually Everything: 2012 D-Crit Conference program2012