Sub-subseries 4. Posters - 1990s

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D 14 F 23

Alumni and Friends of LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. The High School of Music and Art 60th Anniversary / The Art of Teaching is Only the Art of Awakening (woman with blue hair, looking upwards)1996

D 16 F 19

America Today 500 Years Later1992

D 16 F 20

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) /Boston, Art Institute of Boston. Milton Glaser Just Work (flowers sketch and art)1995

D 16 F 21

Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Dinner1997

D 16 F 22

Biblioteca Quinto Centenario (books as steps)1992

D 16 F 23

Calderoni Jewelry1992

D 16 F 24

Campari (glass with lemon)1992

D 16 F 24

Campari (glass with pouring liquid, bottle)1992

D 16 F 25

Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, New York State. Catskill Cuisine1999

D 16 F 26

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. Cows on Parade (large cow)1999

D 16 F 27

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. Cows on Parade (receding cows)1999

D 16 F 28

Cooper Union. Designtalk1995

D 16 F 29

Delta Medix Breast Care Center1999

D 15 F 1

District 1199's Bread and Roses Cultural Program: The SEIU Greenhouse Cultural Program / Mo Foner. Organize1999

D 16 F 30

Earth Fair 95 (Art Air in bold)1995

D 15 F 2

Expo 92. Sevilla 92 (column, tree)1992

D 15 F 3

Fraser Paper. Experience Uncoated1999

D 15 F 4

The Gallery at Lincoln Center (Gallery Hopping at Lincoln Center)1990

D 15 F 5

Gundel / George Lang. Gundel (repeated man and woman, Gundel in hats)1992

D 15 F 6

Gundel / George Lang. Gundel (seated woman)1992

D 15 F 6

Juilliard. Cubist Cello1990

D 15 F 7

Juilliard. Juilliard Flowers1990

D 15 F 8

Lustrare Gallery (flying harlequin)1990

D 15 F 9

Metropolitan Opera / Juilliard. Mozart 200 (bird and vines)1990

D 15 F 10

Middle College High School at LaGuardia Community College. A Promise Kept - 20th Anniversary Middle College High School at LaGuardia Community College (LaGuardia Flowers) (flowers in vase, 20 individual flowers in glasses)1994

D 11 F 11

Milton Glaser on Monet1995

D 15 F 11

New York City. Operation Welcome Home - NYC1991

D 15 F 12

New York International Festival of the Arts. Arts Education Week (eye / exclamation point)1998

D 15 F 13

Nuages. XIV Mostra del Tessuto D'Arredamento e del Tappeto D'Autore (Incontri Firenze) (Tuscan windows, vase with flower)1997

D 15 F 14

Overlook Press 20 Years1992

D 15 F 15

Poster Auctions International, Inc.. Poster Auction (eye and number 8)1992

D 15 F 16

Potlatch American Design Century. Dylan (reproduction of Dylan poster for Columbia Records, 1966)1999

D 11 F 20

Queens College. 50 Jubilee / Jubilee Flowers1991

D 15 F 17

Queens College. Jubilee Flowers1991

D 15 F 18

Rimini Tourism Council. Rimini1995

D 15 F 19

Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Saratoga #3 Piano1990

D 11 F 12

School of Visual Arts. A Drawing Lesson1995

D 11 F 13

School of Visual Arts. Even a great idea is only an idea until you make it Real. (rabbit)1990

D 11 F 14

School of Visual Arts. Old/New1994-1995

D 15 F 20

SOS-Kinderdorf-Ein Zuhause / SOS Children's Villages1990

D 15 F 21

Spoleto Festival USA1995

D 15 F 22

Starbucks 25 Years1996

D 15 F 24

Theatre for a New Audience Twentieth Anniversary (Shakespeare)1999

D 15 F 23

Tokyo Frontier Association. World City Expo Tokyo 961996

D 15 F 25

Vespa 501996

D 15 F 26

White House Conference on Small Business. Help Small Business Grow (tree)1994

B 117 - OS tube

School of Visual Arts. Even a great idea is only an idea until you make it Real. (rabbit)1990

B 118 - OS tube

School of Visual Arts. Art is Whatever1996

B 66 F 6

Brooklyn Brewery. Art, Poetry Beer Money!1999

B 66 F 7

Fulbright Awards / Metro International. Fulbright Awards Dinner 1997 / Metro International 20th Birthday (numbered flowers in vase)1997

B 66 F 8

Fund for the Borough of Brooklyn / Brooklyn Brewery. NY Beer Fest1993

B 66 F 9

Leukemia Society of America. Leukemia1998

B 66 F 10

Olivetti. Quaderno1992

B 66 F 11

School of Visual Arts. Possessions II 1997 (measuring device)1997

B 66 F 12

Theatre Communications. Angels in America1993

B 66 F 13

War Resisters League. Bury It. War.1998

B 68 F 18

Woodstock Arts Board. Woodstock Cultural Center (woman in woods, pan figures)1992