Sub-subseries 5. Posters - 2000s

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D 14 F 1

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Jerry Garcia (Milton Glaser Art is Work, AIGA National Design Center)2000

D 14 F 2

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). The Push Pin Influence (poster for AIGA talk at F.I.T.; book published by Chronicle)2004

D 14 F 3

Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Edible Art (Mona Lisa in soup bowl)2005

D 14 F 5

Cooperstown Chamber Music Festival (cows with violins, trees)2004

D 14 F 6

Cooperstown Chamber Music Festival / Farmers Museum. Cooperstown Chamber Music Festival 2005 (woman with flowers, cows in treee)2005

D 14 F 4

Cooperstown Chamber Music Festival at the Farmer's Museum (cows with violins)2002

D 14 F 7

Domberger. Des Kunstlers Dritte Hand (Domberger chair)2002

D 14 F 8

Holocaust Museum Houston2006

D 14 F 9

International Buddhist Film Festival2003

D 14 F 10

Job Parilux2002

D 14 F 11

Keystone College: The Art of Education2004

D 14 F 12

Light Up the Sky2004

D 14 F 13

Milton Glaser Venezia / Carnevale 20002000

D 14 F 14

Parilux. An Ode to Toulouse-Lautrec, 27 in W x 39 in H2001

D 14 F 15

Philadelphia Museum of Art2001

D 14 F 16

Schlumberger. Fifth Annual Art Competition (SEED)2003

D 11 F 15

School of Visual Arts. Art is . . . (overlapping figures)2000

D 14 F 17

School of Visual Arts. Camus: Rebellion, Resistance and Death2003

D 11 F 16

School of Visual Arts. I Love NY More Than Ever, 30 in W x 46 in H2001

D 11 F 17

School of Visual Arts. Together For the City We Love2003

D 14 F 18

School of Visual Arts. We Are All African2005

D 14 F 19

Theatre for a New Audience: Twenty Five Curious Years (Shakespeare bust)2004

D 14 F 20

Venezia Carnevale 20002000

B 66 F 14

Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month2004

B 66 F 15

Brooklyn Brewery. Play Ball!2001

B 66 F 16

Rockport Publishers Inc. / School of Visual Arts. The Design of Dissent2005

B 66 F 17

Saugerties Historical Society Celebrates the Kiersted House, 1727-2002 (rooster on a house)2002

B 66 F 18

School of Visual Arts. I Love NY More Than Ever, 14 in W x 22 in H2001

B 66 F 19

Woodstock Poetry Festival (bear)2001