Sub-subseries 6. Posters - undated

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D 14 F 22

After Seurat: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatten.d.

D 14 F 25

Art Directors Club. Madison Avenue's Magic Promenade (shoe with wings), 20 in W x 30 in Hcirca 1971

D 14 F 26

Art Education Inc. 100 Ways To Have Fun With an Alligator and 100 Other Involving Art Projects (alligators)n.d.

D 14 F 27

Barney's. What's one vote? Of course one vote doesn't count. Until you count all the people who think that way.n.d.

D 14 F 28

Camp Kinderland (guitar)n.d.

D 14 F 29

Club at the World Trade Center, The. The Incredible Club at the Top of the World Trade Centern.d.

D 14 F 30

Columbia Records. The Columbia Rock Machine Turns You Onn.d.

D 14 F 31

District 1199, National Hospital Union. First Labor Day Street Fair (fire hydrant and confetti)n.d.

D 14 F 33

Elektra Records. Harry Chapin in The Night That Made America Famous (angel)n.d.

D 13 F 1

Eye Magazine. Aretha Franklin1968

D 11 F 19

LaGuardia Community College. LaGuardia Works / Make a Career Out of Growing in College (pencil with leaves)n.d.

D 13 F 5

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). Alex in Wonderlandn.d.

D 13 F 7

Milton Glaser November 16 Cocktails (self-portrait)n.d.

D 13 F 9

New York State Department of Commerce. I Love NY Fall Festival (goose and vegetables)n.d.

D 13 F 10

New York State Department of Commerce. I Love NY Fall Festival Empire State Plaza, Albany (tree with fruits, vegetables, and cheese)n.d.

D 13 F 12

Peugeot - La Viree Superbe / Le Rallye des Landesn.d.

D 13 F 13

Peugeot - La Viree Superbe / La Route Napoleonn.d.

D 13 F 14

Poppy Records. Dick Gregory's Frankenstein, 22 in W x 34 ½ in Hn.d.

D 13 F 16

Push Pin Studios. Filmsensen.d.

D 13 F 17

Queens College. Harvard. Yale. Columbia. Queens. What's so funny?n.d.

D 13 F 18

Savage Friedman. We Wish You a Merry Christmasn.d.

D 13 F 19

Schlumberger. SEED (trees)n.d.

D 13 F 22

State University of New York at Stony Brook. Stony Brook: Discover the Excitement of Learningn.d.

D 13 F 21

Sterling-Roman Press. We Do it All for You and Print it Your Way! (ice cream soda)n.d.

D 13 F 23

Tao Restaurant, Bloomington, Indiana (woman holding wheat)n.d.

D 13 F 24

Temple University Music Festival and Institute (bird)n.d.

D 13 F 25

United States National Student Association. Second National Student Film Festivaln.d.

D 13 F 26

Universal Education and Visual Arts. The Kinetic Art: Three Film Programsn.d.

D 13 F 27

Untitled poster (lounging woman, Florentine paper)n.d.

D 13 F 29

Windows on the World. The Greatest Bar on Earthn.d.

B 67 F 1

American Cinematheque Metropolitan Museum of Art. Paris / New York Movies (poster for exhibition of films selected by Henri Langlois)n.d.

B 67 F 3

Bill Cosby Presents Charles Mingusn.d.

B 67 F 2

California First Bank (number one on beach)n.d.

B 67 F 4

Divine Light / Shri Sant Maharaj Ji (hand and light)n.d.

B 67 F 5

Muriel Cigars / Auditorium Theatre, Chicago. The Tipalet Experience (faces in profile with flowers)n.d.

B 68 F 1

Equipto. You're not the first guy . . . (animals and ark)n.d.

B 68 F 2

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Lindbergh Alone by Brendan Gilln.d.

B 68 F 3

Local Inititatives Support Corporation (LISC). Rebuilding Whole Communities (bird)n.d.

B 68 F 4

Local Inititatives Support Corporation (LISC). Rebuilding Whole Communities (houses)n.d.

B 68 F 6

New York State Art Teachers Association. Articulate / Art Iculate (details of two drawings from the Piero series)n.d.

B 68 F 7

Olivetti Electronic Typewritersn.d.

B 68 F 15

Thom McAn store wall mural (musicians, skydiver, couple, two men in convertible)n.d.

B 68 F 16

United States National Student Association. The Fourth National Student Film Festival, 8 ½ in W x 11 in H1969

B 68 F 17

Unicef (bird)early 1970s