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Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar initially formed their partnership in the late 1950s and went on to revolutionize the field of visual communication and build one of America’s most influential graphic design firms. Together they have created more than 300 corporate identity programs for companies such as Mobil Oil, Xerox, Chase Manhattan Bank, PBS, Univision, and Pam Am. Their work extends from logos to posters and publications to major exhibitions including the United States Pavilions at the World’s Fair in Montreal and Osaka, Japan. The Chermayeff & Geismar Collection contains most of the print material designed by the firm since its founding in 1957.

General Physical Description

Forty-eight print and document boxes, plus nine flat file drawers.

Scope and Contents

The Chermayeff & Geismar Collection is organized into eleven series and includes 325 posters, 340 letterhead samples, and more than 1,000 print samples (including graphic standards manuals, annual reports, brochures, book and album covers, and packaging). Cambridge Seven projects are also represented in the Printed Samples series. Series I. Letterhead (Boxes 1-6) This series contains letterhead designed by Chermayeff & Geismar, and serves as a comprehensive guide to the logos designed by the studio. The letterhead is filed alphabetically except for Mobil, which is filed at the end of the alphabet, in Box 6. Series II. Printed Samples (Boxes 6-42) This series contains printed samples for the many items designed for C&G’s corporate and institutional clients; items include brochures and other promotional materials, periodicals, annual reports, graphics manuals, cards, and packaging. Cambridge Seven projects are also represented. This series is organized alphabetically by client. Please note that Mobil items are at the end of the alphabet in boxes 41 and 42. Series III. Oversize Printed Samples (Boxes 43-45) Series IV. Book Jackets (Box 42) Series V. Three Dimensional Objects (Boxes 45-46) This series includes Mobil oil cans and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre paperweights, as well as packaging samples for Liz Claiborne. Series VI. Album Covers (Box 47) The album covers in this series were all done for Gramavision Records. Series VII. Posters and Prints (Boxes 48 and 49, Flat file drawers 1-9) Posters and prints are filed alphabetically by client. Series VIII. Miscellaneous (Boxes 50-51) This series contains lettering created for Mobil, construction packages and color renderings for the firm’s design of the Bronx Zoo’s World of Birds, and the original art for an AIDS poster designed by Steff Geissbuhler. Series IX. Exhibition Catalogs (Box 52) Series X. About Chermayeff & Geismar (Box 52) Series XI. Digital Files This series contains digital files of Chermayeff & Geismar's covers for Pepsi-Cola World and Annual Reports, as well as their symbols for the National Park Service.


Most materials are arranged alphabetically by client. Please note that letterhead for Mobil is filed after “Z” in Box 6, and Mobil printed samples are filed in boxes 41 and 42.


This collection is open for research.


Chermayeff & Geismar Collection, [series. item]. Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives, Visual Arts Foundation, New York.

Acquisition Information

The Chermayeff & Geismar Collection was acquired as a gift from Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar.

Container List

Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 1. Letterhead
B 1AF 1Adage. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 1AF 2Aiken Industries (Ecuadorian Purchasing Company). (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 3Albright-Knox Art Gallery. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 4Alliance for Downtown New York Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 5Alliance for the Arts, Inc. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 6Altschuler, Jane & Company. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 7Alvin Ailey. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 8American Chemical Society: Taking Things Apart and Putting Things Together. (Letterhead (1) , envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 1AF 9American Film Institute. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (2), memo (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 10American International Bank. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 11American Productivity Centers. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 12American Republic Insurance Company. (Letterhead ), n.d.
B 1AF 13American Revolution Bicentennial. (Letterhead, envelopes (4)), n.d.
B 1AF 14American Revolution Bicentennial - America: the third century. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 15Anchor Engraving Company. (SG letterhead, SG envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 16Aquariums International Corporation (AIC). (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 17Art Planning Consultants (APC). (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 18Artear Argentina. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 19Arthur Dubow Foundation. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 20Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) (SG). (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 21James Baker & Peter Blake, Architects. (Envelope (1), note paper (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 22Banco de Italia (SG). (Letterhead, envelopes, memos, card), n.d.
B 1AF 23The Barclay. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (4)), n.d.
B 1AF 24Edward Larrabee Barnes Associates P.C. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 25Barneys New York. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 26Barrow Street Real Estate Fund L.P. (Letterhead, envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 27Beaunit Fabric. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 1AF 28The Biltmore. (Letterhead (6), envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 29Blake, Peter and Julian Neski, Architects. (Envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 30The Bond Market Association. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 31Boorstin, David Associates. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (2), card (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 32Brentano's. (Cards (1), tag (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 33Breuer, Marcel Associates (MBA). (Letterhead (6)), n.d.
B 1AF 34Brownjohn, Robert, Chermayeff & Geismar. (Business cards (2) , letterhead (4), envelopes (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 35Buckner Fanning Evangelistic Foundation. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 36The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 37Burlington Industries. (Letterhead (1), memorandum (2)), n.d.
B 1AF 38Cable Health Network. (Letterhead (2), card (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 39Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. (Letterhead (6), envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 40Capital City Press. (Envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 41Caron Creme Fraiche. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 42Cell Ceiling, Inc. (Letterhead ), n.d.
B 1AF 43Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA). (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 44Chapman, Robert H. and John M. Garber Architects. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 45Charter New York Bank / Hancock National. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1AF 46Chase, Beth Real Estate. (Letterhead, envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 47Chase Manhattan Bank. (Letterhead, note paper (2), envelopes (4)), n.d.
B 1AF 48Chermayeff & Geismar Associates. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1AF 49Chermayeff & Geismar Associates Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes (1)), n.d.
B 1AF 50Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. (Letterhead (5), envelopes), n.d.
B 1BF 1Chermayeff, Jane Clark. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1BF 2Chermayeff, Jane Clark - No Time to Lose. (Envelopes (2), card (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 3Chermayeff, Jane Clark Associates. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1BF 4Chermayeff, Sara and Ivan. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 5Chermayeff, Serge. (Envelopes (2), letterhead (4)), n.d.
B 1BF 6Chermayeff, Serge & Barbara. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 1BF 7Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission. (Letterhead (6), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 8CIBA. (Feed additive memo), n.d.
B 1BF 9Citizens for Arch Gillies. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1BF 10Clark Design Group. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1BF 11Clarke + Rapuano Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), copy sheets), n.d.
B 1BF 12Clark and Eisenberg Wedding. (Invitation (1), envelope (1), R.S.V.P (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 13Clevepak. (Letterhead (7), envelopes (4)), n.d.
B 1BF 14Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (4)), n.d.
B 1BF 15Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc. - The Arrow Company. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 16Cohen, Ira. (Cards (2), envelopes (5)), 1950s
B 1BF 17Colorcraft Lithographers Incorporated. (Letterhead, cards (2), statement (2), invoice (1)), 1950s
B 1BF 18Columbus Community Children's Museum: Kids Commons. (Letterhead (2)), n.d.
B 1BF 19The Committee in the Public Interest. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 20The Commodore. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (6)), n.d.
B 1BF 21Communications Workers of America. (Letterhead, envelopes, newsletter paper (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 22The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (5)), n.d.
B 1BF 23Continental Bournique Ltd. (Letterhead, envelopes (4), cards, label (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 24The Council of The New York Public Library. (Letterhead, envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 25Conrad Hotel. (Letterhead (5), interoffice correspondence (1), news release (2), envelopes, compliments card (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 26Cowles. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (5)), n.d.
B 1BF 27Craft Horizons. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 28Crafton Graphic Company, Inc. (Invoice (2), quotation, letterhead (1), envelopes (4)), n.d.
B 1BF 29Crane Business Papers. (Envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 1BF 30The Custom House Institute. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1BF 31The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. (Letterhead, envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 1BF 32Davis, Brody & Associates. (Letterhead (6), envelopes (2), filofax card (1), relocation cards (2)), n.d.
B 1BF 33Davis Brody Bond. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), announcement (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 34Davis, Brody, Chermayef, Geismar, deHarak Associates. (Envelopes for United States Pavilion Japan World Exposition Osaka, 1970) (2), 1970
B 1BF 35Desert Ranch. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 1BF 36Design Interface. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1BF 37Dictaphone Corporation (see also Hillier). (Letterhead (6), memo (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 38Dictaphone - American Loose Leaf. (Envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 39Dictaphone - Grayarc. (Letterhead (4)), n.d.
B 1BF 40Dictaphone - Kinelogic. (Envelope (2), memo (1), letterhead (2)), n.d.
B 1BF 41Dictaphone - Kintron. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 1BF 42Dictaphone - Milford Memo. (Letterhead (2)), n.d.
B 1BF 43Dictaphone (Scully Recording Instruments Company). (Letterhead (1), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 1BF 44Dillon, Read & Co., Inc. (Letterhead (11)), n.d.
B 1BF 45Dorfman, Fred Gallery. (Letterhead, envelopes, card (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 1Edgewood Furniture Company. (Letterhead (2), envelopes, memos (2), invitation (1), transmittal form (2), new address announcement (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 2The Electric Circus Company. (Letterhead (2), envelopes), n.d.
B 2AF 3Embassy. (Embassy Communications envelopes, Embassy Communications letterhead (3), Embassy Home Entertainment letterhead (2), Embassy Latino letterhead (4), Embassy Pictures letterhead (5), Embassy Telecommunications letterhead (1) , Embassy Television letterhead (5)), n.d.
B 2AF 4ERA Real Estate. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (2), note paper (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 5Ethical Culture Fieldston Schools. (Letterhead, envelopes (4)), n.d.
B 2AF 6Every Four Years / WHYY, Inc. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2AF 6AFactset. (Letterhead (24), cards (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 7Festival of India 1985-1986. (Letterhead (8), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 8Fine Creations Inc. (Envelope (1)), 1950s
B 2AF 9National Endowment on the Arts, First Federal Design Assembly letterhead , Spring 1973
B 2AF 10Fisher, Howard. (Envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 11Fold - Braid Products. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 12Fox Theatres. (Letterhead (4), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 13Fox & Fowle Architects. (Notepaper (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 14Fox & Fowle Interiors. (Notepaper (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 15Foxboro Stadium. (Letterhead black (11), envelopes (11)), n.d.
B 2AF 16Friend, Lawrence Turner Public Relations Advertising. (Letterhead (4), envelopes), n.d.
B 2AF 17Geismar, Joan H. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (2), note paper (5)), n.d.
B 2AF 18Geismar, Kathryn. (Letterhead (2), envelopes), n.d.
B 2AF 19Geismar, Peter. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 20Geismar, Thomas. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 21Geismar's. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 22Gemini Consulting. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), note paper (6)), n.d.
B 2AF 23GenRad. (Letterhead (2), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 24Georges, Alexandre. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 25Gifford Animation. (Letterhead (4), envelopes (1), cards (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 26Gittleman, Len Photographer. (Envelope (1)), 1950s
B 2AF 27Gordon Advisors. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2AF 28Gordon, Edward S. Company Incorporated (ESG). (Letterhead (6)), n.d.
B 2AF 29Gramavision. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2AF 30Grand Canyon Trust. (Letterhead (2), envelopes), n.d.
B 2AF 31Greenhill & Co., LLC. (Letterhead (4), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 32The Greenhouse. (Envelopes, card (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 33Greenwich Research Associates. (Letterhead (6), envelopes), n.d.
B 2AF 34Grey Advertising Inc. (Letterhead (2), Interoffice Correspondence (1), envelope (1), notepaper (1), Grey Direct letterhead (2), envelopes (1), Grey International letterhead, envelopes (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 35Groffsky, Maxine Literary Agent. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), mailing label (1), card (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 36Growald, Martin Chandler and Monika. (Letterhead (1), envelope (1), note paper (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 37Guaber. (Envelope (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 38Guggenheim Partners. (Envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 39Habitat - The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements. (Letterhead, envelopes (1), memo (1), note paper (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 40Halaby International Company. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2AF 41Hampshire Press, Inc. (Envelopes (2), mailing label (1), statement (1), invoice (1)), 1950s
B 2AF 42Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), mailing labels (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 43Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. (Letterhead (9)), n.d.
B 2AF 44Harper Collins Publishers: Latin America. (Letterhead (6)), n.d.
B 2AF 45Harry's. (Letterhead, envelopes, cards), n.d.
B 2AF 46Hartog Rahal Foods, Inc. (Letterhead (4)), n.d.
B 2AF 47Hechinger. (Letterhead, envelopes (4)), n.d.
B 2AF 48Hechinger, John W. (Envelopes), n.d.
B 2AF 49Herald Productions Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 50Herbert Beckhard Frank Richlan & Associates. (Letterhead , envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2AF 51Heyman Properties. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 52The Hillier Group. (see also Design Interface). (Letterhead (6)), n.d.
B 2AF 53Hotel Mia (Miami International Airport). (Letterhead (6), envelopes (2)),
B 2AF 54The Hudson River Museum. (Letterhead, envelopes (1), postcard (1)), n.d.
B 2AF 55i2i photography. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2BF 1Infineer Inc. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2BF 2Innerplan. (Letterhead (7), envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 3Insignia/ESG, Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 4Insignia Financial Group. (Letterhead (4), envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 5Integrated Living Communities Inc. (Envelope (1), letterhead (1), card (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 6Interactive Data Services. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), card (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 7International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). (Letterhead , envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 8International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA). (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 9Jack Morton Productions, Inc. (JMP). (Letterhead (5), press release (2), note paper (1), envelopes, invoice (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 10Jacobs, Raymond Photographer. (Letterhead (1), letter printed with photograph (4), envelopes, note paper (4)), n.d.
B 2BF 11Jacob's Pillow. (Letterhead (7), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 12James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness, The. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2BF 13The JDR 3rd Fund. (Letterhead (1), envelopes (1), note paper (1), memos (2), file copy (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 20John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, The Kennedy Center Honors. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 21John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library Corporation. (Letterhead, News letterhead , News note paper), n.d.
B 2BF 14The Johnson Company, Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 15Judson Art Warehouse. (Letterhead, envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 16Junior Achievement Inc. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 17The Katonah Gallery. (Letterhead, envelopes, card (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 18Katonah Museum of Art. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2BF 19Kay, Ken Photographer. (Letterhead, envelope (1), cards), n.d.
B 2BF 23The Knoll Group. (Letterhead (23)), n.d.
B 2BF 24Kooper, Martin. (Envelopes, letterhead), 1950s
B 2BF 26Krystal. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 27Kulicke Frames, Inc. (Letterhead (1), note paper, announcement (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 28The Lafayette Hotel. (Envelopes ), n.d.
B 2BF 29Lafayette Place. (Letterhead (8), envelopes (1), card (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 30Lane Display Corporation. (Letterhead), 1950s
B 2BF 31Lanzetta Berm dez Arango y Cia. Ltda. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 32Lanzetta Pinz n, Pablo. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 33Lanzetta Pinz n y Cia. Ltda. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 34Lazarnick, George. (Letterhead (1), invoice, envelopes (2), note paper), n.d.
B 2BF 35Learntech. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2BF 36Lefebre Gallery. (Letterhead (5), envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 37Lehigh Furniture Corporation. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 38Leviathan Communications. (Letterhead, envelopes (2), note paper, memos (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 39Leviathan Management. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 40Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (717 Fifth Avenue). (Letterhead (5), envelopes (2), memo (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 41Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (140 West 65 Street). (Letterhead (1), memo (2), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 42Liz & Co. / Liz Claiborne Inc.. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2BF 43LongHouse Reserve Ltd. (Letterhead (18)), n.d.
B 2BF 44Louis Block + Associates, Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 45Luckman, Charles Associates. (Letterhead (2), memo (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 2BF 46Macksoud, Alfred C. Architect. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 47Maguire Thomas Partners. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 2BF 48Maio & Co. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 2BF 49Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 2BF 50Marlborough-Gerson Gallery, Inc. (Letterhead (5)), n.d.
B 2BF 22Robert F. Kennedy Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament. (Envelope (1)), n.d.
B 3AF 1Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. (Letterhead, envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 3AF 2Mathews, Edward James Architect. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 3AF 3May Department Stores letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 4Mead Library of Ideas, 23rd International Annual Report Competition letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 5Mendes and Company Incorporated letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 6Metro Typographers Inc. (Note paper for Moe Leinoff (2)), n.d.
B 3AF 7Minneapolis Institute of Art letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 8Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 9Morgan Stanley and Company letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 10Morgan Stanley and Company, Brooks Harvey letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 11William S. Morris and Company letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 12Multi Canal letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 13Murray Hill Citizens. (Letterhead (2)), n.d.
B 3AF 14Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles letterhead , n.d.
B 3AF 15Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, The Temporary Contemporary letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 16Museum of Jewish Heritage, A Living Memorial to the Holocaust letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 17The Museum of Modern Art letterhead , n.d.
B 3AF 18The Museum of Modern Art, 50th Anniversary letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 19The Museum of Modern Art, The Institute of Modern Art letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 20The Museum of Modern Art - The International Council of The Museum of Modern Art. (Letterhead (2)), n.d.
B 3AF 21The Museum of Modern Art, The Junior Council of The Museum of Modern Art letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 22The Museum of Modern Art, The Party in the Garden letterhead , n.d.
B 3AF 23Mutual Benefit Financial Service Company letterhead , n.d.
B 3AF 24National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (NBC) letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 25National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (NBC), WMAQ-TV Chicago letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 26National Campaign for Hearing Health letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 27National Credit Bank letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 28National Endowment for the Arts, Architecture and Environmental Arts Program, Neighborhood Conservation Conference (1975) letterhead, circa 1975
B 3AF 29National Endowment for the Arts, Jazz Masters letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 30National Endowment for the Arts / National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities - First Federal Design Assembly, Spring 1973. (Letterhead, The Design Necessity , envelopes (2))n.d.
B 3AF 31National Gallery of Art letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 32The National Sports Awards letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 33National Symphony Orchestra letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 34Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 35New 42nd Street Inc. letterhead, n.d.
B 3AF 36New England Aquarium Architect and Engineers (Cambridge Seven). (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 3AF 37New School for Social Research. (Letterhead (12), envelopes (7), note paper (3)), n.d.
B 3AF 38New Victory Theatre. (Letterhead (on cardboard) (1)), n.d.
B 3AF 39New York City Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution: The Two Hundredth Anniversary of George Washington's Inauguration. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 3AF 40New York Hall of Science. (Letterhead (4)), n.d.
B 3AF 41New York International Festival of the Arts. (Letterhead for The First New York International Festival of the Arts, 1988 (4), envelope, 1988 (1), letterhead, 1991 (9))n.d.
B 3AF 42New York Landmarks Conservancy. (Letterhead (9), envelopes , note paper (2)), n.d.
B 3AF 43New York Public Library - Celebrating Its Second Century. (Letterhead (2)), n.d.
B 3AF 44New York University - The Book Centers. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
B 3AF 45New York University Campaign, The. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.
B 3AF 46Nivola, Costantino. (Letterhead, envelopes (4))n.d.
B 3AF 47Norlin. (Letterhead (3) for Norlin Industries, Inc., 3 for Norlin Communications), envelopes (2))n.d.
B 3AF 48Ocean Liner Museum, c/o Christie's. (Letterhead for Ocean Liner Museum, letterhead for Liner Museum Committee of New York, envelopes), n.d.
B 3AF 49Ocean rio de Lisboa / The Oceans Pavilion/Expo '98. (Letterhead (7), envelopes, postcard (1))n.d.
B 3BF 42The Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellowship. (Letterhead, envelope (1), card (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 1Old Chatham Sheepherding Company. (Letterhead (7), envelopes (5))n.d.
B 3BF 2Organizational Communications, Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2), note paper)n.d.
B 3BF 3Osaka Aquarium Ring of Fire. (Letterhead)n.d.
B 3BF 4Outline Inc. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 3BF 5Overture. (Letterhead (1))n.d.
B 3BF 6Owen & Mandolfo, Inc. (Letterhead, envelopes)n.d.
B 3BF 7Owen & Mandolfo / Rothe - Johnson. (Letterhead (6, envelopes (2))n.d.
B 3BF 8Owen, Springer & Mandolfo, Inc. (Letterhead, envelope (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 9Owens-Illinois. (Letterhead (8), note paper), n.d.
B 3BF 10Owens-Illinois - Libbey. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 11Owens-Illinois - Lily-Tulip. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 12PaineWebber. (Letterhead (6), envelopes, note paper (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 13Palm, Charles & Co., Inc. (Letterhead (1), copy sheet (1), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 14Pan American World Airways System. (Letterhead (1), small folder (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 15Peace Corps - 25th Anniversary Foundation, Inc. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 3BF 16Pepsi-Cola Company. (Letterhead (4), envelopes (2), fact sheets (2), note paper (4)), n.d.
B 3BF 17Perelson Weiner. (Letterhead (8), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 18Petersfield Development Corporation. (Envelopes ), n.d.
B 3BF 19Phyllis Handwrought Jewelry. (Cards ), n.d.
B 3BF 20Platt Associates (see also Charles A. Platt Partners). (Letterhead (4), memos, envelope (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 21Platt, Charles A. Partners (see also Platt Associates). (Letterhead (5), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 22Poets House. (Letterhead), n.d.
B 3BF 23Pomerance & Breines Architects P.C. (Letterhead , project memo, envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 3BF 24Precision, Inc. (Envelopes (2), letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 3BF 25Pride of Place: Building the American Dream. (Note paper (4)), n.d.
B 3BF 26The Prospect Group, Inc. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (5)), n.d.
B 3BF 27Prospect Park Alliance. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
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B 3BF 37Restaurant Associates - Savories. (Envelope (1), cards), n.d.
B 3BF 38Restaurant Associates - The Sea Grill. (Letterhead, envelopes ), n.d.
B 3BF 39River Bridge. (Letterhead (1), envelopes ), n.d.
B 3BF 40Rockefeller Center. (Letterhead (10), envelopes (8), note paper (6), memo, news release letterhead (2)), n.d.
B 3BF 41The Roosevelt. (Envelopes, letterhead (4)), n.d.
B 3BF 43Rose, Jonathan & Companies LLC. (Letterhead, envelope (1)), n.d.
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B 4AF 2Russell Estates. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
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B 4AF 4San Juan Drama Festival. (Card (1), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 4AF 5Sark Hayat Sigorta A.S. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
B 4AF 6Schick, Joseph. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
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B 4AF 8Scripps Howard. (Letterhead (5), envelopes (5)), n.d.
B 4AF 9Scripps Howard Broadcasting. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
B 4AF 10Scripps Howard - United Media. (Letterhead (2)), n.d.
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B 4AF 18AShowtime. Letterhead., n.d.
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B 4AF 22Smith, Stuart Photographer. (Letterhead (1)), n.d.
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B 4AF 25Smith Ottaiano. (Letterhead (6)), n.d.
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B 4AF 27Somerset Inn. (Letterhead (2)), n.d.
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B 4AF 35Stillman, Leslie. (Letterhead (4)), n.d.
B 4AF 36Stillman, Rufus. (Letterhead, envelopes), n.d.
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B 4AF 38The Summer Camp. (Letterhead (2), envelopes (2)), n.d.
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B 6F 8Mobil Masterpiece Theatre: 20th Anniversary Favorites. (Letterhead (6)), n.d.
B 6F 9Mobil Masterpiece Theatre: The Edwardians; Lillie; My Son, My Son; Poldark; Shoulder to Shoulder; A Town Like Alice, n.d.
B 6F 10Mobil Grand Prix. (Letterhead (4), envelope (1)), n.d.
B 6F 11Mobil - Museum of Modern Art Summergarden. (Letterhead (2), invitation (1)), n.d.
B 6F 12Mobil - National Town Meeting. (Letterhead (2)), n.d.
B 6F 13Mobil - Public Broadcasting System, WGBH, Boston: The Ascent of Man; The Humanities in Drama; Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth; Piccadilly Circus; The Search for Alexander the Great; Upstairs Downstairs letterhead, n.d.
B 6F 14Mobil - Public Broadcasting System, WQED, Pittsburgh: Flambards; Lord Mountbatten (A Man for the Century), n.d.
B 6F 15Mobil Pierpont Morgan Library: Holbein and the Court of Henry VIII. (Letterhead ), n.d.
B 6F 16Mobil Showcase Network. (Letterhead (6)), n.d.
B 6F 17Mobil Showcase Network: Between the Wars; James Clavell's The Children's Story; Churchill and the Generals; Ceremonies in Dark Old Men; Doug Henning's World of Magic; The Entertainer; Edward the King; Edward and Mrs. Simpson; Minstrel Man; Eugene O'Neill's Moon for the Misbegotten; Out to Lunch; Summershow; Ten who Dared, n.d.
B 6F 18Mobil - Southstreet Seaport Museum: Summerpier. (Letterhead ), n.d.
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Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 2. Printed Samples
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B 7F 7American Museum - Hayden Planetarium. Program for "Stars of the Season" - fortieth anniversary, 1975
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B 7F 15Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Winter 1984, Spring 1984, Summer 1984, Fall 1984
B 7F 16Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Winter 1985, Spring 1985, Summer 1985, Fall 1985
B 7F 17Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Winter 1986, Summer 1986, Fall 1986
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B 7F 19Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Winter 1988
B 7F 20Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Summer 1988
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B 8F 2Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Winter 1989
B 8F 3Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Spring 1989
B 8F 4Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Summer 1989
B 8F 5Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Fall 1989
B 8F 6Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Winter 1990
B 8F 7Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Spring 1990
B 8F 8Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Spring 1991
B 8F 9Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Summer 1991
B 8F 10Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council, Fall 1991
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B 9F 7Big Apple Circus. Program (2), 1989
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B 10F 7Burlington Industries - The Mill at Burlington House. Pin, "I've been through The Mill at Burlington House", n.d.
B 10F 8Business Council for the United Nations. Booklet, "United Nations Ambassadors Dinner", 1986
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B 10F 31Chase Manhattan Bank. Booklet, "Gold, the Dollar, and the Free World" by David, Rockefeller; Savings passbook; Booklet, "Responsibilities of Business in a Troubled World" by David Rockefeller; Booklet, "1 Chase Manhattan Plaza"n.d.
B 11F 1Chase Manhattan Bank. Booklet, "Art at the Chase Manhattan Bank" (2)n.d.
B 11F 2Chase Manhattan Bank. Jean Dubuffet's "Group of Four Trees" materials in envelope: Invitation to unveiling of the new 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza sculpture, "Group of Four Trees" by M. Jean Dubuffet [back of invitation is damaged], Pamphlet1972
B 11F 3Chase Manhattan Bank, Chase Investors Management Corporation. Booklet, "Investment Philosophy, Research Orientation, Decision Making, Trading Function, Responsibilities, Peoplen.d.
B 11F 4Chemical New York Corporation. Annual Report1981
B 11F 5Chemical New York Corporation. Annual Report1982
B 11F 6Chemical New York Corporation. First Quarter Report1984
B 11F 7Chermayeff, Catherine and Jonathan David. Birth announcement for Loulou David1991
B 11F 8Chermayeff, Ivan. Christmas card (slightly water damaged)n.d.
B 11F 9Chermayeff & Geismar Associates. New address card (2)n.d.
B 11F 10Chermayeff & Geismar Associates. Invitation to dinner dance celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Chermayeff & Geismar Associates (2), RSVP cardn.d.
B 11F 11Chermayeff & Geismar Associates. Christmas card (2)n.d.
B 11F 12Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. Brochure, "Clients Projects Expertise" (3)n.d.
B 11F 12Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. Brochure, "Chermayeff & Geismar Inc.: Designing over four decades"2003?
B 11F 13Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. Holiday card (2)n.d.
B 11F 14Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. Invitation to cocktail reception celebrating 40th anniversary and publication of TM: Trademarks designed by Chermayeff &, Geismar (3)n.d.
B 11F 15Christie's. Booklet, "At Your Bidding - Christie's Advice to, Auction Buyers and Sellers" and Brochure (2)n.d.
B 11F 16Christmas cards. "Best wishes for 1969" (2)1968
B 11F 17Christmas cards. "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Edmund and Anne Duffy"n.d.
B 11F 18Christmas cards. "Noel Len Gittleman" (2), 1950s
B 11F 19Christmas cards. "Seasons Greetings" (2), Bird (2), n.d.
B 11F 20Christmas cards. "Season's Greetings" from National Academy of Sciences (original print by IC on cover) (2)n.d.
B 11F 21CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. CIBA Sidelights, February-March 1959
B 11F 22CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. CIBA Sidelights, April 1959
B 11F 23CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. CIBA Sidelights, May-June 1959
B 11F 24CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. CIBA Sidelights, September-October 1959
B 11F 25CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. CIBA Sidelights, November 1959
B 11F 26CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. CIBA Sidelights, January 1960
B 11F 27CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. CIBA Sidelights, February-March 1960
B 11F 28CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. CIBA Sidelights, April 1960
B 12F 1CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Booklet, Company Overview, 1963
B 12F 2CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Booklet (black), 1959
B 12F 3CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Booklet (white)1959
B 12F 4CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Booklet, "New and practical means of giving high potency, androgenic anabolic therapy"n.d.
B 12F 5CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Brochures "For allergy For itch Forhistal"; "Question and answers about Singoserp"; "How Singoserp can help you solve the side effects problem"; "A practical guide to the treatment of hypertension"; " Diagnosis: Chronic Sinusitis Due to Bacterial Type Allergy"; "Forhistal for itch"; Mailer, "Singoserp solves the side effects problem"1961
B 12F 6CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Packaging for Otrivin and Vioform Hydrocortisonen.d.
B 12F 7CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Mailer, "Skin diseases respond to Vioform-Hydrocortisone"; Brochure, "Vioform-Hydrocortisone cream"n.d.
B 12F 8CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Advertisement, "CIBA: Where research is the tradition"n.d.
B 12F 9CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Brochures "New Tessalon controls cough..."; "New Tessalon controls cough where cough begins", n.d.
B 12F 10CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Booklet, "Eidophor: A control layer television projector"1958
B 12F 11CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Exhibition program cover, "CIBA: U.S.A. The formation of a corporate design program"n.d.
B 12F 12CIBA Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Advertisements (5)1958-1959
B 12F 13Citizens for Arch Gillies. Pamphletn.d.
B 12F 14City of St. Louis. An Inventory of Current Traffic and Parking Regulatory Signs and Preliminary Report on a Study of Language Usage and Typographic Layout on Signs for the City of St. Louisn.d.
B 12F 15City of St. Louis. Preliminary Report and Recommendations for a Symbol, Graphics and Signage Systems for Six Major St. Louis City Attractionsn.d.
B 12F 16City of St. Louis. Preliminary Report and Recommendations for a Symbol, Graphics and Signage Systems for the Bi-State Transit Systemn.d.
B 12F 16ACity University of New York. Cover for Financial Aid Guide
B 12F 16ACity University of New York. Cover for Freshman Admissions Guide.
B 12F 17Clay Adams. New logo announcementn.d.
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B 12F 24The Composing Room. About U.S.: experimental typography by American designers" (BCG)1960?
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B 13F 2Conference on Neighborhood Conservation. Folder with conference program (2)1975
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B 13F 4Conrad Hotels. Brochure1990?
B 13F 4Conrad Hotels. Folder and Brochure for Hotel Conrad Dublin; Reproduction Art for Hotel Conrad Dublin; Reproduction Art for Hotel Conrad Hong Kongn.d.
B 13F 5Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico. Informational materials (4), Invitationn.d.
B 13F 6Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico. Brochure, "Ramon Power y Giralt House"; Brochure, "Hacienda Buena Vista Ponce" (2)n.d.
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B 13F 17Crane. Sample book, "Letters of the Law"n.d.
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B 15F 6Crane. Sample box, "Old Money"n.d.
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B 16F 2Cummins. Annual Reports, 1998-1999
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B 18F 1FactSet Research Systems. Holiday card, Invitationn.d.
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B 18F 5FactSet Research Systems. Annual Report1999
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B 18F 9Fort Worth Art Museum. Calendars; Exhibition program, "Stella Since 1970"1977-1978
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B 18F 11Fortune 500. Booklet1979
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B 18F 13Fox Theatre. Invitation1986
B 18F 14Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellowship / The Enterprise Foundation. Foldern.d.
B 18F 15Fujisankei Communications International. Bookletn.d.
B 18F 16Gallery at Hastings-on-Hudson. Mailer, "The Natural Perception" (2); Mailer, "Influenced by Nature" (2)1991
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B 19F 5Gramavision. CD booklets, Ray Anderson, "What Because"; Anthony Davis, et al, "Trio2"; Al MacDowell, "Messiah"; Bobby Previte, "Empty Suits"; Taj, "Taj"; Bernie Worell, "Funk of Ages"1990
B 19F 6Gramavision. Cassette packaging, Arditti, "Arditti String Quartet"; Masters in This Hall, "The New Age of Christmas Too"; Klaus Schulze, "Cyborg"; Klaus Schulze, "Dune"; Klaus Schulze, "Mindphaser"; Klaus Schulze, "Picture Music"; Klaus Schulze, "Trancefer"; Klaus Schulze, "X Part 2"; Jamaaladeen Tacuma, "Music World"1989
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B 19F 9Greenwich Research Associates. Annual Report1981
B 19F 10Greenwich Associates. Annual Reports1983-1984
B 19F 11Greenwich Associates. Annual Reports1985-1986
B 19F 12Greenwich Associates. Annual Reports1987-1988
B 19F 13Grey Advertising Inc. Annual Report1983
B 19F 14Grey Advertising Inc. Graphics Standards Styleguide1984
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B 19F 16Guggenheim. Foldern.d.
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B 19F 18Hansol. Envelopen.d.
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B 20F 10Hechinger Company. Annual Report Year Ended January 28, 1984 (2)1984
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B 20F 17Hechinger Company. Annual Report Year Ended February 2, 1991 (2)1991
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B 20F 19Hechinger Company. Paintbrush packagingn.d.
B 20F 19Hechinger Company. Nails packaging (2)n.d.
B 20F 19Hechinger Company. Packaging for Foundation Coating & Sealern.d.
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B 21F 8i2i photography. Folder with enclosuresn.d.
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B 21F 10ibid. inc. Stock photography book2000
B 21F 11ibid. inc. Brochuren.d.
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B 21F 20Innovation Group. Journal, "Innovation", No. 1May 1969
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B 22F 5Interchemical Corporation. Annual Report1968
B 22F 6International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). Brochuren.d.
B 22F 7International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). Brochures, "Making Connections"; "The Italian Idea"; "Success and Failure" 37th International Design, Conference; "The Italian Manifesto" 39th International Design Conference1978
B 22F 8International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). Booklet, "Fellowship Program 1966-1988" (2)1988
B 22F 9International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). Booklet, "Design and Human Bodies" 44th International Design Conference (2); Brochure, "Design and Human Bodies" Schedule of Events (2)n.d.
B 22F 10International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). Booklet, "Design and Human Bodies"; Card, "Design and Human Bodies" (2); Postcard, "Design Digital"1994
B 22F 11International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). Book, "Form and Purpose", 30th International Design Conferencen.d.
B 22F 12International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA). Folder (2)n.d.
B 22F 13Irwin Financial. Second Quarterly Report 1998; First Quarterly Report 1999; Second Quarterly Report 1999; Third Quarterly Report 1999; "Implements" Newsletter, March 20031998-2003
B 22F 14Irwin Financial. Annual Reports1999-2000
B 22F 15Irwin Financial. Annual Reports [damage: marks and light crease on 2001 cover2001-2002
B 22F 16Irwin Financial. Annual Reports2003-2004
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B 22F 18Jack Morton Productions. Foldern.d.
B 22F 19Jackson Laboratory. Folder, Brochuren.d.
B 22F 20Jackson Laboratory. Booklet, "The Second Front"n.d.
B 23F 1Jacob's Pillow. Brochures (9 different)1980-1990
B 23F 2Jacob's Pillow. Brochures (3 different)1983
B 23F 3Jacob's Pillow. Invitation to Martha Graham gala (2); Invitation to champagne brunch; Envelopen.d.
B 23F 4Jacob's Pillow. Covers (6)1980s?
B 23F 5Jacob's Pillow. Booklets (3 different)n.d.
B 23F 6Jacob's Pillow. Collector's Packet: 12 notecards and envelopes (2)1984
B 23F 7James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness. Foldern.d.
B 23F 8Japan Art Association. Invitation (2)1989
B 23F 9JCDecaux USA. Brochures, "Enhancing Seattle's Streetscape"; "Kiosk Plus"; Booklets, "San Francisco, Kiosk Plus", "The Most Accessible Toilet Ever Built"n.d.
B 23F 10Joffrey Ballet. Brochures (2 different)n.d.
B 23F 11John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library. Folder with enclosures, Brochures (3 different)1979
B 23F 12John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library. Foldern.d.
B 23F 13John Hancock Tower. Brochuren.d
B 23F 14Jonathan Rose & Companies. Foldern.d.
B 23F 15J.P. Morgan Investment. Booklets, "Commitment Discipline Resources" and "Defined Contribution Plan Services", Folder1994
B 23F 16Kaplan, Carolyn & Edgar. Birth announcements (2 different, tag slightly water damaged)1960s
B 23F 17Katonah Gallery. Brochure, "A View of a Workshop"; Booklet, "The Katonah Gallery: A Teaching Museum"1987
B 23F 18Katonah Gallery. Foldern.d.
B 23F 19Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Invitation, 2 tickets, RSVP card and envelope1979
B 23F 20Kennedy Center Honors. Invitation with RSVP card and envelope, Booklet)1979
B 24F 1Kennedy for President Committee. Brochure, "Artists for Kennedy"n.d.
B 24F 2Key Sabinal. Foldern.d.
B 24F 3Knoll. Promotional item, "5-Day QuickShip 1993" (2); Brochure and envelope, "5-Day QuickShip Frequent Seller Club" (2); Frequent Seller Club Fact Sheet (2); Frequent Seller Club Form (2)1993
B 24F 4Knoll. Folder (2)n.d.
B 24F 5Knoll. Invitation, "Come to the Intelligent Party" (2); Card, "Neocon 1992. Intelligent workspaces..."; Invitation in 6 partsn.d.
B 24F 6Knoll. Brochure, "Client Visit Evaluation" (ear) (2), Card (clock) (2), Card with envelope (hand) (2), Placecard (fork)n.d.
B 24F 7Knoll. Folder (compass); Brochure, "One company combines..."n.d.
B 24F 8Knoll. Brochure, "The Knoll Group Dealer Stationery Standards" (2); Booklet, "The Knoll Group Graphic Standards for Dealers"n.d.
B 24F 9Knoll. Calibre promotional materials in envelope (red)n.d.
B 24F 10Knoll. Calibre promotional materials in envelope (green)n.d.
B 24F 11Knoll. Calibre promotional materials in envelope (blue)n.d.
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B 24F 13Knoll. Booklet, "Knoll Office Chairs"n.d.
B 24F 14Knoll. Booklet, "Equity Price List 1992"1992
B 24F 15Knoll. Booklet, "Reff System Z Price List 1992"1992
B 24F 16Knoll. Booklet, "Shaw Walker Files Price List 1992"1992
B 24F 17Knoll. Booklet, "WesFlex Price List 1992"1992
B 24F 18Knoll. Booklet, "Workspace Issues: Business and the Environment"; Booklet, "Workspace Issues: Universal Design and the ADA"n.d.
B 24F 19Knoll. Envelope (blue); Promotional folder, "Landing Now"; Postcard, "Knoll Parachute"; Invitation, "Come celebrate the landing of" (2)n.d.
B 25F 1Knoll. Journaln.d.
B 25F 2Knoll. Postcard for Designer's Saturday 1991; Blank card; Brochures, "Unparalleled Heritage", "The Industrial Designer...", "Our Commitment to the Environment" and "Knoll Environment"1991
B 25F 3Knoll. Invitation to Peter Eisenman and Frank Gehry exhibition at U.S., Pavilion at Venice Biennale (2), Invitation to Reception at Venice Biennale (2)n.d.
B 25F 4Kongi's Harvest. Flyer for film (2)n.d.
B 25F 5Krystal. Paper bag, n.d.
B 25F 6Krystal. Packagingn.d.
B 25F 7Lafayette Hotel. Foldern.d.
B 25F 8Lafayette Place. Foldern.d.
B 25F 9LearnTech. Folder with brochuren.d.
B 25F 10Lensclean. Wash Up! packaging1959
B 25F 11Lehigh Furniture Corporation. Brochuren.d.
B 25F 12Library of Congress. Booklets, "Freud: Conflict & Culture" (2), "Lewis & Clark" and "Thomas Jefferson"n.d.
B 25F 13Life. Brochure, "Not just another gift guide" (2)1987
B 25F 14Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Luncheon program, Samuel B. & David Rose Building1990
B 25F 15Lincoln Square Business Improvement District. Brochure, "Winter's Eve"; Invitation, "Winter's Eve"; Booklet, "Essential Guide to Lincoln Square"2001
B 25F 16Lisbon Aquarium. Postcard (2)n.d.
B 25F 17Liz Claiborne. Realities press kitn.d.
B 25F 18Liz Claiborne. Realities press kitn.d.
B 25F 19Liz Claiborne. Realities fragrance sample packagingn.d.
B 25F 20Liz Claiborne. Realities envelope, Realities I.O.U. certificaten.d.
B 25F 21Liz Claiborne. Claiborne postcard (2 different); Claiborne Christmas brochures1989-1991
B 25F 22Liz Claiborne / liz & co. Folder, Postcard, Invitation to line openingn.d.
B 25F 23Longhouse Reserve. Brochure2002
B 25F 24Long Island University. Financial Report1971-1972
B 25F 25Lounge. Menun.d.
B 25F 26MacDowell Colony. Brochure1977
B 25F 27Maguire Thomas Partners. Foldern.d.
B 26F 1Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust. Brochure (2)1990
B 26F 2Masterset. Brochure, "Trans-O-Sleeve Display"; Holiday card, 1950s
B 26F 3Masterset. Round card (black smudge on lower left); Belknap packaging, 1950s
B 26F 4May Department Stores / Max Beckmann Retrospective. Folder, Invitation (2)1984
B 26F 5May Department Stores. Booklets, "A Career in Retailing"; "May"n.d.
B 26F 6May Department Store. Principals Meeting 1990; Directors Meeting 1993; Brochure, "The May Mission"1990-1993
B 26F 7May Department Stores. Annual Reports1968 and 1972
B 26F 8May Department Stores. Annual Reports1976 and 1983
B 26F 9May Department Stores. Annual Reports1985-1986
B 26F 10May Department Stores. Annual Reports1988 and 1991
B 26F 11May Department Stores. Annual Report1992
B 26F 12May Department Stores. Miscellaneous reports1972-1979
B 26F 13Mead Library of Ideas. Booklet for 23rd International Annual Report Competition; Call for Entries, n.d.
B 26F 14Members of Designer's Saturday, Inc. Invitation (TG) (3), 1977
B 26F 15Mendes & Company. Brochure, "Investment and Capacity"; Cover, "Investment Review"1969
B 26F 16mercyFirst. Folder, Brochure with enclosures, Holiday card (2)n.d.
B 26F 17Miami World Trade Center. Brochure (2)n.d.
B 26F 18Midsouth Corporation. Annual Reports1986-1987
B 26F 19Midsouth Corporation. Annual Reports; First Quarter Report1989-1990
B 26F 20Midsouth Corporation. Annual Report1991
B 27F 1Minneapolis Art. Booklet, "Society of Fellows"; Brochure, "Annual Campaign 1985/86"1985-1986
B 27F 2Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Catalog1987-1988
B 27F 3Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts. Arts magazineJune 1986
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B 27F 5Monadnock Paper Mills. Brochure with enclosures, "formation", Sample booklet, "Astrolite & Astrolite PC 100"n.d.
B 27F 6Monadnock Paper Mills. Booklets, "Stochastic Screening" and "Separating Color Photography"n.d.
B 27F 7Monadnock Paper Mills. Booklet, "Separating Black and White Photography" and "Paper Guide"n.d.
B 27F 8Monadnock Paper Mills. Promotional sheets (3 different)n.d.
B 27F 9Monadnock Paper Mills. Sample booklet, "Premium Uncoated Papers"n.d.
B 27F 10Monadnock Paper Mills. Sample booklet, "Caress & Dulcet" (2)n.d.
B 27F 11Morgan Stanley. Annual Reviews1979-1980
B 27F 12Mostly Mozart. Program1993
B 27F 13Mount Sinai. Graphic Design Guidelinesn.d.
B 27F 14mPress Graphics LLC. Calendar2004
B 27F 15Municipal Art Society of New York. Program for 85th anniversary (green); Invitation (red); Villard Houses card (2)1977
B 27F 16Municipal Art Society of New York. Invitation to Louise Nevelson dinner, Program1979
B 27F 17Municipal Art Society of New York. "The livable city: love it or lose it" Folder, Invitation, Brochure1980
B 27F 18Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. The Temporary Contemporary Folder, Postcard, Invitation, Brochuren.d.
B 27F 19Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. Invitation to dinner for "Louis I Kahn: In the Realm of Architecture"; Announcement, "Louis I Kahn: A View from the '90s"; Funding Endowment Subscription Agreement (2 different)n.d.
B 27F 20Museum of Contemporary Crafts. Invitation to 19th Ceramic National Exhibition, 1957
B 28F 1Museum of Contemporary Crafts. Holiday card; Booklet, "Craftsmanship in a Changing World"; Gallery guide, "Wall Hangings and Rugs", n.d.
B 28F 2Museum of Contemporary Crafts. Invitation, "Furniture by Craftsmen"; Gallery guide, "Furniture by Craftsmen", 1957
B 28F 3Museum of Contemporary Crafts. Invitation, "The Patron Church"; Booklet, "The Patron Church", 1957
B 28F 4Museum of Jewish Heritage. Report to the New York Holocaust Memorial Commission by Chermayeff & Geismar Associates, "Preliminary Design of Exhibitions: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust Museum of Jewish Heritage" (2)n.d.
B 28F 5Museum of Jewish Heritage. Brochure with enclosure, "The Museum Heritage Society"; Folder, "A Living Memorial to the Holocaust"; Booklet, "A Living Memorial to the Holocaust"; Newsletter vol. 2, no. 6 December 19881988-1989
B 28F 6Museum of Modern Art. Booklets, "Today and Tomorrow" and "The Museum of Modern Art Builds"1960
B 28F 7Museum of Modern Art. Brochures, "The Museum of Modern Art"; "Directory and Plan"; "Membership"; "The International Council of The Museum of Modern Art"n.d.
B 28F 8Museum of Modern Art. Booklets, "Monday May 25, 1964" and "The Party in the Garden"; Invitation, "the art of assemblage"1964
B 28F 9Museum of Modern Art. Brochure for the Junior Council; Envelope with enclosures, Christmas 19641964
B 28F 10Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company. Booklet, "What can you expect a Mutual Benefit agent to do for you"; Brochure, "What's 7 minutes in a young life?" (4 different)n.d.
B 28F 11Nashua. Booklet, "Annual Meeting of Stockholders"1985
B 28F 12National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (NBC). Booklet to introduce new logo, Holiday card and envelopen.d.
B 28F 13National Building Museum. Brochuren.d.
B 28F 14National Credit Bank. Foldersn.d.
B 28F 15National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Inc. Flyer1960
B 28F 16National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Inc. Booklet, "Toward a Sane Nuclear Policy", 1960
B 28F 17The National D-Day Museum. Brochure and envelope (2)n.d.
B 28F 18National Endowment for the Arts - NEA Jazz Masters. Foldern.d.
B 28F 19National Museum of History and Technology, Smithsonian Institution. Brochure for "A Nation of Nations" exhibitionn.d.
B 28F 20National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. Standard Sign Graphics Report (unbound)n.d.
B 28F 21National Park Service. Booklet, "The Audience and You"; Pamphlets (5 different)1974
B 29F 1National Parks of New York Harbor. VIP pass, Folded poster (map), Foldern.d.
B 29F 2Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Graphics manual (missing cover and unbound)1986
B 29F 3Neiman-Marcus. CatalogChristmas 1985
B 29F 4The New 42nd Street Inc. Folder with letterhead, envelope and cardn.d.
B 29F 5New England Aquarium. Booklet (blue and green), Booklet (black)1969
B 29F 6New School for Social Research. Folder with enclosures, "The President's Council", Report of the President1991-1992
B 29F 7New School for Social Research. Fifty-seventh Commencement Exercises, Folder1993
B 29F 8New Victory Theater, The. Booklet, "A New Victory for New York"n.d.
B 29F 9The New Victory Theatre. Flyers (4 different), Pledge card, Showbill, Folder1995
B 29F 9ANew York Art Directors Club. Call for Entries brochure1988
B 29F 10New York City Economic Development Agencies. Annual Report1984
B 29F 11New York Hall of Science. Brochure (2), New York Hall of Science Bulletin, Winter 19851984-1985
B 29F 12The First New York International Festival of the Arts. Poster, Folder with mailing label, Invitation, Brochure1988
B 29F 13New York Landmarks Conservancy. Invitation to reception at Grace Church, "Don't Wait", Invitation to Chairman's Award, Letterhead for Gala Benefit, Brochure (brown), Brochure (U.S. Custom House on Bowling Green)1974
B 29F 14The New York Philharmonic. Advertisements for Phone Festival, February 23-26, 1978 and Phone Festival II, February 1-4, 19791978-1979
B 29F 15New York Public Library. Postcard for Centennial Benefit, May 22, 1995; Card, "The New York Public Library Celebrating Its Second, Century", Invitation to Centennial Benefit; New York Public Library News Centennial Issue; Multi-fold card with logo1995
B 29F 16New York Public Library. Folder; Centennial Benefit program in folder1995
B 29F 17New York State Museum. Booklet and brochure for "Forces" exhibition1977
B 29F 18New York Stock Exchange. Folder for "People and Productivity: A Challenge to Corporate America"; Cover; Invitationn.d.
B 29F 19The New York Times. Booklet, "1st choice of people like you", 1958
B 30F 1New York University. Booklet, "New York University Today"1969
B 30F 2New York University. Booklet for School of the Arts1971
B 30F 3New York University - Covers for New York University Bulletin; School of the Arts; College of Dentistry; Graduate School of Arts and Science; Graduate School of Business Administration; Graduate School of Public Administration; School of Commerce; School of Continuing Education and Extension Services; School of Education; School of Engineering and Science Graduate Div.; School of Engineering and Science Undergrad Div.; School of Law; School of Law Graduate Division; 1969-1970 University College of Arts and Science; 1970 School of Education Summer Sessions; 1970-1971 Graduate School of Social Work; 1970-1971 School of Commerce; 1970-1971 School of Law Graduate Division; 1970-1971 School of the Arts, 1968-1971
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B 30F 5New York University. Bulletin for School of Continuing EducationSpring 1981
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B 30F 7New York University. Alumni Magazine coverFall 2003
B 30F 8New York University Campaign. Booklets, "The Libraries of New York University" and "The Elmer Holmes Bobst Library"1969
B 30F 9New York University Campaign. Booklets, "New York University Medical Center: A New Commitment" and "The Basic Sciences and the Future of Medicine: New York University Medical Center"n.d.
B 30F 10New York University Campaign. Booklets, "Institute of Human Reproduction and Development: New York University Medical Center"; "For the Health of Man: New York University Medical Center"n.d.
B 30F 11New York University Campaign. Booklets, "Program and Plans Graduate School of Business" and "Education for an Urban World"1971
B 30F 12New York University Leadership Campaign. BrochureMay 1976
B 30F 13Norlin Corporation. Annual Reports1972 and 1979
B 30F 14Norlin Corporation. Annual Reports1980-1981
B 30F 15Norlin Corporation. Annual Reports1982 and 1984
B 30F 16Norlin Corporation. Quarterly Reports; Norlin Shareholder Questionnaire1970-1976
B 31F 1Norman McGrath, Photographer. Brochuren.d.
B 31F 2Old Chatham Sheepherding Company. Folder (2), Inn Tariff Schedule (2)n.d.
B 31F 3Olivetti. Book in folder, "Olivetti Presents Masters of Modern Italian Art, The Gianni Mattioli Collection"n.d.
B 31F 4The One Club for Art & Copy. Brochure for The Creative Hall of Fame, February 10, 19971997
B 31F 5Osaka Aquarium Ring of Fire. Folder with Graphic Manual, Invitation, Brochure, Cardn.d.
B 31F 6Osaka Aquarium Ring of Fire. Folder with press materials1990
B 31F 7Osaka Aquarium. Book of exterior signs1990
B 31F 8Overture. Folder, Envelopen.d.
B 31F 9Owen & Mandolfo. Invitation1986
B 31F 10Owen & Mandolfo, Inc. / Rothe - Johnson Associates. Brochuren.d.
B 31F 11Owen, Springer & Mandolfo, Inc. Holiday cards (three different)n.d.
B 31F 12Owen, Springer & Mandolfo, Inc. Folder with promotional materialsn.d.
B 31F 13Owens-Illinois. Annual Reports1971-1972
B 31F 14PaineWebber. Graphic Standards in bindern.d.
B 31F 15Pan Am. Luggage tags (2 with "747", 3 with "Pan Am's World"); Waste bag; Ticket envelope (2 blue, 1 white)n.d.
B 31F 16Pam Am. Brochures, "Paris Now"; "London Now"; "New York Now"; "Rome Now"1969
B 31F 17Pan Am. Brochure, "Sydney City Map"; Booklets, "The Travel Planner"; "Pan Am Timetable"; "Pan Am Tours on Tape" (2 different), Pamphlet, "Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement"1971
B 31F 18Pan Am. Folder, "Pan Am Charter"; Graphic guidelines (loose pages)n.d.
B 32F 1Pan Am. 747 menu, International Flag Service menus (3 different)n.d.
B 32F 2Paul Weidlinger Consulting Engineer. Foldern.d.
B 32F 3Peartree Imports, Inc. Wine labels (3)n.d.
B 32F 4The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports, 1963-1964
B 32F 5The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports1965-1966
B 32F 6The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports1967-1968
B 32F 7The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports1970-1971
B 32F 8The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports1973-1974
B 32F 9The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports1975-1976
B 32F 10The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports1977-1978
B 32F 11The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports1979-1980
B 32F 12The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Annual Reports1981-1982
B 32F 13The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Quarterly Reports1964-1969
B 32F 14The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Quarterly Reports1969-1985
B 32F 15The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Booklets1979
B 32F 16The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Booklet, "Perkin-Elmer Models 290B and 303"; Brochure, "In Brief"n.d.
B 32F 17The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Booklet1966
B 32F 18The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Booklet, "Perkin - Elmer Europe"n.d.
B 32F 19The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Booklets, "Stock Purchase Plan"; "Income Protection"; "Salary Program"; "Field Service"; "Group Insurance", 1972
B 33F 1The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Booklets, "Your Job"; "Profit Sharing"; "Supplemental Insurance"; "Library", "Retirement Plan", 1968
B 33F 2The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Brochure, "A Brief Introduction"; Booklet, "Perkin - Elmer in brief"; Pamphlets, "Product / Office Directory"; "Remarks by C.W. Nimitz, Jr."; "Strategic Overview II", n.d.
B 33F 3Pet Incorporated. Bookletn.d.
B 33F 4Philip Morris Incorporated. Annual Reports1972 and 1980
B 33F 5Philip Morris Incorporated. Annual Reports1981-1982
B 33F 6Philip Morris Incorporated. Annual Report1984
B 33F 7Philip Morris Incorporated. Booklet, company overview1974?
B 33F 7Philip Morris Incorporated. Brochure, "Visit Philip Morris Manufacturing Center"1974?
B 33F 7Philip Morris Incorporated. Brochure, "The Art of Responsibility", 1974
B 33F 8Picnique. Folder, "frozen yogurt"n.d.
B 33F 9Pillars of New York. Booklet, "Among the Survivors" by Brendan Gill1989
B 33F 10Pilobus. Brochuren.d.
B 33F 11Pino. Printed samplen.d.
B 33F 12Poets House. Cover for Directory of American Poetry Books; Brochure for donations (2 different); Folder with brochures and postcardn.d.
B 33F 13POLIS Seventy Six (Cambridge Seven?). Proposal1970
B 33F 14Preservation League of New York State. Booklet, "A Fair Land to Build In" by Brendan Gill; Pamphlet1984
B 33F 15Preservation League of New York State. Annual Report; News1996-1997
B 33F 16Princeton Architectural Press. Invitation for TM panel discussion and reception (3)n.d.
B 33F 17Princeton Symphony Orchestra. Brochure for 1961-62 Concert Series1961
B 33F 18The Prospect Group, Inc. Annual Reports1984 and 1987
B 33F 19The Prospect Group. Annual Report1989
B 33F 20Prudential Financial. Bookletn.d.
B 33F 21Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Booklet, "A New Profile for PBS" (2); Folder for 1985 PI Conference; Cover, "Professional Development for Teachers"; Cover for Press Kit; Postcard, "Homes Apart: The Two Koreas"n.d.
B 33F 22Queens Museum. Invitationn.d.
B 34F 1Radio City Music Hall. Folder with press materials for Takarazuka1989
B 34F 2Rarities. Menun.d.
B 34F 3Request. Foldern.d.
B 34F 4Research Development Fund Associates, National Multiple Scelerosis Society. Bookletn.d.
B 34F 5Restaurant Associates. Foldern.d.
B 34F 6Rockefeller Center. Booklet, "Shops and Services Guide"1992
B 34F 7The Rockefeller Foundation - Bellagio Center Office. Booklet, "Bellagio 2002-2003 Study and Conference Center"2002
B 34F 8Rork Music. Sheet music (3 different)1985
B 34F 9Rose Associates, Inc. Atlantic Center promotional materials1986
B 34F 10Russell Estates Princeton. Folder with letterhead, envelopes and floor plansn.d.
B 34F 11Save Our World. Button, "Enough!"n.d.
B 34F 12Savories Cafe. Menun.d.
B 34F 13School of Visual Arts. Envelope for Visual Arts Museum (3)n.d.
B 34F 14School of Visual Arts. Invitation to reception for Masters Series: Ivan Chermayeff (3)n.d.
B 34F 15Screen Gems, Inc. Note to Shareholders1965
B 34F 16Scripps Howard. Graphics manual (unbound)1986
B 34F 17Scripps Howard. Booklet with new graphic identityn.d.
B 34F 18The Sea Grill. Menun.d.
B 34F 19The Seagram Building. Folder with booklet and brochuren.d.
B 34F 20The Seagram Building. Folder with booklet and brochuren.d.
B 35F 1Seatrain Lines, Inc. Annual Report1965
B 35F 2Seatrain Lines, Inc. 1966 Vehicle Color Design Awards1966
B 35F 3SFX Entertainment. Letterhead mounted on cardboardn.d.
B 35F 4Shikiar Asset Management Inc. Bookletn.d.
B 35F 5Showtime. Design Guidelinesn.d.
B 35F 6Showtime. Folder with enclosures, "Redefining the Limits of Work and Life"n.d.
B 35F 6ASimpson Paper Company. Dimensions 84 promotional booklet (contains examples of work from C&G)1984
B 35F 7Smith Ottaiano. Holiday card, Coversn.d.
B 35F 8Smithsonian. Cover, "If we are so good, why aren't we better?"n.d.
B 35F 9Smithsonian. Folder for Campaign Smithsonian, National Air and Space, Museumn.d.
B 35F 9ASolow Building Company. "The most distinctive address is America" promotional booklet for 9 West 57th Street (SOLO9W57)
B 35F 10Song in Music. Flyer, Brochure1991
B 35F 11Spiritually Moving. Booklet, Invitation in envelopen.d.
B 35F 12Springland Associates Inc. Bookletn.d.
B 35F 13Springmont Co. Booklet, "New Community Name & Graphic Identity Report to the Springmont Co.n.d.
B 35F 14The St. Joe Company. Annual report, Third quarter report1997
B 35F 15Stanton, Mei. Stationary in envelopen.d.
B 35F 16Steel Service Center Institute. Insignia Usage Manualn.d.
B 35F 17Sunshine Amalgamedia, Inc. Folder, Cardn.d.
B 35F 18Superstructures Engineers + Architects. Covern.d.
B 35F 19Syncom International, Inc. Foldern.d.
B 35F 20T [sports network in Argentina]. Foldern.d.
B 35F 21TechCommons. Foldern.d.
B 35F 22Teiger Architects. Folder, Holiday cards, Invitation (David Teiger)n.d.
B 35F 23Telemundo Group, Inc. Folders, Telemundo Movies Holiday card and envelopen.d.
B 35F 24Telemundo Group, Inc. Folder with enclosuresn.d.
B 36F 1Tennessee Aquarium. Brochuren.d.
B 36F 2Thaibok Fabrics Ltd. Wholesale price list1963
B 36F 3Thyssen-Bornemisza nv. Annual Report, Booklet, "Products and Services"1975
B 36F 4Time Inc. Booklet, "Since Time Began"1960s
B 36F 5Time Life Medical. Folder with press materials, Booklet, "Anorexia & Bulemia"1994
B 36F 6Time Warner. Invitation, "Faster Higher Stronger", folder for Time Warner Cable of New York City, reproduction art (3 different), card, note paper, 2004
B 36F 7Tokio Marine. News Release folder with graphic identity enclosures, Graphic identity announcementn.d.
B 36F 8Toledo Museum of Art. Members Monthly Newsletter, May 2000, Booklet, "Classically Modern"2000
B 36F 9Torin Corporation. Preliminary Style Guide (unbound)n.d.
B 36F 10Torin Corporation. Booklet, "Torin North America", Booklet, "When computer cooling demands more than a stock reply"n.d.
B 36F 11Torin Corporation. Booklets, "Torin + plastic" (2), "Torin Blower Wheels", "Torin FormFlo"n.d.
B 36F 12Torin Corporation. Booklets, "Torin Horizontal Four Sides", "Torin Nonferrous Milling Lines", "Torin One-piece Fans", "Torin Springmakers"n.d.
B 36F 13Torin Corporation. Booklets, "Torin TA1000", "Torin Torsion Winders", "Torin Verti-slides"n.d.
B 36F 14Torin Corporation. Folder, Advertisement, "Let's put it together", Advertisement, "A Stouthearted Fan"n.d.
B 36F 15Torrington. Catalog1963
B 36F 16Torrington. 83rd Annual Report; Booklet, "Torrington specializes"; Postcard; Envelope1967
B 36F 17Torrington. Advertisements, "Moving air is easy... controlling it takes an, Expert" (7 different, 4 double-sided), "The New Torrington Crossflo is..."; "There's a Torrington Machine..."; "This problem got action on a Torrington"; "Verti-Slide"; "What machine can take wire..."; "You can produce parts like this one..."n.d.
B 36F 18Torrington. Booklet, "Torrington Blowers"; Folder, "Torrington Blowers..."; Folder, "Dramatic savings in small parts. Verti-Slide..."; Brochure, "Torrington Crossflo..."; Newsletter, "The Engin-air" Vol. 10, No. 3n.d.
B 37F 1Towers Perrin. Graphic identity overviewn.d.
B 37F 2Tultex Corporation. New corporate name and logo announcementn.d.
B 37F 3The Two Hundredth Anniversary of George Washington's Inauguration. Folder1989
B 37F 4Type Directors Club and John Luke. A Twenty-four Page Book1987
B 37F 5Uarco Incorporated. Annual Report; Interim Report for the Second Quarter; Booklet, "Uarco today"1968
B 37F 6Uarco Incorporated. Booklet, "Retirement plan"; Folder; Folder with enclosures, "Forms Handling Equipment"; Magazine, "Forum"1968
B 37F 7Unicef / United Nations Children's Fund. Cardsn.d.
B 37F 8United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Annual Report2002
B 37F 9Union Pacific Corporation. Annual Report1979
B 37F 10Union Pacific Corporation. Annual Report; Second Quarter 1979 Annual Meeting Notes; Second Quarter Report1979
B 37F 11Union Pacific Corporation. Identifier Guidelines; Identifier Guidelines for Upland, "Committed to the Land: The Union Pacific Story" Film Support, Discussion Guiden.d.
B 37F 12Union Pacific Corporation. Booklets, "A Spectrum of Change: Union Pacific 1960/1980"; "Transportation Energy Natural Resources", Folder1980
B 37F 13United Banks of Colorado. Annual Report (United Bank of Denver); Advertisement, Quarterly Dividend; Bank slips1971
B 37F 14United Research. Calendar1986
B 37F 15United Research. Booklet, "Your Health Plan"n.d.
B 37F 16United Research. Covers (all by TG), Conference program, "Leadership for a New Decade", Holiday cards; Envelopen.d.
B 37F 17United Research. Booklets, "Managing the Dream: How Global Should You Go?" (Gemini Consulting); "Managing the Dream: Leadership in the 21st Century"; "Managing the Dream: Organizing for the 21st Century"n.d.
B 38F ƒUnited States Department of Transportation. Book, "Symbol Signs", 1974
B 38F 2United States Department of Transportation. Book, "Symbol Signs 2", 1979
B 38F 3United States Environmental Protection Agency. Booklet, "A Global Environmental Concern"; "Women and the Environment..."; Pamphlets, "Mechanics..."; "World Environment Day 1978"; "Buying a Car Overseas?"1977
B 38F 4United States General Services Administration. Booklet, "United States Courthouse and Federal Building, Central Islip, New York"; 'Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service2000
B 38F 5United States General Services Administration. Booklet, "A Model of Excellence The New Federal Building, San Francisco, California"2001
B 38F 6United States General Services Administration. Booklet, "United States Courthouse, Montgomery Alabama"2002
B 38F 7United States Information Agency (USIA). Booklet for Graphic Arts - USA (includes English translation from Lyndon B. Johnson); Folder with enclosures for Graphic Arts - USA Booklet (flag) (2), 1964
B 38F 7AUnited States Information Agency (USIA). Buttons for Graphic Arts - USA (2)n.d.
B 38F 9United States Information Agency (USIA). Card and envelopen.d.
B 38F 10United States Pavilion, Expo '67. Booklet (2), 1967
B 38F 10AUnited States Pavilion, Japan World Exposition, Osaka 1970. Booklet1970
B 38F 10AUnited States Pavilion, Japan World Exposition, Osaka 1970. Folder (2)1970
B 38F 11The University Club. Menun.d.
B 38F 12University of Connecticut at Stamford. Opening Ceremonies Program; Brochures, "Capital Campaign", Brochure, "Campus Guide"; Invitations to Formal Dedication Ceremonies and Gala Ball1998
B 38F 13Univision. Folder; Standard Broadcast Calendar; Brochure, "News"; Flyer, "Specials" (2 different)n.d.
B 38F 13AVan Cliburn International Competition (Ninth). Brochures, folder, postcards, 1993
B 38F 14Veeder - Root Worldwide. Advertisements (2 different)1962
B 39F 1Viacom International Inc. Booklet1990
B 39F 2Viacom International Inc. Dateline Viacom, Brochure for Viapac1990
B 39F 3Visual Arts Foundation Inc. Folded poster for "The Master Series: Ivan Chermayeff Graphic Design: Art & Process (3)n.d.
B 39F 4Warburg, Pincus Counsellors, Inc. Booklet for E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co., Inc.n.d.
B 39F 5Warburg, Pincus Counsellors, Inc. Folder with enclosuresn.d.
B 39F 6Warner Bros. / Reprise. Guide cover, June 1999 / Part 11999
B 39F 7War Resisters League. Mailer / order form (pencil "X" on verso)1958
B 39F 8Washington University Community Leadership Project. Magazine, "Trans-action" May/June 19651965
B 39F 9Watching words move / The Composing Room. Watching Words Move Booklet (2)n.d.
B 39F 10Westinghouse. Advertisement (2)n.d.
B 39F 11Westvaco. Brochure, "Run-ability"; Booklets, "matte", "Celesta: True to your colors"1975
B 39F 12White House Conference on Children. Certificate; Cover, "World of Children" (2); Film schedule; Holiday card; Pamphlet, "Sounds of Children" (2)1970
B 39F 13White House Conference on Youth. Book, "Report of the White House Conference on Youth"1971
B 39F 14Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris. Booklet, "Twentieth Century Sculpture: Process and Presence"; Brochure1983
B 39F 15William S. Morris & Co. Booklet, "Toward a workable theory of markets" by William S., Morrisn.d.
B 39F 16WNET New York. Folder for "The Mind"1988
B 39F 17Workspeed. Foldern.d.
B 39F 18World Policy Institute, New School for Social Research. World Policy Paper Number 241983
B 39F 19World Policy Institute, New School for Social Research. World Policy Journal, Volume XI, No 2Summer 1994
B 39F 20Wrangler. Graphics manual (unbound)n.d.
B 40F ƒXerox Corporation. Annual Report, 1962
B 40F 2Xerox Corporation. Annual Report1964
B 40F 3Xerox Corporation. Annual Report1966
B 40F ƒXerox Corporation. Annual Report, 1968
B 40F 5Xerox Corporation. Annual Report1971
B 40F 6Xerox Corporation. Annual Report1973
B 40F 7Xerox Corporation. Annual Report1975
B 40F 8Xerox Corporation. Booklets, "The Xerox Capabilities Book", "A special report"1972
B 40F 9Xerox Corporation. Book, "An idea book" (hardcover)n.d.
B 40F 10Xerox Corporation. Book, "An idea book" (paperback)n.d.
B 40F 11Xerox Corporation. Booklets, "How xerography works"; "Somewhere in unthought of concepts..." (dual ladder program); "To be continued...", n.d.
B 40F 12Xerox Corporation. Booklets, "A share of the future", "Xerox Social Service Leave Program"n.d.
B 40F 13Xerox Corporation. Booklet, "Scientist, Meet the Press"n.d.
B 40F 14Xerox Corporation. Booklet, "Why you are going to enjoy using the new 813 copier"n.d.
B 40F 14Xerox Corporation. Product list, "Photo Reproduction Products"n.d.
B 40F 15Xerox Corporation. Advertisement, "Test Sheet" (2)n.d.
B 40F 16Yale Roe Films. Videotape cover, "Israel '88 The Dream at Forty"1988
B 40F 17Young Audiences. Small folder1971
B 40F 18Young Audiences. Foldern.d.
B 41F 1Young Mens Christian Association of Greater New York (YMCA). Brochure, "The Y at 150"; Invitation2002
B 41F 2Zimmerman Design Associates (ZDA). Brochuren.d.
B 41F 3Mobil Oil Corporation. Annual report1965
B 41F 4Mobil Oil Corporation. Article, "Prototype for Service Stations: Mobil Tests Effect of Design on Sales at 58 Locations", Architectural RecordMay 1967
B 41F 5Mobil Oil Corporation. Booklets, "Building and Office Identification"; "Corporate Identity 1"; "Fuel Service Design"; "Landscape Manual"n.d.
B 41F 6Mobil Oil Corporation. Booklets, "LP-Gas Design Standards"; "Mini-Market Design Standards"; "Motor Vehicle Painting and Lettering Standards"; "Posters made possible by a grant from Mobil"1973
B 41F 7Mobil Oil Corporation. Booklets, "Mobil Service Station Signs"; "Planned Merchandising for Mobil Stations"; Branding and Identity Booklets (final done by C&G for Mobil); "The Brand" (in French)n.d.
B 41F 8Mobil Oil Corporation. Branding and Identity Booklets, "Community Relations"; "Crisis Communications"; "Foundation"n.d.
B 41F 9Mobil Oil Corporation. Branding and Identity Booklets, "Graphics Overview", "Positioning"n.d.
B 41F 10Mobil Oil Corporation. Calendar1981
B 41F 11Mobil Oil Corporation. Envelope for Masterpiece Theatre (discolored)n.d.
B 41F 12Mobil Oil Corporation. Folder for IAAF Mobil Grand Prix; Folder for Masterpiece Theatern.d.
B 41F 13Mobil Oil Corporation. Folders for The Seven Dials Mystery, Summershow, Showcase Networkn.d.
B 41F 14Mobil Oil Corporation. Folders for Ten Who Dared, Mobil Showcase, The Way It Wasn.d.
B 41F ƒMobil Oil Corporation. Graphic Standards Manual, 1980s
B 41F 16Mobil Oil Corporation. Graphic Standards - An Overview1980s
B 42F 1Mobil Oil Corporation. Graphics Guidelines (original)1960s
B 42F 2Mobil Oil Corporation. Graphics Overview [done after 1980s version but before final]n.d.
B 42F 3Mobil Oil Corporation. Mobil Graphics 1-12 (updates; complete set)1971-1987
B 42F 4Mobil Oil Corporation. Mobil Graphics: press release with photographs announcing Mobil's change in graphics1966
B 42F 5Mobil Oil Corporation. Mobil World, "Mobil in perspective: a history of the corporation, 1866-1966"n.d.
B 42F 5Mobil Oil Corporation. Booklet, "Mobil: the second century", 1966
B 42F 6Mobil Oil Corporation. Standard Color for Paint (11 different)1971-75
B 42F 7Mobil Oil Corporation. Standard Color for Paint (7 different)1970-94
B 42F 8Mobil Oil Corporation - Mobil Land Development Corporation. Booklets, "Communities"; "For business"1992
B 42F 9Mobil Oil Corporation - Mobil Land Development Corporation. Brochure, "Communities", Folders (2 different)1992
B 42F 10Mobil Oil Corporation - Mobil Land Development Corporation. Graphic guidelines for Mobil Land communitiesn.d.
B 42F 11Mobil Miscellaneous. Invitation to Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery dinner; Invitation to Mobil Showcase Network preview for King Lear, Two by Forsyth and A Voyage Round My Father; Flyer for Free Concerts, "The Twelve Days of Christmas"1974-1982
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 3. Oversize Printed Samples
B 43Mobil Oil de Mexico. Book: Arte Popular/Mexicano; (Consultor de arte: Ivan Chermayeff)1987
B 43Museum of Modern Art, New York. Book: Drawing Now: Eight Propositions by Laura Hoptman; Design by Emanuela Frigerio and Tom Geismar2002
B 43U.S. General Services Administration. Book: Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Servicen.d.
B 44F 1Burlington House. The Mill at Burlington Housen.d.
B 44F 2The Campaign For Endowmentn.d.
B 44F 1Charles Square. Foldern.d.
B 44F 1Corcoran Gallery of Art. Open Free Thursdaysn.d.
B 44F 1ADavis Delaney, Inc. Brochure and envelopen.d.
B 44F 1Edgewood. William Armbuster (2)1962
B 44F 1BFort Worth Art Museum. Brochure, "Los Angeles in the Seventies"1977
B 44F 1Fortune 500 board game1979
B 44F 1General Fireproof. GF Diamond 400'sn.d.
B 44F 4Herman Miller. Poster advertisementsn.d.
B 44F 7Howard Wise Gallery. Water Colors1961
B 44F 2IDCA: International Design Conference in Aspen. Ceux de Chez Nous (2)1997
B 44F 2JCDecaux USA. Street Funituren.d.
B 44F 2John F. Kennedy Library. Envelopen.d.
B 44F 2John F. Kennedy Library. Brochure (sailboats)n.d.
B 44F 2John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. Brochuren.d.
B 44F 3Kingman Island. Brochuren.d.
B 44F 3Knoll. Design Workspace: Intelligent (2)1992
B 44F 3Knoll Design. Brochure (2)n.d.
B 44F 3Knoll. Advertisement, "Knoll: One Company combines the power of award-winning..."1993
B 44F 3The Knoll Group. Identity Guidelinesn.d.
B 44F 3Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Student Program, n.d.
B 44F 4AMobil World Vol. 46 No. 2February 1980
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B 44F 6Spiritually Moving. A Collection of American Folk Art Sculpturen.d.
B 44F 7Telemundo. Graphic Standards Guidelinesn.d.
B 44F 7UCLA. Extension Summer Quarter (2)1999
B 44F 7AWestvaco. Envelope (animal speeds for Run-ability), 1975
B 44F 7Xerox. Can You Help Our World A Little?n.d.
B 45IBM. Corporate Furniture Standards1982
B 45NBC. Graphic Design Standards1985
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 4. Book Jackets
B 42F 12Alperovitz, Gar. Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdamn.d.
B 42F 12Ayme, Marcel. The Proverb and Other Storiesn.d.
B 42F 13Ayme, Marcel. The Conscience of Loven.d.
B 42F 14Bauer, Raymond Augustine, Alex Inkeles and Clyde Kluckhohn. How the Soviet System Worksn.d.
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B 42F 14Brown, Sterling. Negro Poetry and Drama and the Negro in American Fictionn.d.
B 42F 14Chermayeff, Ivan, Fred Wasserman and Mary J. Shapiro. Ellis Island: An Illustrated History of the Immigrant Experiencen.d.
B 42F 14Corwin, Edward S.. The Constitution and What it Means Todayn.d.
B 42F 15Clurman, Harold. The Naked Image: Observations on the Modern Theatren.d.
B 42F 16Donovan, James B. Strangers On A Bridge: The Case of Colonel Abeln.d.
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B 42F 17Durdin, Tillman. Southeast Asian.d.
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B 42F 17Friendly, Alfred and Ronald Goldfarb. Crime and Publicityn.d.
B 42F 17Frank, John P. The Warren Court: A Personality and Photographic Portrait of the Justices of Today's United States Supreme Courtn.d.
B 42F 18Garfinkel, Herbert. When Negroes Marchn.d.
B 42F 18Greene, Lorenzo Johnston. The Negro in Colonial New Englandn.d.
B 42F 19Gold, Herbert. First Person Singularn.d.
B 42F 20Gold, Herbert. The Optimistn.d.
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B 42F 30Warburg, Sandol Stoddard. Keep It Like a Secret, n.d.
B 42F 30White, Theodore H. The Making of the President 1972n.d.
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 5. Three-Dimensional Objects
B 45Mobil. All Seasons Motor Oil. (Super 10W-40 oil can)n.d.
B 45Mobil. Mobil 1 Synthesized Engine Lubricant oil cann.d.
B 45Mobil Masterpiece Theatre. Paperweight for 15th Anniversary Season 1985-861985
B 45Mobil Showcase Network. Paperweight for Edward and Mrs. Simpson programn.d.
B 46Liz Claiborne. Packaging Samples (8 pieces)
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 6. Album Covers
B 47Gramavision. Blake, John. Adventures of the Heart1987
B 47Gramavision. Blake, John. A New Beginning1988
B 47Gramavision. Carter, John. Dance of the Love Ghosts1987
B 47Gramavision. Carter, John. Fields, 1988
B 47Gramavision. Carter, John. Shadows On A Wall, 1989
B 47Gramavision. Dagradi, Tony. Sweet Remembrance1987
B 47Gramavision. Davis, Anthony. Undine, 1987
B 47Gramavision. Davis, Anthony. The Ghost Factory, 1988
B 47Gramavision. Hart, Billy. Rah, 1988
B 47Gramavision. Jazz Sampler Volume 31986
B 47Gramavision. Lake, Oliver. Gallery, 1986
B 47Gramavision. Lake, Oliver. Impala1987
B 47Gramavision. Lake, Oliver. Otherside1988
B 47Gramavision. MacDowell, Al. Time Peace1989
B 47Gramavision. Previte, Bobby. Pushing the Envelope1987
B 47Gramavision. Previte, Bobby. Claude's late Morning1988
B 47Gramavision. Rhythm & Blu: John Blake, Didier Lockwood, Michael Urbaniak, 1986
B 47Gramavision. Scofield, John. Blue Matter1987
B 47Gramavision. Swartz, Harvie. Smart Moves1986
B 47Gramavision. Watanabe, Kazumi. Kilowatt1989
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 7. Posters and Prints
D 1F 1Air Canada. Atlantic Provinces, 30 x 20n.d.
D 1F 1Air Canada. Montreal, 30 x 20n.d.
D 1F 1Air Canada. Quebec City, 30 x 20n.d.
D 1F 1Air Canada. Rockies, 30 x 20n.d
D 1F 1Air Canada. Toronto, 30 x 20n.d.
D 1F 1Air Canada. Vancouver, 30 x 20n.d
D 1F 2Albright-Knox Art Gallery. 125th Anniversary, The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, 39 X 241986
D 6F 1Alvin Ailey. Alvin Ailey 25 yearsn.d.
D 1F 3American Academy in Rome. Rome Prize Fellowships, 34 3/4 x 23n.d
D 1F 4AIS/ American Bell. Respondability1983
D 1F 5American Chemical Society. Taking Things Apart and Putting Things Together, 33 7/8 X 251976
D 1F 6American Express Insurance. Yes We Can (Aqua & Purple), 36 X 24n.d
D 1F 6American Express Insurance. Yes We Can (Orange & Red), 36 x 24n.d.
D 1F 6American Express Insurance. Yes We Can (Red & Beige), 36 x 24n.d.
D 1F 6American Express Insurance. Yes We Can (Red/Beige & Aqua/Purple), 36 x 24n.d
D 1F 7AIGA. Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. designing over four decades (timeline), 24 x 362004
D 1F 8AIGA. Color, 35 x 241974
D 1F 9AIGA. Steff Geissbuhler / Chermayeff & Geismar / Collaboration, 36 x 24n.d.
D 1F 10AIGA. Symbol Signs, n.d.
D 1F 11AIGA Baltimore. Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar: Presenting their process of designing over four decades2004
D 1F 12AIGA Miami. AIGA Miami2000
D 1F 13AIGA New York. AIGA New York1987
D 1F 14AIGA New York. An Evening with Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. (At Tishman Auditorium, The New School)2003
D 1F 15AIGA New York. Then and now: 35 years of graphic, exhibit and environmental design. Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, John Grady and Steff Geissbuhler present the work of Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. at F.I.T. on Thursday November 10th at 7pmn.d.
D 1F 16American Republic Insurance Company. Americare is what we aren.d.
D 1F 17American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-19761976
D 1F 18Amicus Journal / Natural Resources Defense Council. The Amicus Journal1983
D 1F 19Art Expo New York. Art Expo New York 19791979
D 1F 20Aspen Art Museum / IDCA. Roland Roure1990
D 9F 17Besuchen sie die U.S.A. (Visit the U.S.A.)n.d.
D 1F 21Bienale Brno 96. Plakaty / Posters Ivan Chermayeff / USA1996
D 1F 22Big Apple Circus. Big Apple Circus : Our elephants are close enough to steal your popcorn! (elephant with yellow background)1989
D 6F 2Big Apple Circus. The Big Apple Circus: Go Wild! Go West!1989
D 6F 3Big Apple Circus. Big Apple Circus: New York's very own circus in a magical all new show with the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe under the Trump Tent at Lincoln Center Oct. 27 - Jan. 2n.d.
D 6F 4Bunkamura / Lincoln Center. Mostly Mozart1993
D 1F 23Cable Health Network. We Can Make Your Life a Better PLace To Live1982
D 1F 24Cambridge Seven. Celebrating Thirty Years of Aquarium Planning and Designn.d.
D 1F 25Champion / Dallas Society of Visual Communications. Come See Tom and the Horse He Rode in Onn.d.
D 1F 26Champion. F1994
D 1F 27Champion. Z1994
D 6F 5City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York is Art (New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair)n.d.
D 1F 28City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs and The Department of Parks and Recreation. Wrapping Up The 70's: New Year's in Central Park1979
D 9F 12City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affairn.d.
D 6F 6Ctiy of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York is Children (New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair)n.d.
D 6F 7City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York is: Gardens & Zoos (New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair)n.d.
D 6F 8City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York is Heritage (New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair)n.d.
D 9F 13City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York is Dance (New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair)n.d.
D 6F 9City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York is Museums (New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair)n.d.
D 6F 10City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York is Music (New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair)n.d.
D 9F 14City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs. New York is Theater (New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair)n.d.
D 2F ƒComposing Room. A Return Exhibition of Graphic Design by Brownjohn, Chermayeff & Geismar, 22 in W x 28 in H1959
D 2F 2Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico / Fideicomiso de Conservacion de Puerto Rico. Hacienda Buena Vista Poncen.d.
D 2F 3Crafton. craftonship : color + registern.d.
D 2F 4Crafton. craftonship : embossingn.d.
D 2F 5Crane & Co. Crane's Social2005
D 2F 6The Dana Allliance for Brain Iniatives. The Dana Allliance for Brain Iniatives Declaration2004
D 2F 7Department of Transportation / AIGA. Department of Transportation symbols (5 different)n.d.
D 2F 8Designer's Saturday New York. Designer's Saturday New York Oct 7-8n.d.
D 2F 9Earth Fair. Earth Fair New York 951995
D 2F 10The Enterprise Foundation. The Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellowship2000
D 2F 11Equitable Gallery. Feeling Faces Martha Stuart1983
D 2F 12Expo 67 World's Fair. America's Expo Spectacular1967
D 2F 12Expo 67 World's Fair. Fantastic Forms of the Future1967
D 2F ƒExpo 67 World's Fair. Images of Our Times, 1967
D 2F ƒExpo 67 World's Fair. Kaleidoscope of Impressions, 1967
D 2F 13Festival de Cadaques. Estui 20012001
D 2F 14Film Society of Lincoln Center. 37th New York Film Festival1999
D 2F 15Fine Creations Inc. Fine Creations, 20 ⅛ in W x 20 ⅛ in H1950s
D 2F 16Forbes ASAP. The Universal Moment1998
D 2F 17Fulta Group. Wind Circus of Susumu Shingun.d.
D 2F 18Gemini. We Are What We Repeatedly Don.d.
D 2F 19Ginza Graphic Gallery. Ivan Chermayeff Collages / Harlequin1991
D 2F 20Glasnost Perestroika GorbyHeadn.d.
D 2F 21Gramavision. X : The Life and Times of Malcolm Xn.d.
D 2F 22Harper & Row. Sun Moon Star (book publicity)n.d.
D 2F 23Hartford Ballet. The Nutcracker1976
D 2F 24Hartford Stage Company / United Technologies. On The Townn.d.
D 8Home Box Offfice (HBO). Welcome Home!!! Vietnam Veterans1987
D 2F 25Illinois Institute of Technology. Institute of Design 50th Anniversary1987
D 2F 26Images International pour les droits de l'homme et du citoyen. The Rights of Man1989
D 2F 27Ingber Gallery. Ivan Chermayef Collages / New Guardian1987
D 2F 28International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). Ceux de Chez Nous (Green Dots)1984
D 2F ƒInternational Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). The Invisible City (airport baggage claim tickets), 24 x 36 in1972
D 6F 12International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA). It's Not About Sports, It's About Design1998
D 2F 30International Vintage Poster Fair. The International Vintage Poster Fair1995
D 3F 1Jacob's Pillow. Jacob's Pillow 19831983
D 3F 2Jacob's Pillow. Jacob's Pillow 1984 (Red)1984
D 3F 3Jacob's Pillow. Jacob's Pillow 1985 (purple)1985
D 3F 4Jacob's Pillow. Jacob's Pillow 1990 (blue)1990
D 3F 4Jacob's Pillow. Jacob's Pillow 1990 (green)1990
D 3F 4Jacob's Pillow. Jacob's Pillow 1990 (magenta)1990
D 3F 5Jacob's Pillow. Jacob's Pillow 19931993
D 3F 6Kennedy Center and Xerox Corporation. American Bicentennial Theater1976
D 3F 7Knoll. Parachuten.d.
D 3F 8Kongi's Harvest. This is the Year of Kongi's Harvestn.d.
D 3F 9Lar Lubovitch Dance Company / Roundabout Theatre. Lar Lubovitch Dance Companyn.d.
D 3F 10May. Max Beckmann1984
D 3F 11Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Minneapolis College of Art & Designn.d.
D 3F 13Mobil. The Art of Cameroon Evans Gallery1984
D 6F 13Mobil. The Compleat Gilbert and Sullivan: The Very Model of a Modern Major Musicale1984
D 3F 22Mobil / Corcoran Gallery of Art. Corcoran Gallery of Art "open thursday eve" (subway panels)1980
D 3F 23Mobil / Corcoran Gallery of Art. Images of an Era: The American Poster 1945-751976
D 3F 12Mobil. 53rd Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic1989
D 6F 14Mobil. Evenings at four museums: Summergarden at MOMA, Whitney, Guggenheim, Temple of Dendur at the Met1983
D 8F ƒMobil / Guggenheim. Guggenheim Museum Open Free Tuesday Evenings, 1977
D 8F 20Mobil / International Center of Photography. From Sea to Shining Sea: A Portrait of America photographs by Hiroji Kubota1992
D 6F 15Mobil. The Living Planet1985
D 6F 16Mobil. The Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth1985
D 6F 17Mobil. Masterpiece Radio Theatre1980
D 6F 18Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre 10th Anniversary Season 1980-811980
D 6F 19Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The 1981-1982 Season1981
D 6F 20Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Barchester Chronicles1984
D 6F 21Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Best Intentions1994
D 6F 22Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Body & Soul1994
D 6F 23Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Bretts1987
D 6F 24Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: By The Sword Divided1986
D 6F 25Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Calling The Shots1993
D 6F 26Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Christabel1989
D 6F 27Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Citadel1983
D 6F 28Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Cousin Bette1980
D 7F 1Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Crime and Punishment1980
D 7F 2Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Danger UXB, 30 in W x 46 in H1981
D 7F 3Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Doctor Finlay1993
D 7F 4Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Drake1983
D 7F 5Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Dutchess of Duke Streetn.d.
D 7F 6Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Duchess of Duke Street IIn.d.
D 7F 7Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Edward & Mrs. Simpson1979
D 7F 8Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Flickersn.d.
D 7F 9Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Good Soldier, 1983
D 7F 10Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler1993
D 7F 11Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Kean1979
D 7F 12Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Last Place On Earth1985
D 7F 13Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Lillie (blue)1979
D 7F 13Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Lillie (gray)1979
D 7F 14Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Lord Mountbatten - The Last Viceroy1986
D 7F 15Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Lost Empires1986
D 7F 16Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: The Mayor of Casterbridge1978
D 7F 17Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: A Murder of Quality1991
D 7F 18Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: My Son, My Son1980
D 7F 19Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Our Mutual Friend1978
D 7F 20Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Paradise Postponed1986
D 7F 21Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre Poldark II1978
D 7F 22Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Pride and Prejudice1980
D 7F 23Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Private Schulzn.d.
D 7F 24Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Sharpe: What he lacked in class he had in courage1993
D 7F 25Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Shoulder to Shouldern.d.
D 7F 26Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Sorrell and Son1987
D 7F 27Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Sunset Song1976
D 7F 28Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Titmuss Regained1992
D 8F 1Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Traffik, 1990
D 8F 2Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Upstairs, Downstairs (red), n.d.
D 8F 2Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Upstairs, Downstairs (Violet), n.d.
D 8F 2Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Upstairs, Downstairs (White), n.d.
D 8F 2Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Upstairs, Downstairs (Brown), n.d.
D 8F ƒMobil. Masterpiece Theatre: Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years, n.d.
D 3F 15Mobil. Masterpiece Theatre 1971-72 TV Schedule (subway sign)1971
D 8F 5Mobil. Mobil Masterpiece Theatre 15th Anniversary Season 1985-861985
D 8F 6Mobil. Mobil Masterpiece Theatre 1982-83 Season1982
D 8F 7Mobil. Mobil Masterpiece Theatre 1983-1984 Season1983
D 8F 8Mobil. Mobil Masterpiece Theatre Celebrates 20 Years on PBS1991
D 8F 9Mobil. Mobil Masterpiece Theatre Twentieth Anniversary Favorites1991
D 8F 17Mobil / Metropolitan Museum of Art. Treasures of Ancient Nigeria: Legacy of 2,000 Years (Cat)1980
D 8F 21Mobil / Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Temple of Dendur1978
D 8F 4Mobil. The Mobil Television Season on PBS 1985-86: Masterpieces, Mysteries! & Specials1985
D 8F 10Mobil. The Mobil Television Season on PBS '88-'891988
D 3F 16Mobil. The Museum of Broadcasting celebrates Mobil Masterpiece Theatre 15 years of excellence: A retrospective exhibition1986
D 8F 22Mobil / Museum of Modern Art. Summergarden (blue / green moon design)n.d.
D 8F 11Mobil. Mystery!: Miss Marple1986
D 8F 12Mobil. Mystery!: Reilly: Ace of Spies1984
D 3F 17Mobil. National Town Meeting (beige & red)1975
D 3F 18Mobil. National Town Meeting: The High Cost of Vigilance: National Defense Spendingn.d.
D 3F 19Mobil. National Town Meeting: John F. Kennedy Center (blue & red)1978
D 3F 20Mobil. National Town Meeting: Question The People Who Make The Newsn.d.
D 3F 21Mobil. Ninth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition1993
D 3F 24Mobil / Philadephia Museum of Art. Dutch Tiles: Philadelphia Museum of Art1984
D 8F 13Mobil. Piccadilly Circusn.d.
D 8F 14Mobil. Picturesn.d.
D 8F 15Mobil. Pride of Place: Building the American Dream1986
D 8F 23Mobil / San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Clyfford Still, 1974
D 8F 24Mobil Showcase. Between the Wars1977
D 8F 25Mobil Showcase. Doug Henning's World of Magic1976
D 8F 26Mobil Showcase. The Entertainer1975
D 8F 27Mobil Showcase. Maureen Stapleton in Queen of the Stardust Ballroom1976
D 8F 28Mobil Showcase. A Moon For The Misbegotten1976
D 9F 1Mobil Showcase Network. Churchill and the Generals1981
D 9F 2Mobil Showcase Network. James Clavell's The Children's Storyn.d.
D 9F 3Mobil Showcase Network. The Seven Dials Mystery1981
D 9F 4Mobil Showcase Network. Two by Forsyth1984
D 9F 5Mobil Showcase Network. A Voyage Round My Father1984
D 9F 6Mobil Showcase Network. Why Didn't They Ask Evans?1981
D 3F 14Mobil / Spoleto Festival. La Claca1981
D 3F 25Mobil / Spoleto Festival. The Desperate Husband1979
D 3F 26Mobil / Spoleto Festival. Il Furioso all'Isola di San Domingo1978
D 3F 27Mobil / Spoleto Festival. Two One-Act Operas: Monsieur Choufleuri by Jacques Offenbach / Le Docteur by Georges Bizet1980
D 8F 16Mobil. Summerpier (May 30-August 31)1981
D 9F 7Mobil / Time Life Television. The Search For Alexander the Great1982
D 9F 8Mobil / Town Hall. New York Nights1975
D 8F 18Mobil. Treasures of Ancient Nigeria: Legacy of 2,000 Years (Girls)1980
D 9F 9Mobil / Whitney Museum of American Art. Whitney Museum of American Art 75th & Madison open free Tuesday evenings1977
D 4F 1MOCA. The Temporary Contemporary / Automobile and Culture (yellow car)1984
D 4F 7Municipal Art Society / Philip Morris. The livable city: love it or lose itn.d.
D 4F 2Museum of Contemporary Art. The Temporary Contemporary / Automobile and Culture (red car with pegasus)1984
D 4F 3Musuem of Contemporary Art. The Temporary Contemporary1983
D 4F 4Musee Toulouse-Lautrec. we are one2001
D 4F 5Musee Toulouse-Lautrec. un petit homme, un grand artiste2001
D 4F 6Musee Toulouse-Lautrec. le nouveau salon de cent2001
D 9F 10Musei Civici Veneziani. BrasilConnects2001
D 4F 8Napoli '99. A poster commissioned by Napoli '99 Foundation as a contribution towards the cultural image of the city1999
D 4F 9National Building Museum. Tools As Art: The Hechinger Collection1989
D 4F 10National Endowment for The Arts. Cities are Neighborhoods, Neighborhoods are People: Conserve The Neighborhoodsn.d.
D 4F 11National Endowment for the Arts. What makes a city livable?n.d.
D 9F 11National Park Service, US Department of the Interior. North Cascades1972
D 4F 12National Parks of New York Harbor. National Parks of New York Harborn.d.
D 4F 13Neenah Paper. Question Mark / Punc't: Putting Punctuation in its Place2004
D 4F 14New Jersey Institute Of Technology. Graduate Studies In Architecturen.d.
D 4F 15New School for Social Research. The New School has a new symbol (various colors)n.d.
D 4F 16New York International Festival of the Arts / American Express. The First New York International Festival of The Arts June 13 - July 11 19881988
D 4F 17New York Philharmonic. Phone Festival II (music sheet flowers)1979
D 4F 18New York Public Library. The New York Public Library is Celebrating Its Second Centuryn.d.
D 4F 19New York State Department of Commerce (I Love NY). Syracuse Summer Sports Festival1981
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World Africa, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World Argentina, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World Austria, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World Bali1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World Eastern Europe, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World France1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World Hawaii / this time... discover the Pacific, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World New Zealand, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World Panama, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World Portugal, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World South America, 1971
D 9F 15Pan Am. Pan Am's World USA, 1971
D 4F 20Parsons School Of Design. Parsons Mural (black background)n.d.
D 4F 20Parsons School Of Design. Parsons Mural (white background)n.d.
D 4F 21Peace (Godzilla & King Kong)n.d.
D 4F 22Peace / My Daughter's Handn.d.
D 4F 23Phillips Academy / Addison Gallery. Ivan Chermayeff: Works and Process1984
D 4F 24Portfolio Center. Drawing On Experience1998
D 4F 25Portfolio Center / Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Steff Geissbuhler in Georgian.d.
D 4F 26Poster Auctions International, Inc. Poster Auction XXII May 5 19961996
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. A Room With a View: Landscapes in New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. Discover New York's Crown Jewels: Public Buildings in New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. Discover Your Roots: Transportation Buildings in New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. Gas Food Architecture: Roadside Buildings In New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. Join the Steeplechase: Religious Bulidings in New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. Meet the Pillars of Society: Cultural Buildings in New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. Share the Harvest: Farm Buildings in New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. These Buildings Mean Business: Commercial Buildings In New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. These Doors Open Minds: Educational Buildings in New York State1986
D 4F 27Preservation League of New York State. These Plants Will Grow on You: Industrial Buildings in New York State1986
D 6F 11Preservation League of New York State. Welcome Home: Domestic Buildings in New York State1986
D 4F 28ARicco/Maresca Gallery. Ivan Chermayeff: Recent Collages, "Foot Nose", 25.5 x 16.52001
D 4F 28Robert F. Kennedy Memorial. Robert F. Kennedy Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournamentn.d.
D 5F 1School of Visual Arts. The Master Series: Ivan Chermayeff Graphic Design: Art & Process1995
D 5F ƒShoshin Society. Peace (broken plate), 1987
D 5F 3Simpson Paper. Connections, Ivan Chermayeffn.d.
D 5F 4Simpson Paper. Connections, Tom Geismar, Roboticn.d.
D 5F 5Simpson Paper. Sequences, 'Which Came First...?'n.d.
D 5F 6Smithsonian Institution / National Museum of American Art. Posters American Style1998
D 5F 7SOS Kinderdorfer. SOS Kinderdorfer helfen weltweit1989
D 5F 8Sparkasse. 30. 10. '81 Weltspartag1981
D 5F 9Spiritually Moving. Spiritually Moving: A Collection of American Folk Art Sculpture (tiger face)1998
D 5F 9Spiritually Moving. Spiritually Moving: A Collection of American Folk Art Sculpture (weather vane)1998
D 9F 16Statue of Liberty National Monument / U.S. Department of the Interior / National Park Service. Visit the American Museum of Immigration at the Statue of Liberty1974
D 5F 10Stony Island. Stony Islandn.d.
D 5F 11Theater Grottesco. This is Life as We Know it...2001
D 5F 12UNDP. Millennium Development Goal: Achieve Universal Primary Educationn.d.
D 5F 12UNDP. Millennium Development Goal: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseasesn.d.
D 5F 12UNDP. Millennium Development Goal: Develop a Global Partnership for Developmentn.d.
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Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 8. Miscellaneous
B 50Mobil Oil. (Miscellaneous lettering, etc.)n.d.
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B 51AIDS poster original art (cut paper and fabric), 4 sketches, and slides; by Steff Geissbuhler.n.d.
B 51Bronx Zoo World of Birds. (Construction packages and color renderings)n.d.
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 9. Exhibition Catalogs
Ivan Chermayeff: A Pedagogical Scrapbook by Ellen Lupton (accompanies "Ivan Chermayeff: Design Processes" exhibition at Herb Lubalin Study Center, Cooper Union, January 17 - February 3, 1989) (4)1989
B 52Ivan Chermayeff: Paintings, Drawings, Prints; Gimpel & Weitzenhoffer (6)April 13-May 15, 1971
B 52Ivan Chermayeff: Cats, Masks, Tables: Collages 1982; Galerie Ulysses, Vienna (4)1982
B 52Ivan Chermayeff: Posters (Design Centre of the Czech Republic, Moravian Gallery of Brno, June 19 - August 31, 1996)1996
B 52The Masters Series: Ivan Chermayeff; Visual Arts Museum, School of Visual ArtsOctober 2 - October 20, 1995
B 52Chermayeff & Geismar Inc: designing over four decades; Corcoran Gallery of Art, Corcoran College of Art + Design (2)November 24-January 31, 2005
B 52Ivan Chermayeff: Collages 1987-2011; David Findlay Jr Gallery, New YorkDecember 1 - December 24, 2011
B 52Miscellaneous gallery invitations
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 10. About Chermayeff & Geismar
B 52"Graphics Taken to New Dimensions" ArchitectureDecember 1985
B 52"Barn Appeal: Ivan and Jane Clark Chermayeff's Country House" from Architectural Digest, June 1989.June 1989
B 52"The Collage Work of Ivan Chermayeff" by Steven Heller, Graphis 27/4July/August 1991
B 52"Staples to Blancmange" from Forum vol. 139 no. 3October 1973
B 52Article about Ivan Chermayeff's country home
B 52"Voodoo Signs of the Business World" The New York Times Magazine (2)August 10, 1975
B 52"Chermayeff & Geismar Associates" unknown publication in English and Japanese (3)late 1960s-early 1970s
B 52"Chermayeff & Geismar" by Henry Wolf, Graphis Magazine, No. 188 (2)1976/1977
B 52"Chermayeff & Geismar Inc.: The difficulty of being simple" DomusMarch 1998
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B 52"Architecture, Environment and Graphic Design - The Works of Ivan + Peter Chermayeff" Space Design 11 (3)1976
B 52Progressive Architecture, special section on Expo '70August 1970
B 52"Problem Defining Problem Solving" by Tom Geismar, Speaking Out on Annual Reports, p. 40 (2)1977
B 52"Chermayeff & Geismar: Design Freshness from Design Diversity" Print XVI:V (2)September-October 1962
B 52"Ivan Chermayeff" Communication Arts (special issue on museum promotion), p. 72.September-October 1978
B 52"Ivan Chermayeff: A Design Anatomy", DQ 1101979
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B 52"The best thoughts rise to the surface: an interview with Ivan Chermayeff", Rough Vol. 13 Issue 109January 2004
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B 52Fortune. "The Men Who Changed Mobil's Look"July 1967
B 52Mobil World. "A Look at Mobil's New Face"October 1968
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 11. Digital Files > Pepsi-Cola Annual Reports and Pepsi-Cola World covers
Pepsi-Cola Annual Report cover1959
Pepsi-Cola Annual Report cover1961
Pepsi-Cola Annual Report cover1965
Pepsi-Cola World coverNovember 1957
Pepsi-Cola World coverDecember 1957
Pepsi-Cola World coverJanuary 1958
Pepsi-Cola World coverApril 1958
Pepsi-Cola World coverJune 1958
Pepsi-Cola World coverSummer 1958
Pepsi-Cola World coverNovember 1958
Pepsi-Cola World coverDecember 1958
Pepsi-Cola World coverMarch 1959
Pepsi-Cola World coverApril 1959
Pepsi-Cola World coverMay 1959
Pepsi-Cola World coverSummer 1959
Pepsi-Cola World coverJanuary 1960
Pepsi-Cola World coverFebruary 1960
Pepsi-Cola World coverApril 1960
Pepsi-Cola World coverFall 1960
Pepsi-Cola World coverDecember 1960
Pepsi-Cola World coverMarch 1961
Pepsi-Cola World coverJune 1961
Pepsi-Cola World coverSummer 1961
Pepsi-Cola World coverSeptember 1961
Pepsi-Cola World coverOctober 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverNovember 1961
Pepsi-Cola World coverDecember 1961
Pepsi-Cola World coverJanuary 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverFebruary 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverMarch 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverApril 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverMay 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverSeptember 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverOctober 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverNovember 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverDecember 1962
Pepsi-Cola World coverJanuary 1963
Pepsi-Cola World coverFebruary 1963
Pepsi-Cola World coverMarch 1963
Pepsi-Cola World coverMay 1963
Pepsi-Cola World coverJune 1963
Pepsi-Cola World coverSeptember 1963
Pepsi-Cola World coverJanuary 1964
Pepsi-Cola World coverFebruary 1964
Pepsi-Cola World coverSeptember 1964
Pepsi-Cola World coverDecember 1964
Pepsi-Cola World coverJanuary 1965
Pepsi-Cola World coverApril 1965
Pepsi-Cola World coverSummer 1965
Pepsi-Cola World coverSeptember 1965
Pepsi-Cola World coverNovember 1965
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Chermayeff & Geismar Collection > Series 11. Digital Files > National Park Symbols
Falling rock
Street crossing
Food (knife and fork)
Picnic area
Women's restroom
Boat dock
Gas station
Camper parking
Camping area