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Ed McCabe is considered one of the advertising industry’s most creative copywriters. He co-founded Scali, McCabe, Sloves advertising agency in 1967 and then McCabe & Company in 1991. He is responsible for some the world’s most successful and enduring advertising campaigns for clients including Perdue, Volvo, Hebrew National, and Maxell. In 1974, he was elected to the One Club Hall of Fame.

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Four boxes and one flat file drawer.

Scope and Contents

The Ed McCabe Collection features one hundred and forty-four print advertisements for more than thirty different clients, including many of his best known campaigns such as Volvo and Perdue Farms. The work in this collection ranges from 1961-1996, the bulk of which was produced in the 1970s. The materials in this collection were either in or considered for the exhibition The Masters Series: Ed McCabe/Strong Words at the School of Visual Arts.


This collection is open for research.


Ed Mccabe Collection, [series. item]. Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives, Visual Arts Foundation, New York.

Acquisition Information

The Ed McCabe Collection was acquired as a gift from Ed McCabe.

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Milton Glaser Design Archive > Ed McCabe Collection > Series 1. Advertisements
11American Express Travel Service. "All Those in Favor of American Express Getting Us Together Again Next Time, Signify by Saying Aye."1961
11American Express Travel Service. Group Travel Is Easy1961
12Barney's (See Also: Oversize). Is this Trip Necessary? (2)1973
12Barney's. Just Looking. (Pin)1973
12Barney's. "Once a Year, Barney's Becomes the World's Largest Women's Store."1975
12Barney's. The Conservative Clothes Are in the Right Wing.1974
12Barney's. You Go Out of Your Way to Get Here. We've Got to Pay You Back. (4)1973
13Canoe. "Girls Will Ask ""What's That You're Wearing, Honey?"""1996
13Canoe. "Guys Won't Ask ""What's That You're Wearing, Honey?"""1996
13Canoe. It's Hard to Feel Like a Man if You Smell Like a Woman.1996
15Cinzano. Cinzano Ashtrays Are Only Ashtrays. But Cinzano Candlesticks Are Also Vermouth.1966
16Citizens for a Quieter New York City. Noise Pollution Won't Kill You. It Can Only Drive You Nuts or Make You Deaf.1967
17"Citizens for Clean Air, Inc.". Introducing a New Disease: New York Lungs.1965
17"Citizens for Clean Air, Inc.". "Tomorrow Morning when You Get Up, Take a Nice Deep Breath. It'll Make You Rotten. (2)"1965
17"Citizens for Clean Air, Inc.". Your Lungs Are as Grimy as Your Windowsill.1965
18Coleman (See Also: Oversize). Remember How Great Beef Used to Taste? (See Also: Oversize)1989
18Coleman. "Taste the Beef That Escaped the Meddlesome Hand of Man. (3 Pieces, 2 Variations) (See Also: Oversize)"1989
18Coleman. "What Would Beef Be Without Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics? (2) (See Also: Oversize)"1989
19Corning. "If You Don't Want Your 5-Piece Place Settings to Turn into 10-Piece Place Settings, Buy Centura Tableware."1965
110Cutty Sark. Cutty Sark (Close up of Glass)1977
110Cutty Sark. Cutty Sark (Photo of Billboard)1977
110Cutty Sark. Even the Colour of the Label Separates Cutty Sark form the Rest. (2)1976
110Cutty Sark. How to Improve a Bottle of Chivas Regal.1977
110Cutty Sark. It Took a Wine Merchant to Blend a Scotch this Pleasing to the Palate.1976
110Cutty Sark. Scotch so Smooth It Never Makes Waves.1977
110Cutty Sark. "Somehow, Scotch Bottled Elsewhere Isn't Quite the Same."1977
110Cutty Sark. The Scotch with Greatness Written All Over It.1976
110Cutty Sark. The Ship that Brought America Its Taste for Scotch.1976
111DataGeneral. Qtam? Sno Bol? Bomp? Doesn't Anybody in the Computer Business Speak English? (2)1975
112Distilled Spirit Council of the U.S.. """You Dropped an Olive Down Norma Gray's Blouse Last Night."1978
112Distilled Spirit Council of the U.S.. A Safe Way to Find Out How Much Liquor You Can Hold.1978
112Distilled Spirit Council of the U.S.. Anyone Who Can't Walk a Straight Line Can't Drive One. (2)1978
112Distilled Spirit Council of the U.S.. Are You Man Enough to Drink Less Than the Rest of the Boys?1978
112Distilled Spirit Council of the U.S.. "If Your Idea of a Good Time is Listed on this Page, You Ought to Have Your Head Examined. (2)"1978
112Distilled Spirit Council of the U.S.. Nobody Ever Woke Up Regretting Having One Too Few.1978
113Elgin. "If the Elgin Datemaster Is a Gimmick, Why Do You Look at Your Watch When Someone Asks You for the Date?"1962
113Elgin. Today Is a Good Day to See these Elgin Datemasters at Your Jeweler's.1962
21Goebel Beer. One of the Best Things About Goebel Beer Is that It Doesn't Taste Anything Like Old Goebel Beer.1964
22Hertz (See Also: Oversize). Aha! You Were Expecting Another Get Tough with Avis Ad.1967
22Hertz. Drive to Where the Action Isn't. (2)1966
22Hertz. "The Harder They Try, the Better We Get."1967
23Horn & Hardart (See Also: Oversize). Surprise! Chocolate Whipped Cream Pies Are Here.1965
23Horn & Hardart. The Following Horn & Hardart Items Are Strictly for the Bird.1965
23Horn & Hardart. We Sell Five Kinds of Horn & Hardart Halloween Goodies. (partial)1965
23Horn & Hardart. """Please Don't Mess Up this Washroom."" -The Man Who Washes the Washroom."1965
24Municiple Art Society of New York. Too Bad We Can't Win Them All. (3)n.d.
25Nikon. Presenting the Nikon Line.1983
25Nikon. We Take the World's Greatest Pictures.1981
26Perdue . Finally An Ad With Some Meat To It.1990
26Perdue (See Also: Oversize). Great Eating for People With Blunt Teethn.d.
26Perdue. How Not To Get Plucked At The Poultry Counter. (2)1982
26Perdue. How to Tell My Chickens1972
26Perdue. I Breed Chickens With The Biggest Breasts In The Business.1973
26Perdue. I Developed A Chicken That Lays Golden Eggs. (2)1973
26Perdue. I Wouldn't Put My Good Name On A Bad Chicken.1972
26Perdue. If It Costs Less Than Perdue, It's Probably Worth It. (2)1976
26Perdue. "If You Grew Chickens, They'd Be Golden Yellow, Too."n.d.
26Perdue. It Pays to Advertise1974
26Perdue. "Ladies, Please Squeeze (2)"1976
26Perdue. My Chickens Eat Better1972
26Perdue. My Chickens Eat Better (2) (See Also: Oversize)1971
27Perdue. "My Fresh, Young Chickens Cost Less Per Pound Than Hot Dogs"1972
27Perdue. No One Makes it Easier For You To Make A Buck Selling Chickens.1978?
27Perdue. Perdue logon.d.
27Perdue. Quick. Name a Chicken (4)1975
27Perdue. Take a Tender Young Thing Home For Dinner.1974
27Perdue. The Only Cornish Game Hen You Can Drop Without Breaking Your Foot.1978
27Perdue. The Way to Make Great Chickens Is To Spoil Them.1977
27Perdue. They Go Down Without A Fight.1979
27Perdue. They're So Tender (2)1977
27Perdue. What Some of my Competitors Call 'Fresh' Isn't Fresh to Me. (2)1978
27Perdue. When is a Chicken not a football? (2)1974
27Perdue. When You Buy My Chicken You Don't Get A Dirty Bird.n.d.
27Perdue. When You Want a Lamb Chop You Don't Buy One of These, Do You? (2)1982
27Perdue. Who Cares Where the Beef Is?1984
27Perdue. Why Did the Customer Cross The Road (4)1973
28Pioneer/Maxell. After 500 Plays our High Fidelity Tape Still Delivers High Fidelityn.d.
28Pioneer/Maxell. Bad Sound Is an Unnecessary Evil.1976
28Pioneer/Maxell. "Pioneer Has Developed a Receiver Even Marantz, Kenwood and Sansui Will Have to Admit Is the Best."1976
28Pioneer/Maxell. "The Higher the Performance, the Smaller the Windows"1991
28Pioneer/Maxell. What Does it Take to Get the Most Beautiful Music out of a Little Thing Like This?1977
28ARevlon Ultima II. Why the Skin on Certain Parts of Your Body Looks Years Younger than the Skin on Your Face.1973
29Salada Food Inc./Salada Tea. Salada Tea Is Different. You Drink it When You're Well.1964
29Salada Food Inc./Salada Tea. She's 82 Years Old She Rides a Motorcycle She Sells Salada Tea1964
210SAVVY. "Be Brilliant (6 pieces, 5 variations)"1993
211"Scali, McCabe, Sloves". Award-Winning Advertising Doesn't Sell?1978
211"Scali, McCabe, Sloves". Corporate Advertising that Doesn't Stink (2)n.d.
211"Scali, McCabe, Sloves". "Three Things You Should Know About Scali, McCabe, Sloves."1982
211"Scali, McCabe, Sloves". Two Out of Three Ain't Bad (2)1984
212School of Visual Arts. Art History You Can't Sleep Through1992
212School of Visual Arts. Get Real. School of Visual Arts.1992
212School of Visual Arts. Last Chance To Order Your New Life1992?
31Sperry. "What's the Point of Talking, You Don't Listen to Me, Anyway."1980
32Swarovski. The Side that Touches You Is As Flawless As the Side that Doesn't.1992
34Vespa. A Motorcycle It Ain't.1965
34Vespa. A Vespa Is Not a Motorcycle. There Is No Social Stigma Attached to Driving One.1965
34Vespa. Maybe Your Second Car Shouldn't Be a Car. (2)1965
34Vespa. No Radiators to Boil. No Valves to Grind. No Battery to Run Down. (2)1965
35Volvo. A Car Shouldn't Have Disc Brakes Just to Make It Sell better.1974
35Volvo. A Lifetime Supply of Volvos.1968
35Volvo. "A Volvo Discovery: Rain Falls on Rear Windows, Too. (2)"1974
35Volvo. Are You Afraid to Take Your Car on a Long Trip?1970
35Volvo. Are You Currently Owned by a Sports Car?1967
35Volvo. Are You in the Market for a Hardtop?1972
35Volvo. Beat the System. Buy a Volvo. (2)1971
35Volvo. Do You Arrive With Less Car Than You Started With?1970
35Volvo. Do You Sometimes Get the Feeling they Named Your Car After the Wrong Animal?1967
35Volvo. Driving Isn't Bad for It.1967
35Volvo. "Even If You Paint a Lemon, It's Still a Lemon."1971
35Volvo. Fat Cars Die Young! (3)1970
35Volvo. Is this 36-Page Paperback the Story of Your Life?1969
35Volvo. It Does 60 to 0 in 4 Seconds Flat. (2)1970
35Volvo. It Seems The Suckers Want an Even Break.1970
36Volvo. It Shouldn't Take an Act of Congress to Make Cars Safe. (3)1973
36Volvo. It's Sort of a Souped-down Ferrari.1965
36Volvo. Luxury Is Built In. Not Tacked On.1975
36Volvo. Stronger than Dirt.1966
36Volvo. The Automobile Has Yet to Find a Paint that Can Make a Car Run Better.1971
36Volvo. "The Exciting New Cars of 11 Years Ago. Where, Oh Where, Are They Now?"1967
36Volvo. "The Execution Is Different, But the Concept Is Basically the Same."1968
36Volvo. The Longer We Build Them The Longer They Last.1971
36Volvo. The Roads of America Are Strewn with Broken Promises. (4)1970
36Volvo. The Slower You Put them Together the Slower they Fall Apart. (3)1971
36Volvo. The Volvo Sale.1972
36Volvo. This Man is a Glutton for Happiness.1978
37Volvo. This Volvo Definitely Has a Bug in It.1969
37Volvo. True Economy Isn't More Miles to the Gallon. It's More Years to the Car.1971
37Volvo. Volvo Introduces the Test Drive for People Who Think.1976
37Volvo. Volvo: Ideally Situated Between the Absurd and the Ridiculous. (2)1969
37Volvo. "Volvos Come in Blue, Green, White, Yellow & Red. No Rust. (3)"1971
37Volvo. Volvos Last a Long Time. Isn't that Bad for Business? (3)1970
37Volvo. Why Should Women Get Stuck with the Clumsiest Cars?1973
37Volvo. Why Volvo Can't Build a Small Car.1972
37Volvo. Why Volvo's Fords Are Better than Ford's Fords.1971
37Volvo. "Yes, It Will Fly"1985
37Volvo. Your Car Has Five Numbers on the Speedometer. Volvo Has Six.1968
39Wall Street Journal. The Real Ed McCabe. (2)1977
38Wall Street Journal. The Real Ed McCabe. (Sheet Metal)1977
39Wall Street Journal. The Real Ed McCabe. (Without Photo)1977
310Western Union. "To Introduce Their Electronic Mail Service, MCI Used Ours."1983
310Western Union. Too Much Direct Mail Gets the Same Direct Response.1983
311White Chantilly. "Lost Man (3 Pieces, 3 Variations)"1995
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Ed McCabe Collection > Series 2. Miscellaneous
41Curatorial Statement by David Abbott. 3 Piecesn.d.
42Ed McCabe Clippings. McCabe Will Leave His Agency.n.d.
42Ed McCabe Clippings. Photo of Ed McCaben.d.
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Ed McCabe Collection > Series 3. Oversize
10Barney's. "Until He Was Five Years Old, the Father of our Country Dressed Like His Mother."1976
10Barney's. You Go Out of Your Way to Get Here. We've Got to Pay You Back.1975
10Coleman. Remember How Great Beef Used to Taste?1989
10Coleman. Taste the Beef That Escaped the Meddlesome Hand of Man.1989
10Coleman. We're So Sure You'll Think Our Beef Is Better We Bet The Ranch On It.1989
10Coleman. "What Would Beef Be Without Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics? "1989
11Copy Club. Should the Government Re-Write this Copy to Protect Itself from the FTC?1972
11Hertz. Where Winners Rent and Why.1979
11Horn & Hardart. We Cannot Tell a Lie. Horn & Hardart's Fresh Cherry Pies Are Made with Frozen Cherries.1965
10Perdue. My Chickens Eat Better than You Do.1971
11Horn & Hardart. Come On In. It's Not Fancy. But It's Good.1965