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B 5 F 12

Corinthian Broadcasting. ("The American Indian He Can't Even Go Back Where He Came From").1984

B 5 F 13

Gemelli restaurant.

B 5 F 14

The Nation. Illustrations. (Charlie Chaplin.)1951

B 5 F 15

New York Times. Editorial cartoon. ("HELP".)2000

B 5 F 16

New York Times. Editorial cartoon. (ball and seal.)

B 5 F 17

New York Times. Editorial cartoon. (Santa Claus.)

B 5 F 18

Once there was a general. (Drawing for children's book)1968

B 5 F 19

School of Visual Arts. The Master's Series - Ed McCabe: Strong Words.

B 5 F 20

Second Coming. (Hinged flag.)1952

B 5 F 21

Centro Culturale R Livatino, Catania, Sicily. Promo for an exhibit in Sicily.2004

B 5 F 22

Unknown. "Cigar". (Original study and reproduction of final poster.)1995

B 5 F 23

Versace. Drawing for perfume bottle.1983

B 5 F 23b

When to Stand Up and When to Sit Down. Drawingsc. 1993

B 7 F 1

Art Directors Club of New York. Sketch for announcement poster. (Art Directors Hall of Fame.)1988

B 7 F 2

Ellen. Study for advertisement. ("What famous person uses Ellen for her hair?".)

B 7 F 3

Gilette. Study for advertisement. ("Super Blue Blade".)1966

B 7 F 4

Mobil. Graphic for promotion. (Crowd of faces for Cotton Bowl promotion.)n.d.1990s

B 7 F 5

Mobil. Promotion for track event.

B 7 F 6

New York Production Guide. Experiments for advertisement. ("...Because Time Is Money"": corrected proof".)

B 7 F 7

New York Times . (DESC: "TP: ""Drawing for ad, NY Times Architecture")

B 7 F 8

Positano. Photograph for advertisement. (Chessboard with salt and pepper shakers.)

B 7 F 9

Frommer. New York On $5 A Day .1963

B 7 F 10

School of Visual Arts. Light At The End Of The Tunnel.1983

B 7 F 11

School of Visual Arts. Drawing for Talent Is Not Worth Much.

B 7 F 12

Strathmore [?]. Promotional booklet. ("There was once dynamite the termite".)