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D 28 F 1

Fashion Group. "Fashion Group Inc. Presents European Couture Fall 1987".1987

D 28 F 2

International Design Conference in Aspen. Promotional system. ("The Rest Of Our Lives".)1969

D 28 F 3

Lenny. "Long poster (""!&*$@?"")". ("TP: ""Promo: Lenny (the play on Bway.)")1978

D 28 F 4

New York Production Guide. Yellow cab poster.2000

D 28 F 5

School of Visual Arts. "Masters Series: Tony Palladino".1999

D 28 F 6

Thessaloniki Design Museum. "Two-Man Poster Show: Tony Palladino and Milton Glaser".

D 28 F 7

United Nations. "Fiftieth Anniversary: Non-Governmental Organizations".1997

D 28 F 8

Wedding Party. "The Wedding Party," a film by Wilford Leach / Cynthia Monroe / and Brian de Palma.1975

D 28 F 9

World Trade Center. "The Back Yard at the World Trade Center".

B 9 F 1

American Bicentennial. "KIN.. From The American Bicentennial To The People Of The World.".1976

B 9 F 2

Art Directors Club. "The 57th Annual Art Directors Club Exhibition Open To The Public".1978

B 9 F 3

Brothers Fodale. "Peace".1972

B 9 F 4

Color Wheel Inc. "Color In The Palladino Drawing Contest".1988

B 9 F 5

FDR Memorial. FDR Memorial. ("FDR words in lobby throughout base-Abe Geller architect, For FDR Memorial 1st prize, Not built, Washington, 1976".)1976

B 9 F 6

Gross, Gary. Promotional poster. (Photo of mouth.)1981

B 9 F 7

Local Iniatives Support Corporation. "Neighborhoods Reborn / Promises Kept".1998

B 9 F 8

Mead Library of Ideas. POSTER USA 1960-1970. ("Magnificent".)1971

B 9 F 9

Palladino, Tony. If you want it come and get it - It's going fast. Drawings at the Litchfield Library

B 9 F 10

School of Visual Arts. "Chermayeff - Palladino Announcing A Course In Advertising Design to be conducted simultaneously by Ivan Chermayeff and Tony Palladino".1963

B 9 F 11

School of Visual Arts. "Even a great idea is only an idea until you make it real". (Hubcap as hat.)

B 9 F 12

School of Visual Arts. "Having A Talent Isn't Worth Much Unless You Know What To Do With It".

B 9 F 13

School of Visual Arts. "It's Not The Light At The End Of The Tunnel It's The Light Within".1983

B 9 F 14

School of Visual Arts. Summer Session Day and Evening 19621962

B 9 F 15

School of Visual Arts. "Surface. Texture. Form. Line. Color. Only Words Until An Artist Uses Them.1965

B 9 F 16

School of Visual Arts. "TEN 10 Tuition-Free Full-time Scholarships"" ".1961

B 9 F 17

School of Visual Arts. (DESC: Flowers over color-by-numbers)1959

B 9 F 18

Thessaloniki Design Museum. "Communication Design The client's message is fine... Interpreting it is the problem".2001

B 9 F 19

Women's Strike For Peace. "Did you hear the one about the 3rd World War?".

B 9 F 20

No client. "Heaven is blessed with perfect rest but the blessing of earth is toil".

B 9 F 21

No client. Rush rush rush ... Slow down and live in '57"1957

B 9 F 22

No client. "Stay Nice".1989
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries B: Advertisements and promotions

B 10 F 1

Acme Communications. (Acme May Have Already Worked For You...)

B 10 F 2

American Institute of Graphic Arts. AIGA Call . (brochure.)1960

B 10 F 3

Barbados Tourist Board. Magazine advertisement. (brochure.)

B 10 F 4

Bergino. Promotional mailers. (Baseball silkscreen company owned by Goldberg and TP: postcards.)2007

B 10 F 5

Chalmers, Irena. Brochure. ("Irena Chalmers Is 'The Culinary Oracle'".)

B 10 F 6

Children's Museum Of Art. Magical Moments. (booklet.)2004

B 10 F 7

Cloud Forest School Foundation. A School With A View . (brochure.)2000

B 10 F 8

Fifth Avenue Public Library. Promotion. (glossy sheet.)

B 10 F 9

Globe Runner Productions: brochure

B 10 F 10

Institute Of Life Insurance. Promotion. (brochure.)1962

B 10 F 11

Irving Trust. Brochure.

B 10 F 12

KISS. Concert program.1979

B 10 F 13

Lebenthal. CMO. (booklet.)1992

B 10 F 14

Lincoln Square Business Improvement District. Map and annual report.2001

B 10 F 15

Movenpick restaurant. Promotional system. (menu and promotional materials.)1980

B 10 F 17

One Club For Art And Copy. "Call for entries"" board and envelopes".1993

B 10 F 18

Palladino, Lindsay. Promotional card. ("Powell / CARMEL NY / THE WINE CELLER [sic]".)1971

B 10 F 19

Palladino, Tony. "One picture is worth a thousand words".

B 10 F 20

Palladino, Tony. "Bookjackets".1952

B 10 F 21

Palladino, Tony. "Give me work or I'll blow up your building".1971

B 10 F 22

Panebianco. Bread Love + Wine Panebianco Selections.2000

B 10 F 23

Phoenix House. Promotional postcard.

B 10 F 24

PVI / Clean Air Technologies. The PVI Platinum Vapor Injector. (folders.)1990

B 10 F 25

SANE. "Our approach to the danger in unequal to the danger". (brochure.)

B 10 F 26

School of Visual Arts. Art Directors Inside An Agency. (Brochure.)

B 10 F 27

Siegel & Gale. Loan contract. (Booklet for Citibank.)1974

B 10 F 28

St. Jean Baptiste High School. Advertisement. (Booklet.)2005

B 10 F 29

Stephen Gaynor School. Illustrations. (yearbook & art for an auction.)1998

B 10 F 30

Strathmore. Grandee by Strathmore (ad)1976

B 10 F 31

Strathmore. Grandee by Strathmore (flat for ad)1976

B 10 F 32

Westinghouse. The Soiled World. (magazine advertisement.)

B 11 F 1

Air India. Advertisement.

B 11 F 2

Artenauta. Advertisement. ("TP: ""Originally designed for Second Coming magazine 1952 'Crisis in America'".)20-Mar-00

B 11 F 3

Association Of Independent Commercial Producers. Advertisement.1992

B 11 F 4

Benson & Hedges. Advertisements.1986

B 11 F 5

Bergdorf Goodman. Advertisements.1975

B 11 F 6

Boeing. Advertisement. ("America Needs The Space Station".)3-Mar-87

B 11 F 7

Corinthian Broadcasting. Advertisement.

B 11 F 8

Evan-Picone. Advertisement.

B 11 F 9

Globus Gateway. Advertisement.

B 11 F 10

Granada TV Network England. Advertisement.1965

B 11 F 11

Groiler Educational Corp. Advertisement.

B 11 F 12

Halston. Advertisement. ("Perfume / Cologne"" magazine ad".)1963

B 11 F 13

Irving Werbin. Promotional piece. (Paper bag and boards.)1957

B 11 F 14

Japan Trade Center. Advertisement.

B 11 F 15

Kosta Boda. Advertisement.

B 11 F 16

Lafeyette Park. Advertisement. ("Wouldn't You Rather Wake Up To A Bird".)

B 11 F 17

Licor 43. Advertisement.1983

B 11 F 18

McGregor, Koenig, Lois, Ltd.. Advertisement.

B 11 F 19

New York Daily News. Advertisement.

B 11 F 20

Papert. Advertisement.

B 11 F 21

Perfectos. Advertisement.1965

B 11 F 22

Philip Morris. Advertisement.

B 11 F 23

Positano. Advertisement. (chessboard.)1988

B 11 F 24

Purina. Advertisement.1979

B 11 F 25

School of Visual Arts. Advertisement. ("All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare".)

B 11 F 26

Simplicity. Advertisement. ("Did you ever see one little hanger hold...".)1963

B 11 F 27

Singer & Friedlander. Advertisement.

B 11 F 28

Wall Street Journal. Advertisement.1977

B 11 F 29

WMCA Radio 57. Advertisement. ("TP: ""My mom, for a poster WMCA 'Turns people on'".)n.d.f

B 11 F 30

unknown client. "An Important Source".
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries C: Book jackets

B 5 F 24

Doubleday. Achilles Heel by Manes Sperber.1960

B 5 F 25

Doubleday. All Good Men by Thomas J. Fleming1961

B 5 F 26

Simon and Schuster. All The Way Down: The Violent Underworld of Street Gangs by Vincent Riccio and Bill Slocum1962

B 5 F 27

Little Brown. The Art of the Faker: 3000 Years of Deception by Frank Arnau1959

B 5 F 28

Simon and Schuster. Blind Man's Mark by Bruce Palmer1959

B 5 F 29

Doubleday. Blood Of My Blood by Richard Gambino1974

B 5 F 30

Simon and Schuster. Breaking Up by W.H. Manville1969

B 5 F 31

Little Brown. Il Duce: The Life Of Benito Mussolini by Christopher Hibbert1962

B 5 F 32

Doubleday. Duel by Donald Seaman1979

B 5 F 33

Inner Sanctum. 87th Precinct by Ed McBain1959

B 5 F 34

Simon and Schuster. The End Of The Night by John D. MacDonald1959

B 5 F 36

Frommer / Pasmanter. Far From The City Of Class by Bruce Jay Friedman1963

B 5 F 37

Inner Sanctum. The Fire Trap by Owen Cameron1958

B 5 F 38

Simon And Schuster. Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman.1960

B 5 F 39

Harcourt, Brace & Company. Free Fall by William Golding1959

B 5 F 40

Inner Sanctum. How Hard To Kill by Thomas Dewey1963

B 5 F 41

Eyre and Spottiswoode. How Much by Burt Blechman1963

B 5 F 42

Harcourt, Brace and Company. The Hussar by Gregor Von Rezzori1959

B 5 F 43

Alfred A. Knopf. The Identity of Dr. Frazier by George Sklar1961

B 5 F 44

Crime Club. Inspector Maigret and the Burglar's Wife by Simenon1957

B 5 F 45

Simon and Schuster. Its Ugly Head by Derek Monsey1959

B 5 F 46

Inner Sanctum. King's Ransom by Ed McBain1959

B 5 F 47

William Morrow & Company. Knave Of Hearts by Dell Shannon1962

B 5 F 48

Inner Sanctum. Lunatic Time by John Roeburt1956

B 5 F 49

KLM/Frommer. New York On $5 A Day by Joan Feldman and Norma Ketay (interior illustrations)1964

B 5 F 50

Inner Sanctum. Night Of The Kill by Breni James1961

B 5 F 51

Harper. Our Last Family Countess by Antonio Barolini1961

B 5 F 52

Little, Brown and Co. The Pacifiers: The Six Symbols We Live By by Mack Hanan1960

B 5 F 53

Crime Club. Pack Of Lies by Gordon Ashe1958

B 5 F 55

Dell. Step Beyond Innocence by Nora Johnson1962

B 5 F 56

Dell. Step Beyond Innocence by Nora Johnson1962

B 5 F 57

Inner Sanctum. A Thief In The Night by Thomas Walsh1962

B 5 F 58

Doubleday / Dolphin. The UFO Handbook by Allan Hendry1979

B 5 F 59

Inner Sanctum. Vein Of Violence by William Campbell Gault1961

B 5 F 60

Doubleday. Weapons: The International Game Of Arms Money And Diplomacy by Russell Warren Howe1980

B 5 F 61

Simon And Schuster. Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell

B 5 F ƒ

Inner Sanctum. Psycho by Robert Bloch1959

B 13 F 1

Furst Survey Research Center Inc. New Dimensions In Research.

B 13 F 2

Doubleday. Fighters: Photographs by George Bennett, Text by Pete Hamill1978
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries D: Record sleeves

B 13 F 3

Unknown client. Wizard of Oz and Other Harold Arlen Songs.

B 13 F 4

Westminder Records. "Haydn: String Quartet in G major, Op. 76 No. 1 String Quartet in D Minor, Op. 76 No. 2 Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet".1954
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries E: Periodicals

B 5 F 62

Acro. Number 3.May-97

B 5 F 64

Delta D. Number 18.2001

B 5 F 63

Audience. West of California: A Visit with the Marlboro Man by Frank Bergon.n.d.

B 5 F 65

Harper's Bazaar. Illustrations.15 Mar 1962

B 10 F 33

Nation, The. Illustrations: Charlie Chaplin. (Illustrations of Charlie Chaplin.)

B 10 F 34

Nation, The. Illustrations.18-Apr-59

B 10 F 35

New York Times. "Clinton's Medicare Mistake".8-Dec-97

B 10 F 36

New York Times. "Russia's Deadly Expertise".27-Mar-98

B 10 F 41

TV Guide. "The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor"" advertisement".1959

B 10 F 40

Trade With Italy. Espresso 1988.March/April 1989.

B 10 F 37

Second Coming Magazine. Crisis Of Freedom.

B 10 F 38

Second Coming Magazine. The Eichmann Trial And The Rule Of The Law.March 1962.

B 10 F 39

Second Coming Magazine. The Eichmann Trial And The Rule Of The Law. (board.)March 1962.

B 15 F 1

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Drawing of cubes].November 1960.

B 15 F 2

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Drawing of cement truck].March 1961.

B 15 F 3

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Wallpapers].September 1961.

B 15 F 4

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Exit sign].September 1961.

B 15 F 5

Architectural & Engineering News. School Costs.February 1962.

B 15 F 6

Architectural & Engineering News. AIA In Miami.May 1963

B 15 F 7

Architectural & Engineering News. Plastics In Architecture.June 1963.

B 15 F ƒ

Architectural & Engineering News. Masonry.July 1963

B 15 F 9

Architectural & Engineering News. Prefabricated Building Components Issue.August 1963.

B 15 F 10

Architectural & Engineering News. Building Exteriors.November 1963.

B 15 F 11

Architectural & Engineering News. No title [Christmas tesselation].December 1963.

B 15 F 12

Architectural & Engineering News. Technology And The House.February 1964.

B 15 F 13

Architectural & Engineering News. Interiors.October 1966.

B 15 F 14

Architectural & Engineering News. Building Costs.August 1967

B 15 F 15

Architectural & Engineering News. Engineering Aspects of Building Modernization.April 1961.

B 15 F 16

Brooklyn Rail. New Skool Journalism.March-April 2002

B 15 F 17

New York Sports. Vol. 2 No. 1. .Fall 1983

B 15 F 18

New York Times. Caramoor Music Festival.12-May-95

B 15 F 19

New York Times. Iowa's Quiet Voters.22-Oct-88

B 15 F 20

New York Times. The Next President's Duty To Intervene.13-Feb-00

B 15 F 21

New York Times Magazine. The 38 Who Weigh Nixon's Fate.28-Apr-74

B 15 F 22

School of Visual Arts Bulletin. Art is... .1999
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries F: Identities

B 13 F 5

Conrail. Identity.

B 13 F 6

Fan: A Baseball Magazine. Identity. (Logo.)

B 13 F 7

Laminall. Identity. (Logo.)1968

B 13 F ƒ

Psycho. Identity. (Logotype.)1959

B 13 F 9

Trattoria. Identity. (Identity.)

B 13 F 10

Vino. Identity. (Logotype.)

B 16 F 1

Acme Communications. Identity. (Business cards, envelopes, letterhead.)

B 16 F 2

American Security Systems. Identity. (Badge, sticker, board.)

B 16 F 3

Apollo Theater. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 4

Bellevue Hospital Center. Identity. (Envelopes, letterhead, logo.)

B 16 F 5

Bill Hudson & Associates. Identity. (Letterhead, enveleopes, memos, business cards.)

B 16 F 6

Brothers Fodale. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 7

Focus Management. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 8

George Korn And Sons. Identity. (Business cards, letterhead.)

B 16 F 9

Geraldine Newman Communications. Identity. (Envelopes, letterhead.)

B 16 F 10

Gigli, Ormand. Identity. (Bifold card.)

B 16 F 11

Globe Runner Productions. Identity. (Envelope, letterhead.)

B 16 F 12

Ferro, Mogubgub, and Schwartz. Identity. (Card.)

B 16 F 13

Learning Center, The. Identity. (Card, envelope, letterhead.)

B 16 F 14

Robert N. Levine. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 15

Lincoln Square Business Improvement District. Identity. (Envelopes, letterhead.)

B 16 F 16

Lightbulb Press. Identity. (Envelopes, letterhead, logo.)

B 16 F 17

Melsky Zander Films. Identity. (Envelopes, cards, letterhead.)

B 16 F 18

Green Vale School. Identity. (Annual report.)1998

B 16 F 19

New York Production Guide. Identity. (Letterhead, envelope.)

B 16 F 20

Angela Palladino. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 21

Tony Palladino. Identity. ("Letterhead, envelope, business card".)

B 16 F 22

Panebianco. Identity. ("Envelopes, memo cards, letterhead".)

B 16 F 23

Panebianco. Identity. ("Fax sheets, envelopes".)

B 16 F 24

Paolo Riani Architects. Identity. (Letterhead.)

B 16 F 25

Pendulum. Identity. (Logo.)

B 16 F 26

Logo for Production Company. Identity. (Mounted sheet.)

B 16 F 27

Ringling Brothers Circus World. Identity. ("Envelopes, letterheads, logo board".)

B 16 F 28

Ulick Mayo Productions. Identity. ("Business cards, memos, statonary".)

B 16 F 29

Vino Palladino. Identity. (Card.)
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries G: Exhibitions

B 13 F 11

School of Visual Arts / Visual Arts Gallery. An exhibition of paintings, constructions and other articles usually not attributed to Ivan Chermayeff and Tony Palladino poster, 22 in W x 15 in H

B 17 F 1

Art Directors' Club. 57th Annual Awards Invitation card.1978

B 17 F 1

Art DIrectors' Club. Hall of Fame Ceremony invitation card.1991

B 17 F 2

Association of Independent Commercial Producers. "Art and Technique of the American Television Commercial catalog, at Museum of Modern Art".1992

B 17 F 2

Association of Independent Commercial Producers. "Art and Technique of the American Television Commercial card, at Museum of Modern Art".1992

B 17 F 2

Association of Independent Commercial Producers. "Art and Technique of the American Television Commercial invitation, at Museum of Modern Art".1992

B 17 F 3

Fashion Group. Fall 1987 European Couture Collections From Paris And Rome invitation and card.1987

B 17 F 4

Mead Library of Ideas. "Simone Rodia's Watts Towers, invitation".

B 17 F 5

Palladino, Tony. "Two Man Poster Show" [with Milton Glaser]; Thessaloniki Design Museum". (Catalog.)1997

B 17 F 6

Palladino, Tony. "Artworks by Tony Palladino and Rinaldo Frattolillo, invitation; Elizabeth Weiner Gallery".1979

B 17 F 7

Palladino, Tony. "Retrospective, catalog and bifold invitation; School of Visual Arts".1989

B 17 F 8

Palladino, Tony. Love-Erotica, invitation; Gillian Gallery1976

B 17 F 9

Palladino, Tony. "Content Matters: The Masters Series, catalog and invitation; School of Visual Arts".1999

B 17 F 10

Palladino, Tony. "Tuscany Landscapes Palladino, invitation; School of Visual Arts"1990

B 17 F 11

Palladino, Tony. "Palladino Nudes". (Exhibition catalog.)1987

B 17 F 12

Palladino, Tony. "Hub Hats". (Postcard.)1989

B 17 F 13

Palladino, Tony. "Bob Gill, Milton Glaser and George Lois Will Discuss The Graphics of Tony Palladino. Ivan Chermayeff Will Chair"" invitation envelope; School of Visual Arts". (Envelope.)1986

B 17 F 14

Palladino, Tony. "Espresso 88"" gallery announcement".1988
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries H: Invitations, announcements

B 13 F 12

Wine Lounge at Art et Maison. Event invitation.2005

B 18 F 1

Churchill School and Center. 30th Birthday Celebration. (30th Birthday Celebration booklet.)2003

B 18 F 1

Churchill School and Center. Keystone For Learning Campaign. (Keystone for Learning Campaign Celebration Dinner invitation and envelope.)2001

B 18 F 2

Ettinger, Eleanor. Tour of Atelier Ettinger. (A Tour of Atelier Ettinger accordion invitation.)2003

B 18 F 3

Judith Selkowitz Fine Arts Inc. Christmas card. ("Happy Holidays and a Marvelous 1979"", Empire State Building with pine tree Christmas card".)1978

B 18 F 4

Mascheroni, John. Christmas card. ("Heavy mylar card with large numeral ""6"" / ""9".)

B 18 F 5

Mobil. Invitation. (55th Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic bifold invitation.)1991

B 18 F 5

Mobil. Invitation. (58th Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic invitation tickets.)1994

B 18 F 5

Mobil. Invitation. (Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic.)1996

B 18 F 5

Mobil. Invitation. (Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic.)1997

B 18 F 6

Palladino, Kate. Announcement. (Wedding announcement with envelope.)1998

B 18 F 7

Palladino, Tony. Event announcement. ("Appuntamento Nel Giardino Del Castello"" [Invitation to extemporaneous painting: Angela Palladino, Tony Palladino, Don Perlis. Made In Sicily Presents]".)2004

B 18 F 8

Palladino, Tony. Change of address announcement. ("Change is one of nature's laws. If there was no change, there would be no motion: and without motion there is no life.".)

B 18 F 9

Palladino, Tony. Wedding announcement. (Mr. and Mrs. Palladino Sail for Italy).

B 18 F 10

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All"", accordian card".)

B 18 F 11

Palladino, Tony. New Years card. ("Break-off-here and throw this far away")1969 - 1970

B 18 F 12

Palladino, Tony. Fourth of July card. ("You are cordially invited to ... the home of Mr and Mrs Tony Palladino"", red and blue ink on white card".)

B 18 F 13

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("The perfect gift peace"", quadfold card".)

B 18 F 14

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("TP / Trust Peace"", heavy stock".)

B 18 F 15

Palladino, Tony. New Years card. ("The whole 9 yds."", glossy stock".)1991

B 18 F 16

Palladino, Tony. New Years card. ("Crossed fingers, bifold card".)

B 18 F 17

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Santa Claus seated in front of a fireplace, bifold card".)1992

B 18 F 18

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Jingle Bells"", blank white bifold card".)1978

B 18 F 19

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("December Twentyfifthmas"", shiny quadfold card".)1989

B 18 F 20

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("LOVE / TP"" bifold card with envelope".)

B 18 F 21

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Have one / Merry Christmas"" glossy sheet with tearaways".)1979

B 18 F 22

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("'Tis The Reason To Be Jolly / Tra La La ..."" card and envelope".)

B 18 F 23

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("Merry Christmas to All"" candle cutout card".)

B 18 F 24

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. ("A Christmas Story / 1984"" twelve-page booklet".)1984

B 18 F 25

Palladino, Tony. Christmas card. (Photograph: candle with neon lights.)1967

B 18 F 26

School of Visual Arts. Announcement. ("...Announces a new course in Humorous Art to be given by R.O. Blechman"" invitation card".)

B 18 F 27

Siegel & Gale. Invitation. ("On April 1 Tony Palladino joined Siegel & Gale... Join us for cocktails and champagne on June 30 to celebrate,"" invitation.".)

B 18 F 28

St Jean Baptiste School. Invitation. ("75 on 75: 75 Years on 75th Street"", invitation, donation card and envelope".)2005

B 18 F 29

Stephen Gaynor School. Invitation. ("Hearts Numbers and Sneakers,"" invitation, souvenir book, donation card and envelope".)1995

B 18 F 30

Ulick family. Announcement. ("On May 23rd ... Edward Ackerman Ulick entered the world,"" bifold announcement and envelope.".)1988
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Tony Palladino Collection > Series 2: Printed materials > Subseries I: Books

B 19b

Dennis Dobson. The ABC Bedtime Story.1965

B 19b

Collier. Color is for anything you want and butterflies too.

B 19b

Dennis Dobson. Once There Was A General.1958

B 19b

Start: A flip-page picture story1954