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B 5 F 24

Doubleday. Achilles Heel by Manes Sperber.1960

B 5 F 25

Doubleday. All Good Men by Thomas J. Fleming1961

B 5 F 26

Simon and Schuster. All The Way Down: The Violent Underworld of Street Gangs by Vincent Riccio and Bill Slocum1962

B 5 F 27

Little Brown. The Art of the Faker: 3000 Years of Deception by Frank Arnau1959

B 5 F 28

Simon and Schuster. Blind Man's Mark by Bruce Palmer1959

B 5 F 29

Doubleday. Blood Of My Blood by Richard Gambino1974

B 5 F 30

Simon and Schuster. Breaking Up by W.H. Manville1969

B 5 F 31

Little Brown. Il Duce: The Life Of Benito Mussolini by Christopher Hibbert1962

B 5 F 32

Doubleday. Duel by Donald Seaman1979

B 5 F 33

Inner Sanctum. 87th Precinct by Ed McBain1959

B 5 F 34

Simon and Schuster. The End Of The Night by John D. MacDonald1959

B 5 F 36

Frommer / Pasmanter. Far From The City Of Class by Bruce Jay Friedman1963

B 5 F 37

Inner Sanctum. The Fire Trap by Owen Cameron1958

B 5 F 38

Simon And Schuster. Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman.1960

B 5 F 39

Harcourt, Brace & Company. Free Fall by William Golding1959

B 5 F 40

Inner Sanctum. How Hard To Kill by Thomas Dewey1963

B 5 F 41

Eyre and Spottiswoode. How Much by Burt Blechman1963

B 5 F 42

Harcourt, Brace and Company. The Hussar by Gregor Von Rezzori1959

B 5 F 43

Alfred A. Knopf. The Identity of Dr. Frazier by George Sklar1961

B 5 F 44

Crime Club. Inspector Maigret and the Burglar's Wife by Simenon1957

B 5 F 45

Simon and Schuster. Its Ugly Head by Derek Monsey1959

B 5 F 46

Inner Sanctum. King's Ransom by Ed McBain1959

B 5 F 47

William Morrow & Company. Knave Of Hearts by Dell Shannon1962

B 5 F 48

Inner Sanctum. Lunatic Time by John Roeburt1956

B 5 F 49

KLM/Frommer. New York On $5 A Day by Joan Feldman and Norma Ketay (interior illustrations)1964

B 5 F 50

Inner Sanctum. Night Of The Kill by Breni James1961

B 5 F 51

Harper. Our Last Family Countess by Antonio Barolini1961

B 5 F 52

Little, Brown and Co. The Pacifiers: The Six Symbols We Live By by Mack Hanan1960

B 5 F 53

Crime Club. Pack Of Lies by Gordon Ashe1958

B 5 F 55

Dell. Step Beyond Innocence by Nora Johnson1962

B 5 F 56

Dell. Step Beyond Innocence by Nora Johnson1962

B 5 F 57

Inner Sanctum. A Thief In The Night by Thomas Walsh1962

B 5 F 58

Doubleday / Dolphin. The UFO Handbook by Allan Hendry1979

B 5 F 59

Inner Sanctum. Vein Of Violence by William Campbell Gault1961

B 5 F 60

Doubleday. Weapons: The International Game Of Arms Money And Diplomacy by Russell Warren Howe1980

B 5 F 61

Simon And Schuster. Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell

B 5 F ƒ

Inner Sanctum. Psycho by Robert Bloch1959

B 13 F 1

Furst Survey Research Center Inc. New Dimensions In Research.

B 13 F 2

Doubleday. Fighters: Photographs by George Bennett, Text by Pete Hamill1978