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Seymour Chwast has profoundly affected American graphic design and illustration, both through his stewardship of the seminal Push Pin Studios (which he founded in 1954 with Milton Glaser and Ed Sorel) and his consistent contributions in editorial illustration for periodicals such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Frankfurter Allgemeine. When it first gained recognition, Push Pin represented a radical departure from the modernist orthodoxy prevalent in the New York design world, and embraced a flowing and vibrant visual style that would make its mark on the Pop movement of the 1960s; this was recognized in The Push Pin Style, the unprecedented exhibition of American design at the Louvre’s Musée des Arts Decoratifs in 1970. Chwast’s heavily-stylized but finely-worked variety of pastiche has more recently found resonance with emergent tendencies in post-modern graphic design.

General Physical Description

Eleven boxes and one flat file drawer.

Scope and Contents

The Seymour Chwast Collection contains 60 original artworks, 79 posters, 33 periodicals (including the Push Pin Graphic and The Nose), many print items, and several hundred slides.


All the items in this collection are referenced to the original item numbers indicated by Seymour Chwast as part of his inventory, except for items in which numbers were duplicated (for which a letter is added), or for those items which were not numbered (which are appended sequentially and indicated with an asterisk).


This collection is open for research.


Seymour Chwast Collection, [series. item]. Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives, Visual Arts Foundation, New York.

Acquisition Information

The Seymour Chwast Collection was acquired as a gift from Paula Scher.

Container List

Milton Glaser Design Archive > Seymour Chwast Collection > Series 1. Original Art
B 1Castro (Fidel Castro with cigar and map of Cuba)
B 1Moses Motorcycles (Bird with cast and crutch mounting stairs)
B 1Sick Dove
B 1Cat In Loft,
B 1Satchmo Sketch (Portrait of Louis Armstrong with text “Satchmo”)
B 1Factory/Anatomy (Human schematic with scenes from an industrial facility)
B 1Three Laughing Men
B 1Ida B Wells
B 1F ƒPharoah In Bed,
B 1Four Ages/Mozart (Close images of Mozart in four separate frames. Art for Columbia: Mozart: The Last Four String Quartets / The Juilliard Quartet B6, P163),
B 1Barber Shop / Legs (Giant feet in pumps outside; man in barber shop. For the New Yorker; unpublished)
B 1Trailer/Truck (Woman with box in front of trailer home; two men on pickup truck)
B 1Fat Cat Paints (Man with cigar and champagne painting dollar bills. For Forbes Magazine)
B 1Laurel & Hardy
B 1Woodcut 20s Car (‘Flapper’ with dog and automobile,
B 1Legs On Steps (Feet with different kinds of shoes mounting stairs),
B 1Vietnam Soldier (For Push Pin Graphic),
B 1Mexican Wrestler
B 1MaBell (Woman as telephone
B 1God in Mexico (Jesus in a pool hall)
B 2Bach in Plaza (A portrait of Bach as a floor mosaic in a plaza)
B 2Monkey
B 2Eden/Motorcycle (Adam and Eve fleeing Eden on motorcycle)
B 2Mona Lisa (Mona Lisa with a chicken)
B 2Jeeves & Wooster (For Mobil and Masterpiece Theatre)
B 2Butcher/Head (Policeman as butcher with human head on chopping block)
B 2Dogs and Owners (Man and woman walking three dogs with similar accoutrements)
B 2Hand/Cuckoo Clock (Hand with cuckoo clock wristwatch, Swiss ring)
B 2Elephant/Kids (Elephant with kids riding on top of it)
B 2Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin picking at spaghetti)
B 2Charmer (Man in car with women’s hands. “Mobil Poster—Masterp
B 3Reich/Car (Man in back seat of convertible with phone and computers next to more humbly-dressed pedestrians. For New York Times Magazine)
B 3Groucho (Groucho Marx licking envelope)
B 3Bluegrass Woodcut (Man wearing hat holding guitar)
B 3Just Enough Is Plenty (European family scene)
B 3Peep Show (Naked women in room with men looking in through windows)
B 3Freud/Monkey (Freud with a monkey on his back. For New York Times Magazine)
B 3Roller Skates (Man on roller skates pictured from below)
B 3Upside Down Head (Disembodied head reversed in midair. For New York Times Magazine)
B 3Einstein
B 3Bach and Dog
B 3“A” and Fighter (Boxer and the letter A
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Seymour Chwast Collection > Series 2. Screenprints
D 27Still Life/Mack Truck (Truck on table with broken china),
D 27Satchmo (Louis Armstrong with trumpet and text SATCHMO),
D 27Garbo (Greta Garbo with Deco ornaments),
D 27Climbing/feet (Procession of feet acending stairs),
D 27Hanukkah (“A Hanukkah Dinner”),
D 27Six Heads (“Decisive Moments”),
D 27Tanks and Planes,
D 27Baseball (Batter with evasive pitch),
D 27Elvis (“The King”),
D 27Tuscany Car (“Tuscany,” 1930s-style car),
D 27Mexican Wrestlers (Four portraits of wrestlers with face-paint),
D 27Color Hand (Hand holding a tube of paint which is squirting around it),
D 27George’s Car Wash (George Washington at the car wash),
D 27Fred & Rosalie (A man’s oxford shoe and a patterned pump),
D 27Cruisin (Two men in an exaggeratedly-large car),
D 27Where’s Father (Invisible man in armchair),
D 27Daytona (Race track scene),
D 27You Are What You Print,
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Seymour Chwast Collection > Series 3. Printed Materials
B 4Boston Globe Magazine “General Hospital For Animals” (Sick cow)1982
B 4Sophisticated Traveler “20th Anniversary Issue” (Silhouettes with luggage)2003
B 4Male / Female Shoes,
B 4United Airlines Hemispheres (Baseball player and clouds)1997
B 4Los Angeles Times, West magazine (Giants pitcher)1970
B 4Censorship (Statue of Liberty with torch in lampshade) Tearsheet, 8 × 111986
B 4New York Times Magazine “Secession of the Successful” (R. Reich)1991
B 4“A” Education
B 4Groucho (O series)
B 4Graphis reprint “Chwast, A Hundred Heads” from GRAPHIS 197, Volume 34 Nov/Dec 19781978
B 4Signet. Henrik Ibsen, Peer Gynt and Herman Melville, Mardi Dell. Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Possessed, 1964
B 4Graphis reprint (Palette/pen) Cover for GRAPHIS 197. 1978.1978
B 4“My Home Is My Castle” (Blimp/ice cream)
B 4Garden of Eden
B 4Bacon/Magritte/Soltsass (Cars depicted in the styles of artists)
B 4Unknown magazine, likely Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin Pharoah
B 4Unknown magazine, likely Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin House truck
B 4Wiener Stadtmuseum fr Psychoanalyse (House in the shape of a head)
B 4Audience Schmeel Goes To Warsaw (Man and woman dancing, repeated in scale)1971
B 4Basie/Getz,
B 4Lustrare Gallery (Life magazine sculpture)
B 4Giraffics Gallery (Man in hat)
B 4Giraffics Gallery (Car)
B 4Mike Kisslinger Gallery (“Mike,” acrylic sheet metal)1995
B 4Spectrum Number 22. 1978.(artist’s tools stuck into drafting table)1978
B 4Push Pin’s New Line (“Push Pin Studios at California State University, Fullerton”)1978
B 4F ƒMcDonald’s. Happy Meal., 1979
B 4New York Times Magazine “Ma Bell Goes To War” (marching soldier in the shape of a telephone)1976
B 4New York Magazine “Driving Out The Demons,” September 13. 19711971
B 4Art Directors Club Hall of Fame 19861986
B 4New York Times Magazine / Sophisticated Traveler Travel Writing, March 13. 1983.(figures as luggage)1983
B 4New York Times Book Review “Not The Same Old Abe” February 10. 20022002
B 4New York Times Book Review “The Kama Sutra of Reading” comic1996
B 4New York Times Book Review “Literary Classic Cookbooks” comic with Paula Scher1998
B 4Holiday “Lincoln Center,” September 19681968
B 4Perennial Classic
B 4Collier. “The Left Handed Dictionary” by Leonard Louis Levinson, 4 in W x 7 in H1963
B 4Frankfurther Allgemeine Magazin 30 August 1991 (Goldilocks)1991
B 4Frankfurther Allgemeine Magazin 15 Mrz 1991 (Hand/pen)1991
B 4Creative Education1983
B 4Atlantic Records1975
B 4Abrams1985
B 4Time Magazine “How Bush Decides” August 21. 19891989
B 4Dutton1971
B 4Mobil/DGR/MGM1982
B 4Graphis 102, 1962 (heads)1962
B 4Graphis Graphis 175 (face)1974
B 4Frankfurther Allgemeine Magazin (Globe map made out of figures).
B 4Little Brown1969
B 4Atheneum1970
B 4McGraw-Hill William Bryant, “Almost” (close-up of lips)1969
B 4Dutton R. F1963
B 4Biofitness Institute “Biofitness: Inside and Out” (wax paper clothes for male and female characters)1983
B 4CBS1978
B 4Houghton Mifflin Clancy Sigal, “Going Away” (swooping bird)1962
B 4Oxymoron Volume 2, “The Arts and Sciences Annual” (reclining woman with painted decorations)
B 4Harcourt Brace Javanovich1978
B 4McGraw-Hill1969
B 4Doubleday Science Fiction John W1969
B 4Doubleday L1973
B 4Gulliver/Harcourt Brace Javanovich1993
B 4Ticknor & Fields1988
B 4Graphis Graphis Posters 831983
B 5Forbes “Forbes Fuels Your Drive: Forbes Capitalist Tool” (Bugatti),
B 5Mead Library of Ideas “Push Pin Studios: Fifteen Years of Heartache and Aggravation” (‘Unbreakable’ comb)1987
B 5“Bushy Bride” (heads in a stream)
B 5Dante’s Divine Comedy: The Diagram
B 5Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin 7 October 1988 (athletic anatomy)1988
B 5Ivy Hill P Chronicles, “No 1. Perfection” (doll’s face)
B 5Voyager Books Seymour Chwast, “12 Circus Rings”1993
B 5Hyperion Books Judith Martin, “Out of the Bag”1997
B 5Pushpin Jr “What do children want?”,
B 5Telluride Film Festival1998
B 5Mohawk Paper Mills “Graphics Collection / Mohawk Introduces Nuance & Ultrafelt” (doll’s face)
B 5AdClub of the Triangle “Have you heard that Seymour’s coming to town?” (three figures)
B 5Telephone Menu
B 5Pushpinoff “Ultimate: Pure Milk Chocolate And Almond Bar” (brown Rolls-Royce)
B 5Abrams Steven Heller and Seymour Chwast, “Graphic Style” (Collage figure)2001
B 5Mohawk Paper Mills Design & Style Number 7: Bauhaus
B 5Mohawk Paper Mills Design & Style Number 2: Streamline
B 5Mohawk Paper Mills Design & Style Number 6: Surrealism
B 5Mohawk Paper Mills Design & Style Number 5: De Stijl
B 5Mohawk Paper Mills Design & Style Number 3: Paris Deco
B 5Dutton Jose Donoso and William Henkin, eds., “A TriQuarterly Anthology of Contemporary Latin American Literature” (Totemic sculpture)1969
B 5Schlemeel/Warsaw (Illustration for Audience magazine: figures dancing)
B 5Graphics Today Vol. 2, No. 6, November/December 1977 (“Seymour Chwast”)1977
B 5Neenah Paper Editorial Image 1 (Man in car reading and woman)1986
B 5Pushpin
B 5Graphis Profile of Seymour Chwast
B 5Graphis Seymour Chwast, “100 heads” from Graphis 197, Volume 34 Nov/Dec 19781978
B 5Art Directors Club Art Directors Club Hall of Fame (mountain climber on geometric shapes)1987
B 5Ivy Hill P Chronicles No
B 5Neenah Paper Editorial Image 2 (farmer reading on tractor)1988
B 5Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie2000
B 5Pushpin “Use Your Head” (nested heads and hats)
B 5Push Pin Studios “Catmas” (cat smoking a pipe / pages with Santa Claus)1976
B 5Seymour Chwast Collection Advertisement for stock images
B 5Illustration America Profile of Seymour Chwast with introduction by Steven Heller
B 5Pushpin Group1996
B 5Graphis Profile of Push Pin Studios
B 5Graphis Graphis 102. 1962.(portraits of designers)1962
B 5Graphis Graphis 175. 1974.(detail of geometric face with cigarette)1974
B 5Dallas Society of Visual Communications Rough, Volume 2, Issue 5 (colorized photo of Seymour Chwast with illustrations)1993
B 5School of Visual Arts The Masters Series: Seymour Chwast (“Brylcreem Man”)1997
B 5Push Pin Productions
B 5Push Pin Studios
B 5Horizons USA “From Push Pin Studio: A Portfolio of Design”, Issue 25. Magazine, 8.25 × 10.51977
B 5Coexistence Photograph of sign (noses, mouths, eyes)
B 5Giraffics Gallery Seymour Chwast: Painted Metal Sculpture (pink car). Exhibition announcement, 9 × 6, 2000
B 5Warner Paperback Company L. Rust Hills, “How To Do Things Right.” Paperback cover, 4 × 71972
B 5Harper & Row F. Sturges Allen, “Allen’s Synonyms”
B 5Collier
B 5Dutton H. H. Scullard and A. A. M1962
B 5Dutton Jay B1973
B 5IDEA IDEA 227. 1991.(heads and hats)1991
B 5Papier-mch Woman
B 5Decorative Head
B 5Perennial1965
B 5New Yorker Dec. 12. 2005.(Santa Claus on melting ice-cap)2005
B 6Pushpin Group The Awful Truth
B 6Atlantic Monthly April 1983 (Editorial illustration, Uncle Sam filled in with consumer goods)1983
B 6Verkeherte Welt-Oder Leiden Der Linkshnder
B 6Celery-Pepsin Gum (“Good for the nerves,” George Washington, “before and after”)
B 6Wer Den Gleichschritt Anstrengung Nicht Scheut (Two figures dancing)
B 6Mondfahrt (Egyptian ship)
B 6N Y. Illustration. (Steve Heller in a taxi)2001
B 650s Revisited Calendar (“A Universe 1986 Calendar, Seymour Chwast, Steven Heller, Ernestine Miller” illustration of early rock and rollers: Elvis Presley, etc)1986
B 6Museum of the Borough of Brooklyn The Grand Game of Baseball1987
B 6Atlantic Monthly March 1972 (bird with Roman helmet)1972
B 6Strathmore. Strathmore Presents Psalliotrophobia (man on bicycle surrounded by mushrooms),
B 6Strathmore Strathmore Presents Arachnophobia
B 6IDEA IDEA 134 1976 (noses)1976
B 6Spick Spick 163, July 1995 (boy with birthday hat and globe, “Peace”)1995
B 6CBS Stephane Grappelli, “Uptown Dance” (shoes)1978
B 6New York Times Pol Pot’s Lingering Influence / April 17. 1998.(face covered with skulls)1998
B 6Harper & Row Virginia Cowles, “1913: An End and a Beginning” (collage of antique figures)1968
B 6Atlantic Mose Allison, “Your Mind Is On Vacation” (Man with empty room in head)1976
B 6My Home Is My Castle (Figure with car and house)
B 6Audience. Ed Wynn.1960s
B 6Mexico Head1989
B 6CBS Dan Hartman, “Instant Replay”1978
B 6How To Draw Seven Circles (“By Seymouse Chwast”)
B 6New York Times Morality Test1998
B 6Nixon In China
B 6Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin 31 Juli 19921992
B 63-penny Opera
B 6Seymour Chwast (Idea/pens)
B 6UCLA Extension (“Summer quarter begins June 27. 1998).1998
B 6New York Times Book Review War And Peace: The Comic Strip
B 6New York Times Book Review Better Endings
B 6Push Pin Graphic Horace Fletcher (“chew chew soda”)1967
B 6Columbia Mozart: The Last Four String Quartets / The Juilliard Quartet,
B 6Doubleday1985
B 6New York Times Book Review Kama Sutra of Reading
B 6Spinnen Von Gerhard Staguhn (yewllow face with spider)
B 6Mussolini
B 6Bach 3-D Glasses
B 6Holt Rinehart Winston
B 6Cow pitcher
B 6New York Times Book Review Bookend: “Literary Classics Cookbooks” (Seymour Chwast and Paula Scher)
B 6Doubleday1987
B 6Abrams1985
B 6Harcourt Brace Jovanovich1991
B 6Harcourt Brace Jovanovich1991
B 6Blatz Gum
B 6New York Times Magazine September 7. 1975.(“The fight for 60,000 a half minute”—TV show characters)1975
B 6Abrams1993
B 7Minnesota Tribune Minnesota Guide, Sunday May 8. 1986.(“Wheels”: car and pedestrian)1986
B 7Gitanes (Woman in pumps)
B 7Delacorte1971
B 7Esquire (Toulouse-Lautrec at a table)1978
B 7Pioneer Moss (Numbered logos)
B 7New York Times Style page spots
B 7Kitty Salmon (Cat in fancy clothes)
B 7Devil in crotch1991
B 7Greenwillow Seymour Chwast, “Mr
B 7Exposicion Universal Sevilla (Flying ship and tower)1992
B 7Exposicion Universal Sevilla (Flying ship and tower)1992
B 7Trish and Calvin Sam’s Bar woodcut
B 7Delacorte1971
B 7Schweppes (World War I air combat cartoon)1969
B 7Seven Houses (Colorful houses)
B 7Nabisco Chewza Cookie1964
B 7Graphic Design: New York 21997
B 7WPAT “Greater New York’s greater New Yorkers…” (men in yacht)1963
B 7Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin 9 Mai 19801980
B 7Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin 16 April 19811980
B 7Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin 7 August 19921992
B 7Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin 21 Oktober 19881988
B 7Xerox Honest Effort (“An exhibition of graphic design and illustration from Push Pin Studios”)
B 7Orion Press
B 7Viking David Lippincott, “E Pluribus Bang!”1970
B 7McGraw-Hill1967
B 7It’s Easy To Play Piano (Cat in piano)
B 7Son of Elektra Son of Elektra: A Sam Magdoff Production
B 7New York Times Magazine Febtuary 22. 19761976
B 7Bird
B 7Weekend Magazine Dec. 31. 1977.(“Volkswagen Beatle 1949–1977, Rest in peace”)1977
B 7Harcourt Brace and Company. Dan Jacobson, “A Dance In The Sun”.
B 7Vintage Robert Graves, “I, Claudius,” and “Claudius The God” (mosaics)1977
B 7Unknown magazine (Black cat)
B 7Reindeer
B 7Red Devil (Woman and demon in red outline)
B 7Transformations
B 7Laughing Man
B 7Bahamas (“Introducing the country of 700 islands”)
B 7Forbes (Man walking on partly rolled red carpet reading FORBES)
B 7Angry paint can
B 7Saturday Night Saturday Night, August 1982 (dresser drawer)1982
B 7Forbes (Speed skater reading Forbes magazine)
B 7Art Direction November. 1974.(“Light Fullolite Bulbs”)1974
B 7Essandess Nikos Kazantzakis, “Zorba the Greek” (woman sitting on man’s shoulders)1964
B 7Forbes (Man in suit driving tractor marked Forbes throug a field of dollar bills)
B 7Forbes Forbes 500s. 1984.(race car)1984
B 7McGraw-Hill1969
B 7Playboy December 1984 (“Ex-Wives,” man with tooth marks in neck)1984
B 7Pennsylvania Gazette June 1983 (“Naughty Mae West”)1983
B 7Maze (Man cutting through maze of hedges with machete)
B 7The Dial October 1981 (playing card king)1981
B 7Unknown magazine (possibly Frankfurther Allgemeine Magazin) (Hindu diety mulitasking)
B 7Space mining
B 7Unknown magazine (possibly Frankfurther Allgemeine Magazin) (Strip club)
B 7Schweppes Schweppes Bitter Orange (Charles II and Nell Gwynn)1969
B 7Unknown magazine (possibly Frankfurther Allgemeine Magazin) (“Schwitze Narziss,” weight lifter)
B 7Rolling Stone (“Graham Parker’s ‘Up Escalator’ is a downer”)1962
B 7New York Magazine September 16. 1979.(“Fresh Starts, Special Issue: The News of Fall in New York”)1979
B 7Strathmore. Strathmore Presents Batrachophobia: First In A Series of Irrational Fears (frog),
B 7Drunk indian
B 7Atlantic Monthly February 19721972
B 7Dutton Sandra Berkley, “Coming Attractions” (man and woman)1971
B 7AIGA The Call (Call for entires for the AIGA cover show)1981
B 7New York Magazine September 111972
B 7Pennsylvania Gazette November. 1974.(hippie hawking a bible)1974
B 7Warner R. M. Koster, “The Prince” (bald head on tire treads)1972
B 7Saturday Review Press Josh Greenfeld and Paul Mazursky, “Harry and Tonto” (man with a cat’s face in one of his eyeglass lenses)1974
B 7World Kay Ball Sargent, “Galley Topics” (cook with an anchor face)1966
B 7Viking Jan Benes, “Second Breath” (face in box on corrugated texture)1969
B 7Lincoln Center. (“New York’s New Center of Attraction”)1960s
B 7Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin. Juli 13, 1984 (woman dancer and portrait of Machiavelli)1984
B 7McDougal Littel (“Coping With Mass Media”)
B 7Viola Liuzzo
B 7Forbes February 19. 19791979
B 7Space Driver
B 7Hawthorne Susan Katz, Murray Klein, Saul Zabar, and Stanley Zabar, “Zabar’s Deli Book” (sandwich)1979
B 7New York Times April 22. 1974.(Nixon radio)1974
B 7Mr Babbage’s Marvelous Calculating Machine1962
B 7Atheneum E1968
B 7Unknown publisher
B 7Pioneer Moss (“Susan B. Anthony was arrested for trying to vote”)
B 7Harcourt Brace Jovavich Nicholas Seare, “1339… Or, Being An Apology For A Pedlar” (frame of figures and castle)1975
B 7Holiday September 1968 (“Lincoln Center”)1968
B 7Hollander1975
B 7Opera News Vol. 33, No. 2: Sept. 21. 19681968
B 7Houghlin Mifflin Robert C. Alberts, “The Good Provider: H. J1973
B 7Freedom From Religion E. Y2006
B 7Perennial Classic1965
B 7Dutton George E1972
B 7Dutton1959
B 7Unknown publisher
B 7Dutton Robert A1970
B 7Time1980
B 7Unknown publisher
B 7Signet
B 7Dutton1964
B 7Dutton R. F. Fortune, “Sorcerers of Dobu.” Paperback book cover (unmounted), 4.5 × 7.251963
B 7Essandess1960
B 7Sony (“Sony Tape. Full Color Sound,” saxophonist and flowers)1979
B 7CBS Masterworks The Waverly Consort1962
B 7CBS In Harmony 2 (“Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, and Others”)1981
B 7Maurice Chevalier
B 7Toulouse-Lautrec
B 7President Taft
B 7Chew Chew Dishes
B 7Push Pin Almanack Political Issue1954
B 7David Mackay Co1972
B 7Forbes (Man in balloon)
B 7Indian Acme Beer
B 7Atlantic March 1982 (“The Police and Neighborhood Safety”)1982
B 7Unknown publisher Your Cat’s Health (“Getting Rid of Parasites”; “Why and When Your Cat Needs Vaccinations”; “Looking After Your Pregnant Cat”)
B 7Earth cross-section
B 7Audience Volume 2, Number 3: May-June 1972 (“Cherry Bing!”)1972
B 7Push Pin Graphic No 60: Classic Car Catalog1974
B 7New York Times Magazine June 9 1974 (Nixon fortress)1974
B 7Unknown
B 7New York Times Book Review December 15 1996 (“Nothing Could Hold Him: A new life of Houdini…”)1996
B 7Forbes
B 7Unknown
B 8DC & A Calendar page for December (Mexican wrestler in suit)
B 8Applied Graphics Technologies Calendar page for June 1992 (Marilyn Monroe without a torso)1992
B 8New Line Cinema New Films For The New Audience (Horses over car)1969
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Seymour Chwast Collection > Series 4. Posters
D 26F ƒBooth’s Gin. Protest Against the Rising Tide of Conformity, 30 in W x 45 in Hcirca 1964
D 26F ƒMobil/Masterpiece Theater. I, Claudius, 30 in W x 46 in H1977
D 26Mobil/Masterpiece Theater. Nicholas Nickleby, 1982
D 26Forbes Cannon,
D 26F ƒK & F Productions/Lincoln Center Basie/Getz,
D 26Mobil/Masterpiece Theater. Scoop, 1980
D 26The Ink Tank. (Fingers decorated for artists: “R. O. Blechman,” “Maurice Sendak,” “Robert Searle,” “Andre Francois,” “Edward Sorel,” “Chas B Slackman,” “Seymour Chwast,” “Jean-Michel Folon.”), 1981
D 26Ginza Gallery (Tokyo). Seymour Chwast: Painted Metal Sculpture, 1991
D 26Mobil. Song By Song, 1984
D 37Galerie Bartsch & Chariau (Munich) Seymour Chwast
D 26Mobil/Mystery! Rumpole of the Bailey. Advertisement poster, 30 × 46 in, 1980
D 26Peugeot Le Viree Superbe,
D 26Suntory Gallery Tokyo. Pushpin and Beyond. (“Seymour Chwast, Paul Davis, Milton Glaser, James McMullan,” robot smoking pipe), 1997
D 26Mobil/Masterpiece Theater. The Charmer, 1987
D 26Mobil/Masterpiece Theater. Poirot: A Detective of Distinction, 1990
D 26American Cancer Society. (“What is wrong with this picture?” face with four mouths), 1976
D 26Push Pin. (“Push Pin Moves”), 1980
D 26Mohawk Paper Mills Jugendstil/Cat (“Design & Style Number One”),
D 26Brooklyn College/Museum of the Borough of Brooklyn. Showboat, 1987
D 26International Design Conference in Aspen Growing By Design,
D 26Simpson Paper Seymour Chwast: Connections,
D 26Art Director’s Club. See More Chwast (hand drawing face), 1987
D 26Push Pin Studios (“Push Pin Studios: Design & Illustration; Design Schule Darmstadt; Seymour Chwast / Benno Friedman / Richard Mantel / Barbara Sandler / Emmanuel Schongut / Elwood H,
D 26Zanders Sailor,
D 26Zanders Accordian,
D 26Guggenheim Museum. A Year With Children. (Child painting hand), 1983
D 26Push Pin Graphic. Calendar 1975, 1975
D 26Mobil/Mystery! Charters & Caldicott, 1986
D 26Pushpin. Pushpin Celebrates 40 Years of Design and Illustration (hands with numbers), 1981
D 26Galerie Nouvel Observateur Delpire. Pushpin Studios Posters / Graphic Design (butcher), 1981
D Move the money,
D 26Designer’s Saturday 1989. (Egyptian with scroll and telephone), 1989
D 26University of Pennsylvania. Different Strokes for Different Folks. (Motley-crewed scull), 1986
D 26Dolphin/Doubleday. Happy Birthday, Bach (“The 1985 Celebration of Bach’s 300th Birthday, by Seymour Chwast and Peter Schickele”), 1985
D 26March for Peace & Justice. (Dove costume manned by various people), 1982
D 26Museum of the Borough of Brooklyn. Fun & Fantasy, 1984
D 26New York City Opera. Puccini Festival / Summer 1983, 1983
D 26No client. Carta di Pasta. (King made out of pasta with numeric key and index), 1982
D 26Lowell Gallery. Masters of the Contemporary Poster. (“Davis / Chwast / McMullan / Chermayeff / Glaser,” where designers design each others’ names), 1987
D 26Nouveau Salon des Cent / Exposition Internationale d’Affiche 2001. Ode to M. Toulouse-Lautrec, 2001
D 26Houghton Mifflin. Ode to Humpty Dumpty, Story By Harriet Ziefert, Art By Seymour Chwast, 2001
D 26Guggenheim. A Year With Children. (Seasons represented with snowman, bird, flower and tree), 1985
D 26Amnesty International. Human Rights Now. (Hands with lighter, flashlight, candle, etc), 1988
D 26Earth Day ‘95. A Cloudy Morning. (Man shaving wearing gas mask), 1995
D 26Gutenberg Museum Mainz. The Graphic World of Seymour Chwast. (Hand with decorated suitcase), 1983
D 26Pushpin Studios Filmsense,
D 26Unknown client. Peace. (Birthday boy with globe), 1985
D 26Zak. 2004: Year of the Monkey. (Monkey in space), 2004
D 26Zak. 2004: Year of the Monkey. (Screaming monkey), 2004
D 26Zak. 2004: Year of the Monkey. (See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys), 2004
D 26Zak. 2004: Year of the Monkey. (Monkeys on motorcycles), 2004
D 26Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie. Seymour Chwast. (Man in fedora, blue face with words), 2000
D 26Mead Library of Ideas. My Best Work. (Man drawing woman who becomes real. Seventy-eight artists listed), 1971
D 26Hague Appeal for Peace. No Go. (Dove and fighter jet), 1999
D 26Houghton Mifflin Moonride Story By Harriet Ziefert, Drawings By Seymour Chwast,
D 26Thessaloniki Design Museum. 10th Anniversary: 1993–2003. (Constellation), 2003
D 26Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. What Is Design / Summer Design Week 2004. (Hand with futuristic pen), 2004
D 26Laguardia Community College / City University of New York. Never Too Early / College for Children. (Clock running up stairs), 1987
D 26Mohawk Paper / Cooper Union Design Talk,
D 26Sandoz Pharmaceutical Corporation. Tips to Control Cholesterol, 1987
D 26Ambassador Arts / Champion Paper. The Letter C, 1994
D 26AIGA Southern Carolina. Seymour Chwast Exposes Himself. (Man in striped underwear), 2005
D 26Images Internationales pour les Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen Protest/Conformity,
D 26Clube dos Diretores das Artes do Brasil. (Face with a pipe and map of South America), 1989
D 26Theater Center Philadelphia Bein’ Here Tonight,
D 26Cooper Union. Seymour Chwast: Retrospective. (Man drawing cat), 1986
D 26Silent March America’s Shame,
D 26F ƒFamous Faces. End Bad Breath. (Uncle Sam with battle scene in mouth), 1967
D 26Pioneer Moss,
D 26Brooklyn Children’s Museum (Robotic bird),
D 26Rutgers The State University of New Jersey. Women and the Arts in the 1920s: Paris and New York. (Deco Statue of Liberty with rosette, and paint brushes), 1978
D 26Rhode Island School of Design. Seymour Chwast: Graphic Designer, 1975
D 26Massachussetts College of Art The Creative Process,
D 26Tyler School of Art Chwast Has It,
D 26PM Typography. Calendar 1984, 1984
D 26Unknown client Dance/ Calendar page for May,
D 26Neenah Paper. Punc’t: Putting Punctuation In Its Place (Red figures with wedding ring on black field), 2004
D 26Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 1992. Seymour Chwast: In Ambrosiana (Tea cup), 1992
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Seymour Chwast Collection > Series 5. Exhibitions, announcements
B ;D OS;80F ;17Happy Birthday: A Celebration of the Past Forty Years poster, 12 ¼ in W x 34 ½ in H1987
B 8Rochester Society of Communication Arts Seymour Chwast
B 8Art Directors Society of Houston See More Chwast
B 8University of Cinncinatti Seymour Chwast
B 8Graphic Art Guild of Omaha Seymour Chwast
B 8Volkstheater am Park Seymour Chwast, New York1983
B 8Galerija Avla NLB Paula Scher / type; Seymour Chwast / image
B 8Cincinnati Art Museum Seymour Chwast1993
B 8Art Directors/Communicators of Buffalo Seymour Chwast: A Whimsical Illustrative Event1983
B 9Tokyu Department Store Chwast/Glaser1984
B 9Push Pin Group Seymour Chwast Portfolio
B 9Push Pin Group Seymour Chwast: Posters and Prints
B 9Push Pin Group End Bad Breath, 1999
B 9Push Pin Group Pushpinoff (“The World’s Most Tasteful Line of Sweets and Snacks In Beautiful Collectable Containers”)
B 9School of Visual Arts / Visual Arts Museum The Masters Series: Seymour Chwast1997
B 9Jack Gallery Seymour Chwast1987
B 9Pushpin Group Moonride2000
B 9Pushpin Group A Stitch In Time Saves Nine1984
B 9Pentagram (“Paula Scher cordially invites you to a light supper in honor of Seymour Chwast”)
B 9Segunda Bienal Internacional del Cartel en Mexico Curso de Diseo1992
B 9Suntory Museum Pushpin and Beyond1995
B 9Michael Kisslinger Gallery Seymour Chwast1995
B 9School of Visual Arts / Visual Arts Museum The Masters Series: Seymour Chwast1997
B 9Cooper Union / Herb Lubalin Center Seymour Chwast1984
B 9Galerie Delpire Cent Tetes, 1974
B 9Musee des Arts Decoratifs The Push Pin Style1970
B 9Jorgensen Gallery Push Pin Studios1977
B 9Galerie Bartsch & Chariau Seymour Chwast1984
B 9Deutsche Bank Push Pin Studios: Design & Illustration
B 9Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Dinner for new Hall of Fame members.1983
B 9Forbes Galleries The Left-Handed Designer1986
B 9Sanders Printing Corporation Folio No. 9
B 9University of Utah Seymour Chwast1986
B 9Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Catalog1983
B 9Flat File Editions 500 Illustrations by Seymour Chwast1995
B 9Cooper Union / Herb Lubalin Center Seymour Chwast: Retrospective1986
B 9American Institute of Graphic Arts The Push Pin Graphic2005
B 9Dansk Plakatmuseum Posters Between Friends: Chwast, Fletcher, Fukuda, Swierzy1998
B 9“Israel Show”
B 9Graphic Communicaton Society Seymour Chwast1992
B 9IDEA Seymour Chwast
B 9Cooper Union Looking Back: A Retrospective of 40 Years of The Pushpin Studio1995
B 9Creative Forum Nashville Seymour Chwast: Yankee Doodles1986
B 9AIGA New York The Push Pin Influence2004
B 9Advertising Association of Boston Seymour Chwast Comes to Crab Town1989
B 9Savannah College of Art and Design Seymour Chwast: Focus on Graphic Design1989
B 9Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 5 Graphic Designers / 3 Continents: Homage to Morteza Momayez (Anthon Beeke, Seymour Chwast, Morteza Momayez, Ahn Sang-Soo, Paula Scher)2004
B 9Unknown client Who Wants To See More Chwast?
B 9Cooper Union School of Art Seymour Chwast: Left-Handed Designer / Exposed
B 9Stadt Frankfurt am Main Seymour Chwast1991
B 9Doubleday / Lincoln Center Happy Birthday, Bach1985
B 9Henry N Abrams / Jack Gallery. Trylon and Perisphere: The 1939 World’s Fair (Barbara Cohen, Steven Heller, and Seymour Chwast)1989
B 9University of Connecticut Chwast1984
B 9Art Directors Club of Indiana Seymour1984
B 9Designers & Art Directors Association The Left-Handed Designer1985
B 9Dallas/Fort Worth Society of Visual Communications Chwast
B 9Unknown client See more Chwast (Philadelphia)
B 9Royal Palm Gallery Seymour Chwast: Reecent Paintings1983
B 9Muse des Arts Decoratifs Push Pin Atelier d’Art Graphique Americain,
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Seymour Chwast Collection > Series 6. Periodicals
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 64, December 1976 (“Mothers”)1976
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 65, February 1977 (“Complete History and Knowledge of the World (condensed)”)1977
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 66, April 1977 (“Twentieth Anniversary”)1977
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 67, June 1977 (“Your Body And You”)1977
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 68, August 1977 (“New York at Night”)1977
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 69, October 1977 (“House Nice”)1977
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 70, December 1977 (“Food & Violence”)1977
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 71, February 1978 (“What Is This Thing Called Love?”)1978
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 72, April 1978 (“Exploring New Jersey”)1978
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 73, June 1978 (“The Clowns”)1978
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 74, August 1978 (“Back To Sleep Issue”)1978
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 75, October 1978 (“Special Fashion Issue”)1978
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 76, December 1978 (“Animal Follies Issue”)1978
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 77, February1979 (“Machines”)1979
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 78, April 1979 (“Total Disaster Issue”)1979
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 79, July/August 1979 (“Grand Illusion Issue”)1979
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 80, September/October 1979 (“Great Heroes Issue”)1979
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 81, November/December 1979 (“All Blue Issue”)1979
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 82, March/April 1980 (“Couples”)1980
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 84, May/June 1980 (“Not Quite Human Issue”), 1980
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 85 (“Luck”)1980
B 9Push Pin Graphic Number 86 (“All New Crime Favorites”)1980
B 10The Nose Number 3 (“Hate”)1999
B 10The Nose Number 4 (“Electric Follies”)2000
B 10The Nose Number 5 (“Looking Good/Good Looking”)2001
B 10The Nose Number 6 (“The Food We Love”)2001
B 10The Nose Number 7 (“The Letter”)2002
B 10The Nose Number 8 (“Fear”)2003
B 10The Nose Number 9 (“Truth & Lies”)2004
B 10The Nose Number 11 (“Tricks”)2005
B 10The Nose Number 12 (“Dirty Laundry”)2005
B 10The Nose Number 13 (“Hair”)2006
B 10The Nose Number 14 (“The Wacky World of Isms”)2006
B 10The Nose Number 15 (“War”)2007
B 10The Nose Number 17 (“Dirty Laundry”)2008
Milton Glaser Design Archive > Seymour Chwast Collection > Series 7. Slides
B 101 large format and 10 35mm color negative slides, unmounted,